Funky Buddha

15-16 Berkeley Street
Mayfair, London
Tel: 0207 495 2596 Green Park 0.1 miles


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The Funky Buddha nightclub is one of the best venues in London for a classy sophisticated night out. The staff are uber professional and friendly and the DJ plays a selection of cracking tunes. Whatever night you visit the Funky Buddha you will not be disappointed.

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 by SteveC, 25 Feb 2014
Horrible door staff who were abusive and sexually harassed girls in our group. We asked to complain to the management and were kicked out for complaining. Do not go to this club.

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 by Jc2001, 08 Sep 2012
My friends and I (5 guys, 3 girls) went to Funky Buddha last week. We got on their guestlist using a website called They seem to be working with loads of clubs. We weren't too sure if we would get in because we were advised by them that we should arrive in a mixed group where girls should be more than guys, but luckily we met another group of girls outside the door who came through Guestlistspot as well, so we asked to join their group. We got to the door and said we were all on "gspot's guestlist" (yeah, I know... I was a bit reluctant to say it at first but apparently it's short for guestlistspot). The door man smiled and let us in.

Overall, we had a good time.

Useful review? 1
 by abcdx101, 10 Aug 2012
I went to Funky Buddha and paid £20 to get in, despite being on the guest list and having a table. Went downstairs and left my jacket on our table. When I got up from my table to check the other guests after 2 mins, some girl next to my brother said something about the cloakroom, which I couldn't hear because the bouncer was shouting "MOVE!". I was like, "One second, sir", but he just said, "MOVE NOW!", and started to tap and push me. I had money in my hand to give to my brother for the cloakroom. I said to the guy, "I've got more than your wages here!". He was like, "You're SICK in the head! OUT!", and started pushing me hard against the wall out of the club! I'm there in the freezing cold, -3 degrees. I said to them, "Why you throwing me out?". The other bouncers are like, "You can't come in, you're not allowed". I asked all of them and they said the same thing. I'm like, "Why?". No comment...

I said to the guy, "You don't have a heart". Then a white guy with spikey hair did a kill signal to them, so they wouldn't let me in for sure. The bouncer and that guy said, "You're definitely not coming in!", even though I was trying to resolve the issue. I heard someone say, "He's an ARAB!". I'm stuck in the cold, begging to get my jacket with my passport and other things inside it and he's telling me to come back at the end!

So I'm looking for a policeman. I'm there for 30 mins until finally I find one and he comes with me to the place and asks the bouncers to get my jacket. They told him I never asked for it. It made me feel so humiliated. They said, "You're drunk, go!", when clearly I don't drink or smoke. I'm looking at my hands now and I have wrinkles all over my hands and have a migraine. If you have a heart, please share this!

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 by mastermartin123, 11 Feb 2012
Absolutely appalling. I would not send my worst enemy to this club. The door staff were horrific and their entry policy is a complete and utter shambles.

I booked my ticket online from Chilli Tickets for a Christmas Eve event. When I arrived at 9.30pm I had to wait until 11.30pm in the cold rain and the door staff were not letting people who brought their tickets in. Instead they were letting prebooked groups and people on the guest list go in first. Nowhere on the website did Funky Buddha mention this stupid policy.

I've read reviews stating that the people inside were not too nice. To be honest, I would probably be inclined to believe them seeing that when I asked the door guards why it was taking so long to let people in to the club they were rude and not giving people a proper explanation. Anyone in the queue who complained was literally ejected from the queue.

There are plenty of decent clubs out there. My advice is, don't waste your time and effort with this one.

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 by Hafeez_Hameed, 25 Dec 2011
By far the worst place I have EVER been to! Staff are rude/unhelpful. I will never set foot in this awful place again.

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 by 4Seasons, 21 Nov 2011
Been there with my friends many times. I don't have any complaints about the doormen or the staff. After a few times, they remembered my face and became very friendly and helpful. They even let us have a VIP table sometimes. I don't think they are racists, because the owner and the head waiter are Asian, and some of the doormen are black. It's not true that they only let white people in. I am not white either. I've seen people of all races in there. But I find the music a bit boring. I don't mind going there if my friends ask me to, but I would go somewhere else if it was my choice.

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 by mm0912 (2 reviews), 19 Nov 2011
Booked for 40 people. Most of my friends got in under my guest list. I came later and was told by door staff I could't get in. Demanded to talk to a manager and he pretended to call one. Getting fed up, I called up their business line to discover the manager was at the door and it was the same idiot telling me he was getting someone! When confronted, he went and hid...

I will make sure to warn people not to go there. Door staff are up their own asses, letting my friends in under my guest list yet the Birthday Girl was denied. CRAP place and VERY racist - be warned!!

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 by Veronicafakhouri, 23 Oct 2011
I came to London from Leicester for my cousin's 21st birthday.
We were on the guest list but we weren't allowed in and no reason was given. The staff were very, very rude and spoiled our night. I wouldn't go there if I were you!

Useful review? 2
 by seema.majithia, 26 Sep 2011
OK, I've been twice to Funky Buddha in the last 2 months. The first time the company I worked for (investment banker group) paid the bill, so I didn't have any grief at all from staff and was not concerned about drinks prices. (The music was really crap but I didn't care as I was having fun and couldn't give a monkeys.) Anyway, on the way in I saw a lot of people being turned down (for looking average in terms of looks) even though they were on the guest list, and saw all the grief they experienced.

