24 Kingly Street
Soho, London
Tel: 020 7494 9835 Oxford Circus 0.2 miles

As ‘the first fully interactive bar in the world', 24 provides a breathtaking backdrop to a night out in London. Located off Carnaby Street in the space formerly occupied by Attica, TwentyFour is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art lighting and bar technology including interactive projections that respond to touch and LED lighting that can cast 1,000 different colour combinations across the venue. TwentyFour is a "members only" club with a difference and tables have a £500 minimum spend.

TwentyFour Club, London

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Overpriced bar, doesn't really have much to offer, snobbish and discriminatory people. Owners should look into this more closely.

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 by Choice, 14 May 2010
I want to share my displeasure at being openly discriminated against in the UK’s most multicultural city. Last night (Saturday 5th December 2009), I was out in the West End with friends when we stumbled across TwentyFour London on Soho’s Kingley Street. We were a group of 12 women and 2 men, of various ethnicities. When the men asked about admission to the nightclub, they were told that the group could not enter because there were "too many black girls in the group". At the time we were hurt, offended and angered by the club’s blatant discrimination, but we felt unable to stand up for ourselves. We knew that if we voiced our opinions, we would have been accused of being aggressive or belligerent. What shocked us most was the openness of the discrimination. The lady on the door boldly announced that we were being refused admission because of the colour of our skin.

I understand that clubs are particular about their clientele but, in the 21st century, I did not think that being particular included being racist. I want to do something about this and intend to name and shame the people responsible for ruining our night out and making us feel like second-class citizens.

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 by candy_lady2000, 08 Dec 2009
Awful. Not that I was allowed in as I and someone else in my group were wearing flat shoes and were turned away because of that - so pathetic! Why should women have to wear something which causes pain and risks their health just to get in to this place?

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 by h93027, 21 Sep 2009
Was there on a Friday and had the luck to get in for free.
But that was the highlight of the evening. It's small, and very crowded on the 'dance floor'. If you don't have a table, I wouldn't go there. Perhaps I had quite high expectations after reading about it (it sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it?), but I would say be prepared to be disappointed. Good mojitos and OK music though.

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 by swedgirl, 22 Feb 2008
I've been here a few times. My buddy runs a guestlist company, so I've been almost everywhere in the West End over the past 4 years. This place is definitely special. The staff are polite, if you don't have a table you're not treated like a piece of shit, there is no waiting at the bar for drinks, there's room for people to stand and chat. It's a West End club, so don't pretend prices should be cheap; it's the same everywhere - if you don't want to pay £10 for a drink, don't go. The place is not too crowded and the clientele is very chilled and relaxed. Not a huge amount of room to dance, but somewhere to go with a group and enjoy yourselves. If you don't want to spend time messing around on the door, just turn up early and you won't be disappointed.

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 by nick0070, 13 Dec 2007
We went to TwentyFour on Saturday night for a friend's 20th birthday and had a brilliant night. There was a bit of confusion at the door, but the staff were so polite and patient and, unlike at other London clubs, very helpful. Perfect for a great night out. Would recommend to all.

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 by Party Princess, 16 Jul 2007
Drinks were good, staff were friendly, and the seating areas felt exclusive. Shame about the page 3 girls that turned up though... really put a downer on the atmosphere.

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 by Anonymous, 09 Feb 2007
Attractive interior design but not a patch on Attica at its best - the gadgets and gizmos don't make up for a lack of vision.

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 by Antonia W11 (8 reviews), 11 Jan 2007

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