40 Jermyn Street
St James's, London
SW1Y 6DN Piccadilly Circus 0.2 miles

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The BEST club in the world hands down!

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 by Alexandra87, 07 May 2015
I go to Tramp regularly as my sister is a member and every time I go, it simply gets better and better. Amazing music, amazing crowd!

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 by Anam_A, 08 Mar 2011
Jade, you wouldn't get in anyway. Strictly members only. One of the reasons it's so good. It's a truly classy place and the service is the best anywhere. Lavish decor (wood panelling, chandeliers and huge mantlepieces), great music and an atmosphere like one big stylish party. It may have more Russians and Arab visitors than celebrities these days, but the club still rocks and is undoubtedly still the best club night around.

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 by mark.dawson, 18 Sep 2010
I have been advised to visit this club on my up and coming trip to London and after reading some of the comments on this review I think I will give it a miss. How sad that you are all pre-occupied with money and useless chat. Quite frankly, it’s sad! Wow, not even there yet and already disappointed...

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 by jade_oneill21, 21 Mar 2010
Reading some of these comments is so funny - the bars in Clapham are much better?! Haha. How did you get in to Tramp? It's most obviously the best club in London. If you feel intimitated or jealous by the beauty of the girls and wealth of the rich kids, why do you go there? And who stays at the bar anyway? Get some cash and get a table.

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 by Xxxxxxxx999, 08 Mar 2010
Well 'karolex', I am "better/more handsome/richer/trendier/more drunk/higher" than most people, so for me it's beaut. I don't know where you work, but it sounds crap.

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 by Macdhui, 05 Mar 2010
Very bad service, the bar men are rude with attitude. Not to mention having to wait 45min for a drink to be served at the bar and the nerve to demand a tip. Generally a bad atmosphere attracting the wrong crowd. Never again, thank you!

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 by photon_ed, 26 Jul 2009
I had not been here for years and my oh my has it changed. I went on Saturday night and it was awful, so incredibly busy with a shockingly bad crowd. In fairness, the music was good and the staff were adorable as always. Shame about the wannabe clientele!

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 by dancing diva, 28 Apr 2009
Best club in London, 40yrs and going strong!

Not worth replying to the slander of people who either do this for a living or did not make it through the door.

God bless Guido and the Tramp family!

P.S. If you are having delusional visions of prostitutes, you probably did not bring any friends/girls yourself...

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 by IB, 19 Apr 2009
Best club in London and, without a doubt, the longest lasting one. Whoever doesn't like it probably does not belong there and feels intimidated by the beautiful girls and the nice people who know how to have fun!

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 by nikolaos83, 18 Mar 2009
I agree with the majority of the negative reviews. Have been to Tramp on many occasions (due to my job, otherwise I wouldn't bother going there!). It's a pathetic place, where people try to prove themselves better/more handsome/richer/trendier/more drunk/higher than anyone else. Lots of hookers, pimps, spoilt brats (with great hairstyles though!). Drinks rather average too... Best stick with a portion of French fries.

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 by karolex, 20 Feb 2009
Full of escorts and classy prostitutes who are looking for rich people. I hate it and will not renew my membership.

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 by hsurhfks, 03 Jan 2009
Most exclusive club in London.

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 by partiesinternational (2 reviews), 29 Dec 2008
I think Tramp is the best place in London if you have good money or if you know some people in London; otherwise, there are thousands of places to go - just go where you can afford. Tramp has class and style, with excellent service.

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 by rpgcc1, 02 Nov 2008
I think that as you do not have money to afford the expensive drinks, nice clothes etc, you are feeling jealous. The rich youngsters get along perfectly but it's when the old and poor lower-class people show up that it ruins the whole scene. Honestly, if you don't want to get hurt mentally then don't come to the more upper-class, expensive clubs... just stick to your local cheapy club!

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 by Upper-Class, 26 Oct 2008
Awful!! I'm lucky enough to have been able to travel the world male modelling, so I've been to some amazing clubs. This has to be the worst members' club I've ever seen. Full of spoilt rich kids with no class who hated me being there and made it known. Girls just feeding their egos because they want a sugar daddy; plus most weren't even hot, so no eye candy. You're better off sticking to the bars of Clapham than this place.

(I do have to say, the music was good though.)

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 by tofty7, 05 Oct 2008
For those of you who remember what it used to be like ten years ago, do NOT go back... you'll be heartbroken!

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 by henryviiiny, 08 Jul 2008
Pretentious and plastic. Not for grounded people. Amusing to watch the rich girls and older men having fun!

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 by spiderman, 04 Mar 2008
Go once or twice, in twos and threes, and you will hate it.
Go regularly, with a group, and then... you get it.

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 by w, 31 Jan 2008
Right now, the best club in town!

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 by kitkatklub, 23 Dec 2007

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