12 Acklam Road
Ladbroke Grove, London
W10 5QZ
Tel: 020 7524 7979 Westbourne Park 0.3 miles

Built in the shell of what was previously Subterania, Neighbourhood is a 640 capacity club with 3 bars on two levels. The mezzanine level overlooks the ground floor which fills up quickly on popular nights such as One Starry Night.


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Neighbourhood reviews

Really good, amazing music, good atmosphere. The young 'uns take up most of the club, but they bring life to it.

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 by sophiewatt1, 03 Apr 2008
I went there the other night and had a great time. I agree, the average age of the crowd was like 15, but the music was pretty amazing and it's not all pretentious. The location is a bit grimey though and drinks a bit expensive - £7 for vodka and coke... why?

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 by edhardycap_ (3 reviews), 05 Jan 2008
Not really anywhere to sit. A lot of yuppie indie kids, kinda made it crap. Bar is just average too. I liked the music though.

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 by safron (3 reviews), 05 Aug 2007
A posers paradise for the trendies of Notting Hill.

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 by ems (21 reviews), 29 Nov 2005
Occasional good nights. One Starry Night a bit bland for me. Love the unpretentiousness - ha! of the club however.

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 by jennyhurren (10 reviews), 21 Nov 2005
It's not exactly a classy establishment, put it like that. You get frisked for knives on the way in. It's a nicely put-together club, but don't expect the Soho crowd there at all. The music's not that hot either.

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 by fmmacha (2 reviews), 25 Sep 2005

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