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South Kensington, London
Tel: 020 7584 2000 South Kensington less than 0.1 miles

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1 star is too kind. Boujis staff attempted to rob me upon leaving the premises. Pure scam merchants looking to prey on innocent individuals looking for a fun evening.

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 by Jamesd444, 23 Dec 2013
I went there for the first time last week and was disappointed. It's a very ordinary place and totally overpriced for what it offers. Dance floor is small, music is standard. I found the staff very friendly, but we were also good customers and spent £800 between six of us. In summary: you can have a good time there but don't expect anything exceptional... and be ready to pay.

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 by a_b_turkey, 05 Mar 2013
Very nice people and excellent music!

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 by agchtun_juden, 06 Nov 2012
The best club in London by far. Best customer service - all staff very friendly and happy. Had one of the best nights ever.

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 by memin86, 05 Nov 2012
I went to Boujis a few months ago with my boyfriend. I think we got there around 10:30 and we were let in without waiting, which was good. But the dance floor was so tiny. Well, the club itself was very small. There were many men wearing suits. I don't know if it is always like that but it was a dull crowd on that particular day. I was surprised to know that Paris Hilton has been to Boujis. If you are imagining that Boujis is a fabulous celebrity club, then don't go there. It is a quite ordinary, boring place.

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 by mm0912 (2 reviews), 19 Nov 2011
This place is a joke!! Even if you paid me I would never go back. Music and vibes are just low standard. Probably one of the most appalling places I've ever experienced!

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 by Nancy 2000, 07 Nov 2010
When to Boujis two months a ago. Got in easy with no queuing, since friends knew the owner. The music was crap and with a really boring crowd. Was so glad to leave.

When back last night because my other friend wanted to go. She got on a guestlist that was free before 11pm and got a confirmation email.

Got there at 10.30pm and was told the club didn't open till 11pm. We told them we had free entry before 11pm and they said come back at 10.45pm. Went and had a drink, then came and stood in the cold for 15 mins while the door staff air-kissed and then told us there was no such list and we must pay £15. The girls in front of us were also supposed to be on the same list and they even showed their print-out.

Called a friend who knows the owner, who was just standing in the doorway. The bouncers refused to call him. When he finally came out I called him and he looked at me and walked off!

I said to my friend that I thought it was a stupid club, but we decided to pay. Went and queued again and when we got to the front the girl on the door kicked us out because the bouncer had told her that I called the club stupid. Didn't realise he had heard and actually went and told her.

But I'm glad they kicked us out because it's really not worth paying for rudeness and it's crap anyhow. Thank you Boujis for bringing me to my senses. I had been there, done that and should have known better!

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 by sugarflower, 10 Jan 2010
I was really surprised to find that Boujis is quite skanky and grubby. I'd obviously heard of the club but only went for the first time last week. The dance floor is quite sticky, there's a strange smell in the club and the clientele were not what I expected at all. The toilets were horrible and seemed like they hadn't been cleaned for weeks. I expected a classy club but it's all a bit sweaty and dirty... I don't mind paying £15 entrance and £10 for a glass of wine at all but this place should not be charging that sort of money - they can't pull it off to be honest. You'd be better off at Mahiki!

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 by hlimber, 09 Jan 2010
We all know having a good night depends on a lot of things... who you're with is the important one! There was about 14 of us and we had an amazing night at Boujis. Had our own booth and drinks there so we didn't have to queue. It was perfect. The music was AMAZING as well - we couldn't sit down once because every song was not worth missing (even though the DJ was a complete ass - whatever you do, don't ask for a request). We saw a few famous faces: Jamie afro and Ziggy from BB. It was really cool to boogie it down with them too. I went Tuesday. Enjoy and give it a go!

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 by sjham, 31 Dec 2009
This place was rubbish. By 1am the club was full of fat businessmen who work in boring offices and think Boujis is a celebrity club and extremely cool. The music was awful - typical DJ music, nothing special. The doormen were dickheads - I dressed up smart and then some cocky bouncer comes up to me and says "No ties allowed, it's club policy". I left the club around 1.30am, luckily without wasting £10 per lousy shot.

Although I met Calum Best there and he kissed me on the cheek, I genuinely had more fun walking around London than being in Boujis.

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 by olyttelton, 22 Nov 2009
Just to say, I will never EVER return to this disgraceful place. What a rubbish club, and all because of the security staff and doormen - sooo rude!! You go there, spend your money, and you end up being treated like a piece of dirt. What the hell are those people thinking? I spent £700 on drinks and yet the stupid security was so rude and pushy and, when I challenged him, said: "If you like it fine, if not you can leave now"!

What a joke that they employ such uncultured people yet pride themselves on being a 'high class' club. They are nowhere near as good as Maddox or Mamilanji. I, for one, am sure I will never go back there again and will make certain none of the people I know do.

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 by francinaancini, 24 Oct 2009
I went on a Wednesday night. Got in with ease then had a great time. A large mix of people and lots of friendly ones. Who cares if you see someone checking out what you are wearing - that's why you dressed up isn't it? I had a fun night with lots of little corners to hide in, and the dance floor was big enough even despite it being packed.

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 by MissMolly, 19 Sep 2009
Security and the door staff are extremely rude at this place. Finally managed to get a table after paying £500!! The drinks prices are a bit on the expensive side, but considering the nature/quality of the club it is acceptable. The waitresses are brillant and a lot better than their colleagues on the door. Saw loads of famous faces - F1 lads and cricket players. The place oozed class. Even taking the disgraceful door staff into account, we managed to have a great time.

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 by cabden, 23 Jun 2009
I was at Boujis last Saturday with my cousin's friends. We managed to go through without waiting in any queue and the staff are readily available to meet your needs. Proper class and I would definitely recommend. It's better than partying in a place with a majority of cheapskates. The DJs are professional, making it difficult to resist dancing to the music. It's my second time of going there and do plan on going again. Highly recommended nightlcub.

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 by Ash375, 25 May 2009
People who think it's easy to get in because you're on the guest list are mistaken! We were told all guest list people couldn't get in for at least an hour and when we did get in it was like being in a pack of sardines. Took us half an hour to get to the bar!

Not only are the security unprofessional and rude, the whole place is full of money-grabbing, patronising snobs whose idea of a night out is pouting and comparing each others' tango'd bodies. And if you ever get to the bar you will soon find out that the drinks are majorly overpriced. The best part of our night was the cab ride home... Don't go!!

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 by rebecca.maunsell, 05 May 2009
Although I agree absolutely that there are a fair share of snobbish people here, for the most part we are not all that bad. After all, money doesn't make you one thing or another, except perhaps rich. I always have a brilliant time at Boujis, the staff are wonderful and so are the majority of the people.

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 by Isabella the V, 08 Mar 2009
It's a terrible thing when the ugly people bother the beautiful people. Don't pay attention to one star reviews.

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 by jj4, 27 Sep 2008
Tramp for English people (less the history, irreverance, joie de vivre, style and of course the suntans)

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 by a2, 23 Sep 2008
If lack of dignity is your thing, this place is great! For those with integrity and self-respect, and those who just want a good night out, go somewhere else. The clientèle tend to be classless money-obsessed types, and meeting someone here will quickly and invariably turn into a discussion about your wages. It's predictable and tedious. The door staff wallow in what little responsibility has been delegated to them, and the place itself is a bit pokey and small. There are many, many better places to dance away at. Avoid this one.

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 by spurious, 31 Jul 2008
The best night of my life! Left the Cartier Polo and then went on to this place. What a fantastic day at two amazing venues. I will definitely be going back!

Useful review? 1
 by oliviaprescott3, 28 Jul 2008

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