A month later I get invited to a birthday party of my friend's and she had chosen this venue to celebrate. So I decided to dress down this time and be a tiny bit scruffy (I wanted to see how they treat regular people). I roll up to the door with only 5 of my friends - 4 girls and 1 guy (part of an 80 person entourage) - and told them I was on the guest list. And guess what?? I was refused entry.

They told me I wasn't on the list (which the bouncer didn't even look at). I asked the bouncer, poliety, to check again. This is when the bouncer became agressive and rude to me and then my friends, who hadn't even opened their mouths. I told him to watch his mouth, in a calm tone, and got more verbal abuse. I kinda anticipated this, so with one phone call I gathered all 80 people within minutes to come outside the club. I then phoned the club on the inside and talked to the manager and told him who I was. He happened to remember who I am because I was, and am, a massive spender. Minutes later the manager comes out shouting at the bouncers and apologising for their behaviour.

Having eventually got in, I was given a VIP table for me and my friends and complimentary bottles of drinks as a way of apologising. But having seen the staff and service when I pretended to be an average joe, which was god damn horrible, all I did was drink all the free booze and leave the venue without spending a penny. See, I was originally raised in the ghetto of east London, so I know when people are being real and when they're being fake. I am trying to be a modest and humble person after going from rags to riches, and trying to fit in as an average person and not a snob. This was like undercover bosses but is in fact a sting operation.

Sorry if this review was a bit long. But the moral of this story is, you will be judged at this club based on race, status and money. So if you are missing one of the three, you're in trouble.

Useful review? 2
 by BigAlfie, 14 Aug 2011
My favourite club... and I go clubbing 3 times a week. Doormen are the best. Guest list lady friendly and the music fantastic.

Useful review? 2
 by linda92, 07 Aug 2011
This place is the worst club I've ever been to. Do not go here. The staff at the door are rude and patronising, the bar is not that amazing - especially considering the poor treatment you receive - and the music wasn't very good either (they played at least two songs twice in the space of two hours).

There is no mention on their website under the 'dress code' section that girls are not allowed to wear open toe flat shoes. When we got to the entrance, at least three girls were wearing them and were refused entry. Two hours later I went outside and saw a girl being let in with open toe flat shoes. One of the doormen commented to the doorwoman that the girl was allowed in and she muttered and shrugged it off. I have never come across such arrogance. I can't believe these members of staff have the audacity to treat and speak to paying customers in this way.

Do not go to Funky Buddha, it is a rubbish club! I speak on behalf of myself and at least ten other girls. Zero out of five!!

Useful review? 1
 by mimi41, 07 Aug 2011
Rubbish club!! TOTAL trailer trash girls. That are not even hot. Looked like a bus load from some dodgy area had arrived. Loser tryhard men. I had no idea something like this existed in London. Once upon a time maybe this was a good venue, but it's definitely not any more. Do not bother. Not sure how it ended up in Mayfair of all places, next to Nobu. Not even worth the one star, but there was not the option of no stars.

Useful review? 3
 by Princess79, 20 Jun 2011
I went to Funky Buddha to see DEV perform. My idea of a great night out - live music and good company. Will definitely be coming back.

Useful review? 1
 by Shade Atkins, 17 Jun 2011
I went to Funky Buddha a few weeks ago and it was one of the best nights out I have ever had in London. I would recommend anyone to go!

Useful review? 2
 by Mistry Smith, 16 Mar 2011
Worst club I've ever been to in London, and I've been to a few. They were so rude on the door. There's no point going on the guest list as we did. They told us the first 80 girls were free; we were among the the first 10 and they told us it was £10 each. The drinks were £11.50 for a vodka & tonic and £6 for a bottle of coke. The music was not funky house, it was commercial shit.

Overall, I would tell you not to go there. If you're into your house music and want a friendly buzzy club, this is not the place - stay away. They ruined my night. Wish I'd just stuck to going to Aquarium in Old Street!

Useful review? 2
 by Tonymichelle, 06 Mar 2011
This place is full of racists and they are so obvious about it. It is a surprise that no one has complained about them. Totally agree this is one of the worst places I have been to. They do not even have a code that they follow. The staff like to think that they are a law unto themselves. There is sh*t music and the drinks are horrible...

Useful review? 4
 by ron666, 21 Feb 2011
The worst place I have ever been to. I cannot begin to express the contempt I have towards the people who work there. And I am very confused as to why people want to go and be treated so badly and give away their money. Very, very worrying.

Useful review? 3
 by Louiseanne, 30 Jan 2011
Went to FB on Friday. They used the 'old chestnut' of "girls free on guest list". We came with 30 people. "Oh no, it's only the 1st 100 girls for free", so had to pay! Doing some basic maths, we worked out there must be heading on for 200 people inside and a load of women. Absolute cr*p! Probably only 50 people tops, the lying sods. If they say that to you, ask to confirm.

Club promoter Annas promised 2 tables, 2 bottles of vodka and a birthday cake. We got 1 bottle and 1 table, no cake and everyone paid £20! £6.50 for a beer and all the pretence - not worth it. We all left after one round and went and found some real fun. How is anybody getting any value from this place?!

Useful review? 2
 by londonowen, 23 Jan 2011
I'm assuming those complaining about the door staff are those who couldn't get in... Personally, I enjoyed myself. Staff were really helpful - I mean really, really helpful - to my friends and I.

Useful review? 2
 by Jesse87, 03 Jan 2011

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