Bethnal Green Working Men's Club

42 Pollard Road
Bethnal Green, London
E2 6NB
Tel: 020 7739 2727 Bethnal Green 0.4 miles

Authentic 70s working men's club decor spiced up with DJs, burlesque acts, bingo, live music and cabaret.

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Bethnal Green Working Men's Club reviews

This place is really authentic. The aggression that was often displayed at working men's clubs in the past still lives on here! I didn't catch the artist troupe's name, but the individuals who were playing the role of 'bouncers' were exceptional. They excelled at being extremely rude, obnoxious and aggressive to all. When asked a question they were able to include an expletive in almost every sentence - fantastic improv!

Fear not, because this wasn't just a lucky experience I had when I visited, as several of my friends have witnessed similar outstanding performances by these performance artists on separate occasions.

For a lesson in true character acting, you know where to head!

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 by a3, 05 May 2011
I've been here before and had a drink and liked it. The toilets were nice.

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 by tanianewman (2 reviews), 16 Jun 2009
We had never been down to Working Men's Club before but had an absolute blast. I wasn't sure what to expect to be honest, but the staff, DJs, band and acts were all really top notch. Great, unpretentious fun to be sure. Danced a lot. Appreciated the friendly crowd who really make an effort. We shall be back very soon.

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 by Jakie, 08 May 2009
Worst night out possibly of my life, that is no exaggeration. Very rude manager needs to learn some people skills.

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 by efe, 03 Apr 2009
Just this weekend a group of 9 students, including myself, were treated to the most horrifying display of arrogance and disrespect by the bouncers at this club. After a good dose of intimidation at the door, one of my party was accused of "making trouble" at the coat and bag check (he held up the queue for less than a minute, waiting for one of us to fish out a coin for his bag). The manager came up to him, said rudely that the club didn't need his business, and that he take himself and his refund out at once. My friend asked what the reason was, because he didn't even know there was a problem! No reason was given, only threats, and he was then dragged by the arm by one of the bouncers. Another friend tried to intervene, but was strangled and pushed down by the neck down the entrance stairs.

I understand the whole 'right to refuse entry' bit, but we were all completely sober and were not loud or aggressive at all. Worst part is, our MA program actually had its fundraiser at the club just two months ago, and was precisely the reason why we thought of it when we were looking for a place to party.

A huge disappointment, this club ruined our night! Who would want to go to a club where the manager doesn't even want to listen to your complaint, and tells you he doesn't need your money??

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 by 19841984, 29 Mar 2009
The most recent comment regarding 'Grind-A-Go-Go' has been retracted by its author. See for more appropriate info.

Plus, The Bethnal Green Working Men's Club does not host 'Circus' by Jodie Harsh. 'Circus' is a night unrelated to the theme of circus somewhere else. This club used to host 'Oh My God! I Miss You's 'Get In The Ring', an actual circus-themed night. Please visit to see how good the Working Men's Club is!

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 by ohmygodimissyou, 23 Oct 2008
Strongly NOT recommended. This Saturday I went to the 'Grind-a-Go-Go' night at the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, as recommended by Time Out. I had organised the night for about 10 friends of mine. (I must just say, I am a 39-year-old professional, very decent and a polite person.) The event is listed under the 'dress up and dance' section of Alternative Night Life listings on the Time Out website. The party was a 60s theme club night, with priority for dressed up people, dress code being "Beehives, bouffants, fast pussycats, supervixens, hair hoppers, squares, tassels, motormouth mabelles, ragged hair, Divine, John Waters, Russ Meyer, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, saddle shoes, dance routines, Psycho-A-Go-Go, drainpipe suits, boys 60s leisure shirts, Tracy Turnbald". I don't know what this means but it sounds like fun, right? Wrong.

I spent an afternoon dressing up like a 60s hippie. I arrived at the club at 9pm and started queuing, waiting for my friends. After a few minutes the bouncer came and asked me to take off my wig (long black hair) since they didn't like it and it was not a fancy dress party (so what does it mean, dress up?). I did it (I am shaved, so my hippie dress without a wig means nothing). Then he came back again after a while with the manager, and told me that people with a face like mine (?) couldn't go in, that my shoes were not right for the evening, and that it was useless to wait in the queue because I wasn't allowed to enter anyway. He was smiling happily as he said all this. Just like that. I was speechless. Never in my life have I been treated like that. And I wasn't the only one. No one "dressed up" could go in because, they said, it was a "serious thing". When my friends came they decided to leave with me, and the bouncer waved at us saying "fuck off" (in Italian) and suggested I buy more expensive clothes next time, not "the £3 clothes you are wearing".

Now, is every idiot in this city allowed to refuse entrance, insult and treat any customer like that, or is there something wrong with this club? Would you give money to people like these? Would you risk your night going out to this club? Consider that soon afterwards we went to a 'normal' restaurant-pub and I told the security guy at the door that I was sorry for my clothes but I was coming from a fancy dress party, and he told me, smiling, that there was no problem at all and he let me in. I was allowed to enter a restaurant and not a dress up party? Please, stay away from these rude and brainless people.

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 by ggklem69, 10 Aug 2008
Phoenix Nights meets Moulin Rouge!

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 by pcbigwillystyle (5 reviews), 20 Apr 2008
This place has been hosting Circus - a night hosted by Jodie Harsh, drag queen extraordinaire - for the last few months now. The venue itself is very 70s, very retro, but the addition of the bespoke nights gives it a highly glam, almost risque feel. With varied nights such as Circus, Gay Bingo, and other cabaret-style events, this draws the right crowd. Often there are curious, nosey parkers who come along to have a good look at what's going on, and who can blame them? Jodie and Johnny Woo certainly know how to throw a party, playing everything from glam dance tracks to downright trashy indie-electro-punk-synth!

Drinks are average prices, and the atmosphere is very good. You can sometimes feel a bit out of your depth, and there is quite a big gay following, but on the whole a great night - shame it's only till 2am. Conclusion: get down there for something different... oh, and make an effort!!

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 by MusicallyLed30yroldFemale (3 reviews), 16 Oct 2007
Unless you like cellulite, it's shite.

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 by OFFICEJUB, 13 Oct 2007

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