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A great place to party and enjoy cocktails. Will definitely be returning here.

Useful review?
 by zak1980, 22 Feb 2012
Awful waste of time. Don't bother wasting your time or money! Doorman rude.

Useful review?
 by twinklesangel, 09 May 2010
Don't believe the haters - it's fun, good crowd, fun music, not up it's own bum. Definitely worth a visit.

Useful review?
 by grog, 11 Dec 2009
Loved the place - it's had a massive refurb and is back to its former fun. If you're looking for pretentious 'look at me', this is not the place for you. Good honest (albeit pricey) fun and Aura is as good as it gets.

Useful review?
 by TwentyFive, 06 Dec 2009
I went to Aura last Saturday night, thought it was amazing. It has an air of faded grandeur, the manager was charming, so were the security guys - ok, the drinks are expensive, but you rather expect that. The music was excellent, really good DJ. I loved people watching, there are all sorts there (including major celebs and young, beautifully dressed girls). I thought it was young, fun and classy and would definitely go back again.

Useful review?
 by franicus, 07 Jul 2008
I strongly recommend saving the extortionate amount of money it takes to buy 'standard' drinks in this place and use it to finance your own bar so that you can ensure the service is up to scratch and not full of poser idiots. Chances of going back: nil...

Useful review? 1
 by spanner117, 08 Jun 2008
Now, where to start with this dingy, dark, little room that's Aura club? Saturday 24 May 2008, put our glad rags on, a couple of credit cards each in wallets - just to make sure we don't run out of money whilst having the promised 'fantastic' time ever. Cab drops us outside the venue. There's a queue of over/under dressed teenagers trying to look grown-up, possibly with daddy's credit card to hand.

We get inside. Going downstairs was like what I would imagine the stairways down to hell to be - very dark, worn out and dirty. But maybe the inside would be a pleasant surprise? Hell no, it's smaller than my Blackheath living room! Anyway we find a table, order some drinks. I'm not too bothered about the prices as we're used to paying a lot for quality. What do I get? The cheapest version of a cosmopolitan one could find - I swear it was made of cheap vodka with a pink grapefruit juice. It normally takes a few minutes to mix a cosmo; it only took the experienced Aura bar boy a few seconds - is he that good?!

Anyway, we're here to have a good time so we keep on drinking. By this time (i.e. half an hour later) the little room is busting full capacity. Ah well, at least we're sitting and not having to rub skin with impressionable sweaty teenagers who are taking pictures of themselves. Next thing we know, an 'important looking' member of staff comes over to our table and says: "Leave the table, my customers are here". I mean, if I'm not your customer, pray do tell me, what am I?! I would like to thank my parents for raising me not to start arguments with fools, so we leave the table and agree to finish our drinks and leave this cave.

Meanwhile, the preferred 'customers' walk in looking all very important. Champagne and full bottles of spirits are placed on their table. This group of sorry misfits knock back the drinks straight from the bottle and within minutes jump on top of tables and chairs to dance, lighting up sparklers and waving them in the air. Yhe staff don't even blink an eye at this obvious health and safety hazard - it's standard practice it seems! My friends and I aren't about to risk getting burned alive in a dingy, dark underground cave, so we're offski fast.

From now on, I shall go back to frequenting my usual - genuinely posh - drinking holes, where the staff understand how to treat each and every customer, not the odd one or two who put up £500 in advance. If Aura was all it sells itself to be, we would have spent maybe 3x the £500 - and that's only 4 people!

Useful review?
 by Frizz, 30 May 2008
Nice club, good service and very good music.

Useful review?
 by NG, 11 May 2008
Love Aura, it's a great club and I love the service from members of staff. Matt the owner has got a good team of workers there, bless him.

Useful review?
 by jamesomos, 09 Mar 2008
I visited Aura on a Sunday night and loved the music, service and atmosphere. Would highly recommend it to the young and stylish.

Useful review?
 by duddle, 22 Mar 2007
I went to Aura last Saturday and will never be going back. This used to be one of my favourite clubs in London and I was a regular. However, on this occasion I had to pay £20 on the door (which I rarely pay when I go out in London, especially not before 11pm), and to make matters worse the most miserable woman in London was on the door that night - a nice way for a club to greet its guests!

Once inside, music was crap - the same boring mix you get everywhere in the West End these days. The bar lady that served us was as bad as the woman on the door - face like thunder - and was clearly making up drink prices as she went along (£58 for 4 Jack Daniels and Cokes and a bottle of water!). I've been there many times and never paid so much for drinks. I really wouldn't bother with this place!

Useful review?
 by Emma**, 21 Dec 2006
Went last Friday and the atmosphere was unlike any other club I have seen in London. The music was absolutely amazing - haven't had a night like that in years. The DJ is awesome.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 07 Nov 2006
Been here twice in the last month. First time was on a Tuesday, which I give a 5/5: great atmosphere, brilliant DJ, young crowd but friendly, no trouble... drinks are a bit steep but that's the price you pay at these venues.

Second time was last Saturday and it wasn't as good. Instead of a younger crowd it was more of an older, businessy, celeb kinda night.

So, if you just want to bump into a celeb, go on a Saturday, otherwise for a good time go on a Tuesday (or a Friday is also great I hear).

Useful review?
 by BlueBlood, 03 Oct 2006
I only go on Fridays for the music (otherwise I wouldn't bother, as it's nothing inspiring). The DJ is the best I have heard in London.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 23 Aug 2006
You may want to give this spot a pass if you can't stomach the £11 vodka mixer. For those of you blessed with a six-figure salary or rich parents, this place is for you.

Though it has been around for years, Aura continues to impress. You need to know when to go (dead on Thursday, mad on Friday), and who to go with (the most beautiful and best-dressed of your friends). Try to get there a bit early if you don't have a table; the place is a restaurant and reaches capacity at around 1.00. Door policy is typical of any West End members' club, so expect to queue or be sent away.

If you're able to get in, prepare to go mad and jump onto table tops, which double as dance floors! Once the great music gets loud and the alcohol starts pouring, the crazy beautiful international crowd tear the place apart.

Given how expensive drinks are, it's probably worth paying the £500 minimum spend on a table. At least you'll get your own table to dance on!

Useful review?
 by Bachrach (16 reviews), 25 Jul 2006
Best club in the world. International United Nations of all clubs. Members only. Expensive but worth every penny.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 23 Jun 2006
Friday night is the only night to go - great music. Club itself is looking a bit tired... time to spend some money doing it up.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 03 Mar 2006
Best DJ in London on a Friday night. Raised the roof last week. Something for everyone. What a night!

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 22 Feb 2006
Nothing can get near what a Friday night Aura offers!

Useful review?
 by fahood (2 reviews), 13 Feb 2006
Still the best for a Friday night's clubbing in London.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 02 Feb 2006

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