Cafe de Paris

3-4 Coventry Street
Soho, London
Tel: 020 7734 7700 Piccadilly Circus 0.1 miles

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Firstly, I'd just like to say I don't often write reviews but felt I should let people know my recent experience of this place. You can make up your own mind then as to whether to visit.

Can I just say that our waitress was nice, the person I emailed was very accommodating (before they take your money and rip you off, that is) but everyone else encountered on the night was all a big act.

My friends and I (all in our late 20's) recently booked a VIP table at a cost of £700. You are told there will be a 15 % service charge. When queried, it's made out this is with the initial payment upfront (as in a total plus 15 % service), but this is not true. In fact they add 15% per bottle, which makes the cost of every bottle way more than advertised in the menu.

We were charged £740 first time payment and made to believe this was with service (I asked twice) and we thought, "Oh, great, ok, that's less than we thought, that's good". Wrong! We ordered 3 bottles at £170 (so, not equating to the £700 we should be entitled to) yet when we asked to order more drinks we were told that our tab was up. Incidentally, mixers are supposed to be free... pfff.

Regardless of this everyone was determined to have a good night, as it was a friend's birthday. But from then on people were picked on one by one for reasons to leave. As I said, we are in our late 20's so not really young/silly, just enjoying the night as a group.

One friend (male) was standing with us looking over the balcony at friends below with me and another female friend and he was asked to go outside for "fresh air". When asked why, they said "No problem mate, we will let you back in, you just need a breather". If you've worked in clubs you'll know this "breather" means you're being kicked out.

Another friend (female) was sitting having a drink minding her own business quietly (tired from night shift so admittedly maybe looked a bit tired), as a few of the girls had gone to dance. A guy came over and said "You seem a little drunk, please go outside". When we argued in a civil way with, "Sorry, what's the problem? She is having a drink, sitting quietly, there is no issue here", we were met very rudely with "She needs to leave". At which point my other friend (the host) got quite upset at friends being made to go. A manager came over and said "No problem, go out for a minute, you can come back in". My friend and boyfriend went out and were not allowed back in.

Another friend dancing on the dance floor had ice chucked towards her from the balcony above, which cut her nose. Staff were good in helping her. However, a friend was blamed for this although he wasn't even standing near the balcony but was chatting with us as a group.

I am sure that Cafe de Paris sells you a table and tries to resell it at their convenience. You will be picked on for reasons they will choose if they have already resold the table for a certain time. This is what we were victims of. If you would like to go here be warned that VIP is anything but and you are not guaranteed anything (i.e the quoted minimum spend is not the case, the table for the night is a lie, etc).

All in all, a very expensive, stressful evening. Music cheesy pop (though I don't really mind that), venue decor very nice, medical staff great, waitresses pleasant (but they know full well they are going to overcharge you), management unhelpful, bouncers a joke... Enjoy!

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 by susiepeacock, 14 Apr 2013
Best night out so far in London! Was amazing - loads of fun throughout the night, staff were very respectful, good music. I loved the glam decor of this historic building. I will bring all my friends down there to impress them! 6 stars for sure!

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 by raul008, 24 Apr 2012
I seriously have no idea what the reviews below are banging on about! I've been to Cafe de Paris loads and had a good time every time. Yes, you have to pay to have a seating area, but that's the same in most West End clubs; plus, you're going there to dance anyway... I've never had a problem with the door staff or staff inside. In fact, one time someone spilled all our drinks (purely by accident), the manager saw it happen and got us another round on the house! Awesome!! If you want a great night out where you can let your hair down and have a laugh, come here. If you come looking for stuff to complain about, don't bother!

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 by l_dalley, 04 Jun 2010
I visited Cafe de Paris last week for their famous Wam Bam Show.
It was nothing short of fabulous and made more special by the venue's splendid surroundings. A truly awesome night.

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 by seanabrettle, 04 Jun 2010
While the owner and greeters are awsome, that's where the fairytale ended...

Booked the club for a friend's birthday party, and insisted it be a closed event. The staff started letting the public in shortly after dinner. I was so angry!! For the £25,000 I spent, I am having my legal counsel slam them for being in breach of contract. (If I could give them a negative rating, I would: -2 stars.)

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 by NatFairfax (2 reviews), 04 Mar 2010
Where to start? We decided to book Cafe de Paris for our Christmas Party this year. We did the whole bang shoot - hired the limo, dressed up in our glitz and glam etc. It started off very well. The entrance was absolutely gorgeous and the hostess was lovely. She showed us to our table (the dance floor had been converted into the seating area) and it really looked lovely... But that's where it ended.

