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Terribly rude door staff wouldn't let me in to join my friends, despite admitting I was 'absolutely sober'. I really wouldn't bother with this place. Go somewhere far better!

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 by jakkychamp, 13 Dec 2013
Very disappointing night. Very rude door and reception staff. After queuing for a while, being marched through like cattle and then paying the entrance fee (£10 for a bar!), we straight away realised we'd left something behind. I spoke to the girl on reception, who told me we would have to pay again when we came back. What? Twice the price for an already overpriced bar?! I asked her to be understanding and either refund us, or simply allow us re-entry when we came back (it's not like we had been in there for an hour, we had just walked through the doors), but she repeated that it would be another £10 each. We asked to speak to the manager, thinking he would understand and want to help, but he merely told us - sharply - to pay again, and then disappeared quickly. My night was completely ruined, and after staying for drink (an overpriced, badly made gin and tonic), we left. I do not recommend this place to anyone.

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 by freya5166, 29 Sep 2012
Cargo looks amazing from the outside and, when you enter, the brick walls and arches are very charming. But soon after you realise it's a very cold place...

The staff are totally disinterested and hardly smile. They looked tired and stressed - and I visited during the day and at a very quiet time. I did not feel welcomed by any of the numerous staff that were scattered around. I was asking the manager, Renata, about their food menu and was surprised to find that she spoke very bad English and had a very rude approach. I didn't even bother ordering anything as the atmosphere was so unfriendly.

They seem to have very little respect for people at Cargo, and from the way the staff behaved I'm sure they are treated that way also. I certainly wouldn't waste my money there.

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 by uncensored, 24 Oct 2011
Cargo has seriously deteriorated over the last few years. Decided to take a trip down nostalgia lane yesterday with lunch in the beer garden. Food was TERRIBLE, staff couldn't understand English and we had to reorder several times. Wouldn't recommend visiting during the day or evening. Waste of space.

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 by MichelleM, 08 May 2011
After being a local at Cargo over the past few years, I can't imagine anyone having a bad experience there. The staff are all friendly, professional, helpful and nice, the music is always amazing, the place is always packed and has a great vibe, the drinks are standard price for a popular bar and they serve food until the early hours of the morning - what more could you want? Not to mention their great outdoor terrace, awesome for a sunny lunch, quick cig or cool down from the dancefloor.

A top venue and would recommend it for any occasion!

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 by generic111, 05 May 2011
I have never written a poor review for a place - ever! However I know I will be annoyed with myself if I don't this time. I had my birthday here a few weeks back, made a booking for min 15 people & paid £75. Nobody had mentioned anything about their apparent male-female ratio policy, and unfortunately when I had a male friend get to the front door he was told to leave because he wasn't with any girls. In my group inside I already had over 15 people and more girls to guys, but did that make any difference to the rude & obnoxious bouncers when we approached them about this - absolutely not. Did the girl who happily charged my card over the phone tell me about this policy of theirs - nope! Were the bouncers helpful and courteous when I asked if I could go say hello to other people who had come out of their way to attend my birthday only to be turned away at the door - of course not! Were the staff and bouncers generally rude & aggressive over the course of the night - absolutely! Did we enjoy drinking beer out of cans that we could have bought from the local off license for £2.50 less - I'm not even going to answer that. Bad staff, bad attitude, truly a joke of a night.. please do yourself a favour and choose one of the many other options in the area. I even wrote a polite email to the general manager mentioning a few things from the night - no response whatsoever. Best of luck with that spiralling reputation Cargo.

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 by mcmc, 29 Mar 2011
Terrible customer service. They only care about making money! I've seen people pay over £200 for a table, only to have their table sold off to someone else later in the night. So if you want to have your table, you have to sit there for the whole night.

People have a really bad attitude in there. The employees are treated like slaves! One of my dearest friends used to work there. They would make him work his ass off for over 14 hours and he had just one ridiculous 20min break. I'm not sure that's even legal! Plus he was being bullied by members of staff. It was so upsetting seeing him work so hard for such a crap place and shit money. Cargo doesn't give contracts to its employees, so there are people who've been working there for nearly two years and they still haven't got a contract! Cargo clearly takes advantage of its workers. Don't spend your money there, because you'll be supporting this bad behaviour. There are much better places out there where the staff are well looked after and properly trained to give customers a great night.

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 by anno3465, 01 Feb 2011
Bad place, bad service, bad music, bad management, bad drinks... just a rip-off, basically!

They serve you beer in small cans for £3.50. If you think, a can cost them around 50p, so it's a mark up of over 600% (when a normal pub mark up in the industry is around 300%). They don't even provide a glass with it - you have to ask for it, and then when you get a glass it's sticky and dirty.

There is no mobile coverage inside and if you get out to take a call you need to pay £10 re-entry, even if you only step one metre outside the door. Bouncers are robots, completely no brain cells, no autonomy on taking decisions. I took a call, I went out the doors, they asked me 10 quid for re-entry - it was 10.10pm and they start to charge at 10pm... RIDICULOUS. I told them I just needed to get my jacket to at least get in touch with my friends and leave. No way, it was like speaking to a brick wall. I asked them if they could get me in touch with my friends, as I could not call them because no mobile coverage inside. No way - 4 of them scratching their balls, not one put in even minimum effort to cooperate.

