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Right! Where to begin? I went to Pangaea last night (Friday). I'm a 22-year-old white female from West London. I love Sean Paul, 50 Cent, etc... and I love to have a good night out with the girls. Basically, if you're the same then don't go to Pangaea... you'll hate it!

It's way overpriced to get in (£20) considering how tiny the place is and its stupid layout. It has low ceilings and strange leather seats all over the place. Basically it's just loads of tables and seats. There's no specific dance floor and everyone is on top of each other or the leather seat things. The music is crap - as is the DJ - it's just house beats over the top of strange songs like Eurhythmics and Michael Jackson. Then there's the strange drummer man who drums over all the songs and house beats. The drinks are stupidly overpriced - £11 for a vodka and lemonade and God knows how much for champagne or a bottle of vodka (which is the weird stuff anyway).

I think the only way to have a good time in there is to be pissed off your face or high on cocaine - which most people were! It's full of wannabes and posh kids with too much of daddy's money to splash around. The only 'celebrity' we saw was Ben Lunt from Shipwrecked, and I have no idea why Prince Harry would have ever gone there! The only redeeming feature was the staff - bouncers are lovely, as is the toilet attendant. I doubt I'd go back even if I got in for free! But at least I can say I've been...

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 by westlondon22, 16 Feb 2008
Hated it. It's like dancing in a cardboard box. Staff are OK at best. What's all the hype about??

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 by edhardycap_ (3 reviews), 05 Jan 2008
I literally could not believe how bad it was. My first thought was, surely this cannot be the infamous Pangaea? It is a dark, dingy, offensively hot basement. It feels like an overcrowded hole in the ground when it's at half capacity and when it's full it's too stuffy and cramped to comprehend. The set up is horrible... were they blind when they organised the seating areas? People had to step and stand on the massive (fag burnt and worn) leather benches randomly strewn around because the place was so rammed you couldn't navigate the club without doing so.

The sound system and music policy (unimaginative chart music that I can only assume was being played off of an ipod) is laughable and the decor is average to poor (looks NOTHING like the pics on the website). Sooo overpriced -11+ quid for a simple mixer made by a barman who is far more interested in chatting up the ladies than doing his job.

Just because a place has a strict door policy and is prohibitively expensive does not mean that it deserves merit. Can't imagine why this place was ever popular aside from the fact that certain royalty used to frequent it (why??). Avoid like the plague.

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 by Anonymous, 24 Apr 2007
Same old same old... Knock these overpriced pretentious holes down and build a real club like The End or Fabric.

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 by Anonymous, 12 Apr 2007
The only reason I'm not giving this place a 1 out of 5 is because the staff are lovely, otherwise it is a place to be avoided.

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 by Anonymous, 04 Apr 2007
Basically a pretentious, overpriced lounge. Don't come expecting a crazy night of dancing. Tables are set up horribly so there is no flow to the club and you end up standing in or walking through people's seating areas. For a 'club' that has a £500 minimum spend and charges 12 quid for a mixer, I was expecting more than a hot, stuffy, drab, cramped basement with crap chart music and a sound system that is laughable. It's amazing what a drunken Prince Harry will do for a club! Avoid.

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 by Anonymous, 28 Mar 2007
Went to Pangaea again last night (after 2 yrs). It was worse than I remembered. How is that possible??!

Prices: tables start at £500; soft drinks around £8 (anything with alcohol is more... much more). Crowd: rich kids, business men, the odd low-rung celeb, not-so-hot models. Music: same old bland and predictable stuff; the soundsystem was not impressive either (you'd think the club would be decked out with high quality speakers -alas no... your car stereo has more bass).

Hopefully, the owners will napalm this place and replace it with something more edgy. Perhaps something unlike M1nt, Mo*Vida, Chinawhite, Aura, Embassy, View Lounge, Tantra, et al... Yeah, like THAT's going to happen!

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 by HPsource, 22 Mar 2007
Why was this place ever popular?? I could put up some African-looking masks on the wall and cheap fag-burnt leather seating in someone's cramped basement but couldn't justify charging hundreds of pounds for a bottle of mid-range spirits. It's shockingly drab and average inside and looks NOTHING like the pics on the website. Save your 500 quid and go somewhere else - this place is over and done with.

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 by Anonymous, 08 Mar 2007
Don't bother getting a table here. Good selection of music. People not bad. Thursdays are amazing, like one huge party, but Saturdays are a bit try-hard.

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 by xx, 07 Mar 2007
This is not really a club. It's more of a lounge/bar, since they expect you to dance around the tables (which is incredibly annoying). It's a place to see and be seen, but it doesn't offer much else. It's stupidly expensive and has no right to be as it's small, disturbingly cramped, claustrophobic, hot, and far too popular for no good reason except the fact that it attracts an upmarket clientele. Avoid!

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 by Anonymous, 02 Jan 2007
Dark, dingy, cramped, and what's with having to dance around the tables? If I'm paying 500 quid to book a table the last thing I want is some guy shaking his drunk ass in my face. Decor is good but it's so crowded it's hard to notice it at all. Bar is very small too, which was surprising as this place is much more of a lounge/bar than a place you go to dance (though without a table you can't sit anywhere). It seems like they crammed as many tables in there as possible to maximize potential bookings without any consideration given to layout, which is the main problem of the club.

Staff not bad and toilets are very posh... Go if you don't have to pay, but definitely not worth planning/booking a night out here. There are much, much better places.

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 by anonymous556 (3 reviews), 27 Dec 2006
Not impressed. You walk in and you can't help but say: "Is this it?" The place is offensively small, low ceilinged, crowded, with no dance floor, decor is hard to spot at all.

One thing I did love was how they had live drums and would play the beat over the speaker with a deep base tone (they only did it for a few minutes though). Staff not bad either.

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 by swim73088 (11 reviews), 11 Dec 2006
Club is small. Not worth getting a table. They should get rid of the bloody drums! DJ is good though. Nice music, nice people.

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 by ClubManiac (4 reviews), 30 Nov 2006
Not enough young people.

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 by Anonymous, 04 Nov 2006
Best club in the world. If you want to go to a club of this calibre then don't start complaining about prices. If you don't have money to spend then just don't go! Simple. Last time we spent over £900 and it was worth every penny.

Wednesdays and Fridays are especially good. The staff, even the toilet attendant, are amazing. And how can you complain about music when they have artists such as Mylo from Black Eyed Peas performing?!

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 by Anushaka, 25 Sep 2006
Saturday night, very bad night. Too many people in a small place. Music crap, drinks expensive. Bouncers have real problems. Never again. Give it a miss, a lot better clubs out there.

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 by Sophie and Dan, 04 Sep 2006
Went on a Friday. It was very good and the crowd was cool and beautiful. I didn't have to pay entry as I am a member of, so I had some more cash to spend on drinks (which can be a bit pricey but are good).

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 by Medaa25, 01 Sep 2006
Went on a Wednesday. Great crowd, great dancing, amazing women. Just remember to bring a fair bit of cash with you!

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 by mister.dave (3 reviews), 04 Aug 2006
I don't think I have had a worse night ever in my life. Full of wannabes - although saying that, it provided mass entertainment. Expensive - understatement! I suppose that's to make everyone feel they really are in an 'exclusive' place. Oh yes, there are beautiful girls in there with loads of lechy old men watching their every move!

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 by EmmaPeel, 24 Jul 2006
Really nice place the to go. The music is a little off, but other than that, when they do play some decent music it's good.

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 by Anonymous, 20 Jul 2006

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