The waiting staff were so unfriendly (I'm sure I even heard one 'shoosh' a guest at the table). Our food was brought out by a guy who looked like he was doing a 'deer in the headlight' impression and it was brought out in dribs and drabs. We had to beg for the wine that we had pre-ordered and we had to eat to a timescale. One of our guests left to use the toilet and came back and they had removed his chair in order to clear the dance floor, so he had to stand for 10 minutes while the rest of us finished up. We then had a problem with the bill, which was sorted out at a later stage, although it did feel like quite a fight even though we had spent lots of money. (I must say, the lady who did the initial email reservations was brilliant and she cleared things up later in the week.)

We then moved up to the VIP area, and I have to say that this was good service. We did have a dedicated lady who looked after us the rest of the evening, serving us drinks in style. So for that and the initial reservations staff, I'll give the place two stars.

Overall though, I think that for all the money spent the food is mediocre and the waiting staff are unfriendly. (The usual explanation being that they work very hard; yes, we work hard too, which is why we deserved a nice Christmas Party!) There may be other places more suitable for a good night.

PS: In the bathroom, I overheard a lady say that they had spent over £1000 on dinner and went to the bar/seating area for a drink but were then asked to leave if they didn't buy more booze... NICE!!

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 by Rossi, 15 Dec 2009
It is a big shame we went to this club, and we'll never be back for sure.

We'd only just got our drinks and spent about 10 mins on the dance floor when someone from the top floor spilled their drink on us. The first time it wasn't that bad and could be forgotten. The second time, it started to annoy. When they did it the third time we made a complaint to the manager as my £60 shirt was partially covered with red wine. We knew the table who had done this. The manager told us that he was going to bring those people to us and they would have to apologize otherwise they would be kicked out of the club.

However, he was either told off or bribed as he changed his defense strategy. He came back saying that people there move from table to table and it was hard to say who had done this. I suggested that a certain table should be fined at least for the inappropriate behaviour and property damage. The manager responded, irrelevantly, that the table costs £500. (Why on earth would he said that? If it was £15K I could be slightly impressed but, anyway, what has it got to do with the issue?) I suggested that, considering the price for the table, these people were capable of paying the same in penalty fare: £500. The manager ignored this suggestion and tried to convince me that such things happen accidentally - and then even showed me the scar on his neck which he'd got from a dropped bottle in the club!

I requested the names of the people who'd booked that table and the club policy regulations. I wasn't given either and instead was invited to consider the issue Mon-Fri day time. The request of the documental proof of the incident was refused. The manager talked to me as if I were dumb or drunk. They don't seem to care about their guests - we weren't even offered any complimentary options. We decided to leave and weren't given a refund. 10 mins in the club and 20 mins of negotiations costing £105 (entrance + lost shirt) plus a really bad mood for the rest of the evening.

Want to have some perverted fun? Go to Cafe de Paris, get a VIP table and humiliate people by spilling drinks on them...

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 by brianwhite, 23 Aug 2009
I'm deaf. I was in the queue to get in and saying to my friends 'lazy' in sign language on a different subject and nothing linked to nightclubs (it's almost the same as 'fuck off' but I don't mean it is rude). Somehow the bouncers caught me and refused to let me in. I tried to explain that I didn't mean it that way. They still refused to believe me and spoilt my evening (my friends were inside clubbing already).

I asked the bouncers nicely if I could have their names, as I have rights to know who are they so I can make a complaint. They refused. I tried to have a look at their ID cards which were around their necks but they twisted my hands so hard and told me to fuck off. I told them that I had a right to know their names. My wrist is hurt cos they grabbed it so hard. I was shocked...

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 by ljdocker19, 23 May 2009
I went to Cafe de Paris for dinner and drinks on Saturday night. We were blown away by how beautiful if was. The door men and the lady who led us through to the dining area were so lovely.

Unfortunately, the rest of their team let them down. The waiters/waitresses were incredibly slow and forgetful. I asked for a glass of water three times before they brought out a whole jug.

We understood that after dinner the tables would be removed from the dance floor, which was fine. We then asked where else we could be seated for the rest of the night. A member of the team pointed to a booth and told us that we could sit there if we paid £500! Other than that, we had to "stand or dance". There were no offers to take jackets or direct us to where we could leave them.