I usually don’t complain, but despite working in the hospitality industry for 10 years I've never seen anything like that. It's too much. We were going out to have fun, to be with friends, to enjoy some of our hours off after a big week at work and we expect to be provided with some service. No way, at Cargo the number 1 imperative is: money, money, money... no service, no cooperation. They really need to improve or else close down.

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 by iote, 08 Jan 2011
Ripped off by Cargo. Queued for 1 1/2 hours, advised bouncer there were 10 of us (and pointed out who), he let 4 in - who paid £15.00 each - then refused to let the other 6 in and refused to refund money. When asked why he refused entry, the bouncer said our friend was too drunk (we had had 2 drinks previously). As the doorstaff had been patrolling the queue, we asked why this wasn't picked up earlier. His reply: "He must have got more drunk queueing". In an hour and a a half standing in the freezing cold?? The manager advised the 4 that had gone in that we had left them and walked away, in other words that they should forget about us and just have a good night, when in fact we were still standing outside.

I have never had such terrible treatment and lies from staff in my life. Would strongly advise against this venue, especially for groups.

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 by foxa, 01 Nov 2010
Very disappointed with the manager's decision. We've been coming to Cargo after work for a few weeks now, always returning as we have been allowed in with our Westie (office dog, so part of the work team really). We did ask if we could come in the first time and it's never been a problem. Suddenly tonight the manager (who couldn't be arsed to get off his ... and speak to us himself) sent a bouncer over who could only give the answer "because the manager said guide dogs only".

Upon approaching the manager about this 'new' decision, he told us it's because of a license (totally false - no such thing as a license to allow dogs, it's always at the manager's discretion). Our dog is very well behaved and while at Cargo has been approached many times for photos/to pet/etc. We have NEVER taken her inside the bar, we've always kept her outside in the garden. Manager is an idiot - too busy chatting up girls to be bothered to talk to us and give any valid reasoning.

Also... do you know they ONLY serve doubles in their cocktails? And if you ask for a single they say sorry, you will be charged the same.

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 by friend1, 18 Sep 2010
Uncle-ish does have a point. I remember the days when brothers used to get turf-out for the colour of their skin and then the club got marked and weeks later shots were fired. Thank god those days are over. However, all it takes is one crazed idiot. So my advice to the management and security of Cargo is: please treat us all with the same respect. OneLove.

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 by linkedink, 09 Sep 2010
I went to Cargo on Friday 3rd Sept and was asked to leave for no reason. I asked why and was told "The manager says just in case of trouble". I was just dancing, as my friends were the DJs. I went outside, thinking this ain't right, and was confronted by other black men who had also been told to leave for no reason and who had friends who were white and no one had asked them to leave. Noticed throughout the night they asked more black men to leave. Has Cargo got a problem with black men? Is this a case of indirect racism or discrimination?

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 by uncle-ish, 06 Sep 2010
I personally have to agree with the opinion expressed that the people who work in Cargo are exceptionally inconsiderate. To top it, when I informed the bouncer that some guy groped my crotch, I was shockingly told that I deserved it because that is what I am there for at the end of day! The ratio of males to females at this club is way too high - too many men. According to Cargo, these perverts have the right to treat women like they are some sort of property and allows that kind of harrassment to occur in its club. I am disgusted.

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 by hanna1987, 02 Jun 2010
If you appreciate the idea of being groped by perverted, inconsiderate men, then Cargo is the place to go. You would reasonably expect standard customer service for the price you're paying (expensive), but with Cargo that is NOT the case. The bartenders have attitude and force you to buy doubles regardless of your state of inebriation. To top it all, they are known to lose your coat/jacket in the cloakroom even though you've paid them to look after it, and then kick you out into the cold without any remorse. There must be some law against that?! NOT VERY GOOD.

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 by danger_zone1988, 13 Mar 2010
I went to Cargo on Saturday for my 31st birthday and have to say I had an awesome time! We booked an area and the waitress who served us was so sweet and helpful. Music was great all night and the general atmosphere was friendly, unpretentious and a nice even mix. Drinks were reasonably priced and there's a good selection. We didn't eat there but I'm planning on going there for lunch soon, they do great deals... And the art in the garden is wicked! Will definitely go back!

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 by lilalila, 08 Mar 2010
Cargo is one of the best venues in London, hands down.

I've never noticed it to be male dominated at all but, saying that, I often find that the clubs where men hang around tend to have better quality music and more vibrant people. Cargo is awesome, simple as!

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 by EllieJane, 25 May 2007
Brilliant music, nice and laid back. Drinks are a little on the expensive side but food is damn good and art outside is wicked. I go here with my female friends often and never feel intimidated.

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 by li (3 reviews), 23 Jan 2007
Nice spacious venue, good music.

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 by Anonymous, 10 Nov 2006
Seems to attract quality underground hip-hop, but is damn expensive and doesn't seem to attract the crowd that would really suit the music. Lots of city boys.

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 by Spinx, 05 Oct 2006
Went last Thursday based on free entry before 9pm mentioned on their website. When we got there well in time they were demanding the full £8 and didn't give a damn about their false advertising.

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 by Anonymous, 01 Oct 2006

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