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Whisky bar and restaurant in a prime location on Trafalgar Square with three floors of Scottish-themed design (without the clichéd memorabilia). The bar features 40 cocktails and a whisky sommelier to guide you through over 200 Scotch whiskies.

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Giles Coren's review of the restaurant at Albannach (The Times)
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Albannach reviews

I booked table for 2 to celebrate my birthday. Place is on excellent location, very classy, very NOISY - but it gives the special charm! It was the best fish and chips I ever tasted, and my boyfriend was very happy with his meal too. Best of all were the 'tipsy laird' and crannachan desserts. The worst thing was that they don't do Guinness. Staff were friendly. Expensive, but the food was 3 levels better than in other pubs (20% more expensive). I would definitely go again, but only for special occasions!

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 by lamorevero (2 reviews), 18 Sep 2011
Scottish restaurant?? This must be some sort of ironic label, it's the most non-Scottish place I have ever been to. On top of that it's EXTREMELY expensive and EXTREMELY noisy. On the positive side the steak was very nice, but the chips were MacDonalds-style french fries.

If you want a decent, well-priced meal in a quiet restaurant with a good atmosphere, avoid this place at all costs!

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 by Craig McMillan, 31 May 2009
I was looking forward to a good night out and had booked this restaurant for a Friday evening. I wish I hadn't bothered.

The dining area is a mezzanine floor over a very, very noisy bar, so you can't talk or hear anyone you are with. The waitress kindly told me that they were out of scallops, so I ordered the oysters. 15 minutes later the waitress came back and told me they were out of those as well, would I like to pick an alternative starter? The choice on the menu is very limited and not that Scottish at all. The best thing about the meal was the steak, but there should be a trade description act investigation if they are branding themselves a Scottish destination.

We were given a 20% discount for our inconvenience, but I still left with a bad taste in my mouth. I would definitely not return to this 'restaurant'.

Useful review?
 by quiksilver375, 31 May 2009
AVOID THIS DUMP! Vile staff - horrendous hostile attitude from the bar staff and bouncers who disrespectfully push past you to clear glasses and grunt at you when serving at the bar. Rude and arrogant. A bouncer insulted a customer who was asking to return inside into the warm to ring for a cab and got physically aggressive immediately. It ended in fisticuffs. Luckily the bouncer was the recipient. The impact made a hollow sound. Customer service? What customer service. Spend your cash elsewhere. This place deserves to fail and, based on the other recent reviews, it sounds like it is doing so spectacularly.

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 by Sally Best, 03 Nov 2008
Just came back from Albannach and was shocked to hear how a security guy (Eastern European, short hair) insulted two customers because they wanted to enjoy drinks outside at the tables. Disgusting. Let's avoid this place.

Useful review?
 by georgo, 25 Jul 2008
We reserved an area for our Xmas party and were looking forward to a great night of fun and frolics. This we achieved, and our waitress was attentive and superb. Unfortunately though, the same could not be said of the management and other bar staff. Considering the money we spent, I found them rude, unprofessional and lacking basic courtesy. I made it quite clear to the bar manager that hell would have to freeze over before we would consider booking the place again. If anyone is considering booking the place for a party I would suggest they go see a psychiatrist first!

It was unfortunate that a place in a great location with some great staff are let down by a management of buffoons. When I complained to the manager about the extra £80 on the bill and other shortcomings I was told I was overreacting. That says it all about the place. If you want to be ripped off and treated like an idiot, then Alabannach is the place to go!

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 by wydgop, 21 Dec 2007
I reserved an area in the bar for my birthday, which was confirmed by credit card, only to be told that they had no record of the booking when I arrived. What made matters worse was that it took almost half an hour for the manager to apologise. There was a very half-hearted attempt to create an area, which was totally inadequate for the number of people. It's a nice bar but I'd go somewhere with better service and organisation skills if you want a really good night out. It was a good birthday thanks to my friends, not the Albannach!

Useful review?
 by two rabbits, 09 Oct 2007
What a great restaurant! I brought the missus here for a meal on her birthday. As soon as the restaurant manager found that out, he insisted on choosing our menu for us and made it a five course wondermeal. One of the best dishes on the menu must be the beef fillet - it was wonderful. The staff were all very attentive (and looked cool in their kilts) but recognized that we wanted to be alone - priceless in my book. The bars both had a great vibe about them, in different ways. Prices were about what you would expect for the location. I'll definitely be going back.

Useful review?
 by ryanconnell, 23 Jun 2007
After reading some bad reviews about this place I finally decided to take a chance on it and it really paid off.

The ground floor whisky bar looks fantastic and they have a great range too, the staff seem to know what they are talking about and are quite friendly if a little busy at times.

Downstairs is a darkly lit bar apparently called 'DOON' (no idea why).

Anyway, the gem of this place is the restaurant. The staff again were excellent and seemed quite proud about the food. We even got a tour with the restaurant manager after dinner, where he told us a little bit of the history of the place and how it's evolved since the beginning. I mean, when was the last time that's happened to anyone without making a complaint?

Overall 4.5 out of 5. The only bad thing was it was slightly loud in the restaurant. Will definitely be going back.

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 by Anonymous, 16 Jan 2007
Had an excellent meal with good service, orders quickly served even though the restaurant had two big parties in. The steak was out of this world. Cheaper wines on list (red and white) enjoyable. Although the bar below is a little noisy, this is a lively place to be and so central for theatres and city sights.

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 by mairi mac, 24 Oct 2006
I headed to the Albannach a few nights ago with a couple of colleagues of mine. I had a great night - cocktails were expertly made, staff were attentive and they looked quite 'cool' with their kilts on. We had dinner up in their mezzanine. The pre-theatre menu was relatively cheap considering the high quality of food. I would go back again for a drink or a nice night out.

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 by ChloeT, 28 Jun 2006
Had a great night there, with a fine selection of Scotch, friendly staff and great atmosphere.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 13 Oct 2005
I don't like ginger wigs, deep fried mars bar and porridge. But if Albannach is Scotland, then I'm a born again Scot. Top five London meal, topped off with a top five London basement bar.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 10 May 2005
Outstanding. I must have been at a different restaurant to Jan Moir.

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 by Anonymous, 02 May 2005
Good bar with a bewildering range of whiskies. I took 2 friends who know their whisky very well and they weren't disappointed with the expertise and selection.

The space downstairs looked ok too - a bit more cosy. Staff were friendly and it's a fantastic location.

Useful review?
 by peterb (16 reviews), 02 Apr 2005

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