So here we are hanging around the bar with all our jackets and bags, and I order a drink. The very dismissive bartender took my card and PUT IT IN HIS MOUTH!! I would usually say something at this point, but I think I was too shocked. I wish I'd told him off, as I did not order saliva with my drinks.

So yeah, that's about it really. Don't mind me, I may be the wrong side of 20 for this sort of place. It was certainly an eye-opener.

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 by jolousich, 15 Mar 2009
Great place - friendly staff, great-looking customers and a fantastic venue. Queue to get in can be quite long. Hot hot podium dancers.

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 by james 2000, 02 Mar 2009
Valentine's ruined. The staff were awful - the communication just wasn't there (no one knew who ordered what and they gave me a meal I never ordered and someone else's bill!). Never again.

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 by shazer4eva, 15 Feb 2009
Absolutely horrible, unacceptable behaviour from staff members left a harmless female humiliated and bullied for no concrete reason but for that of a bad ego trip.

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 by me1, 13 Dec 2008
Go Cafe every weekend, VIP. Good place, apart from some cheesy girls.

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 by fvgbhnj, 14 Oct 2008
A stale smell on entrance as you are greeted by overly nice staff that are happy to take £9.50 for a vodka Redbull. The meal was Harvester standard, but without the free salad bar and no dessert.

In summary, a dying club trying to inject some new ideas. They'd do better to take the advice and let the developers knock it down.

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 by daveo1978, 13 Apr 2008
Cafe de Paris is fabulous - the music, the drinks, the people, the staff. Had a great night. 5 out of 5 for everything. Love love love it! Definitely going to go back.

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 by london1987 (3 reviews), 31 Jan 2008
I went to this club on a Saturday and had the best night. The music was awesome, crowd was good, the drinks were reasonable. I loved it, thought it was just superb.

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 by raga, 02 Dec 2007
Among the chaviest tourist traps I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. Ill bred staff with chips on their shoulders are very very far from the swish image the club tries to trade on. After 10 minutes in one of the 'VIP' side rooms a friend had hired for the evening, it was evident to everyone in our party that the place was a sticky-floored trap for misinformed Americans and naive students. I can't imagine that anyone has ever gone there twice. After realising our embarrassing mistake we tried to leave, only to discover that a jacket had been stolen (after 10 minutes) and there was no way any staff were going to even listen. Lucky for the club, the name and the location seem enough to keep it in operation.

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 by skids1815, 25 Nov 2007
I went to CDP a couple years back with a member of the boss's family. We got VIP, which was nice. However, the area was full of suited guys and younger, foreign-looking young ladies who seemed to like their champagne free of charge. Looked like they were working hard that night, I can tell you...

The venue itself is OK, the decor however has seen better days but you have to remember CDP is a brand and the logo and the decor is what sells the place. Music-wise, the policy is commercial plus a bit of cheese and R'n'B. On one of the occasions I went they had a fantastic bongo player, which was a hoot. Generally though, they should rethink their music policy. The VIP section is very nice, with lots of nice comfy bed areas to lounge on, but then I'm not that much of a poser so bored of it after a little while. Doorstaff very rude and obnoxious on a couple of occasions I attended, which is a shame. Unfortunately they clearly do not have concise instructions on who to let in and who to keep out. The redeeming feature in the place for me personally is the balcony, as it's fun to people-spot and have a walk right around when the bed-lounging gets a bit boring.

Keep CDP for filming shoots for 'How to Look Good Naked'. As a club it's not that great and, overall, not my first choice for a Saturday night out... maybe my 5th or 6th choice.

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 by MusicallyLed30yroldFemale (3 reviews), 15 Oct 2007
I have been going to CDP (Funky Fridays) for a long time. I used to love it loads, but have recently found they are letting anyone in. Music is getting quite bad also - have heard Christina Aguilera's 'Ain't No Other Man' every time I have been, at least twice, and am sick of all the other cheesy tunes DJ Rashid plays. He used to play the best in hip-hop, R'n'B and bashment, but don't know what's been going on recently.

Bouncers are great, as are the bar staff and waitresses - love 'em, always have a good laugh with them. Drinks prices are reasonable, and generally it's an excellent place. Although the music's letting it down, I would still go back!

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 by **Annonymous**, 21 Aug 2007
I'd heard some really bad stuff about this place, so I did my best to avoid it. But one night my friend and I had a spontaneous evening and decided to go there. I had a REALLY good time! Am going back there this weekend to see if I just caught it on a good day (I went on a Friday).

Useful review? 1
 by Cocoa Brown, 20 Aug 2007

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