Harrison's Balham

15-19 Bedford Hill
Balham, London
SW12 9EX
Tel: 020 8675 6900 Balham 0.2 miles

All day restaurant and bar with comfort food, great cocktails and a decent wine list.

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Been there a couple of times, both of which were pretty bad. The food just isn't very good, no matter how modern the menu is or aloof the staff are (it's a south London bar not a Michelen-starred restaurant folks, loosen up a bit please!).

On the first occasion we turned up 20 minutes before the kitchen was due to close, were told that they only had a couple of things on the menu left and after asking if a couple of other dishes were available we eventually found out that everything was available. When the food showed up my steak was overcooked and my girlfriend's artichoke salad didn't have any artichokes in it; we returned it and it came back with some greyish objects which could have been artichokes at some point in their lives I guess.

We did get some concessions for the appalling food and service, and so thought we'd give the place another try, this time for breakfast. Again it was pretty bad - more umming and ahhing when we asked for a table when the place was empty. I also don't appreciate paying nearly a tenner for a cold fry up.

My advice: go round the corner to the Clarence where the staff are friendly, the food is honest and always good and you don't walk out feeling robbed and hungry.

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 by fostert, 29 Jul 2007
We had a very average meal here on Jan 2nd... perhaps the kitchen staff were all still hungover? Both the steak and the chips were overdone (the latter sufficiently charred to be sent back) and the salad was drowning in a dressing garlicky enough to scare off vampires. Service was charming in a lacklustre kind of way but the girl assigned to us obviously had her mind on higher or perhaps just other things, as we needed to ask for condiments, mayo, water etc. more than once. And why don't they leave the wine on the table? I thought keeping the wine on a separate table where you can't get to it went out in the 70s. Just about passable, but won't be going back.

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 by Dale, 22 Feb 2007
Great atmosphere and energy, from the minute you walk in to the point when you can tell that you may just be out-staying your welcome. Fabulous presentation, delivery and service. Definitely would recommend this place to all who are a little tired of the West End.

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 by Belvedere, 25 Jan 2007
Forget dinner - go for breakfast or brunch. The evening menu is too fussy and meaty for my taste, but breakfast is great. They have a great choice of juices, cereal, pastries and cooked breakfasts. It's also a good time to enjoy the funky surroundings when they're a bit quieter so you can read the newspapers provided or even have a conversation.

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 by Heleni, 02 Dec 2006
Bit expensive. Attentive service, well-cooked food. But why sell 50cl carafes of wine at the price they should cost for a whole litre?

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 by Anonymous, 26 Apr 2006
Used the play room to watch the football match. The staff were great and extremely helpful, the bar snacks were fantastic and the drinks great. Just a great place.

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 by Markus R, 06 Apr 2006
Had a meal here and the head waiter actually noticed that our chocolate pudding was not cooked correctly. Happily exchanged them, took them off the bill and gave us complimentary coffees.

A nice touch and totally unexpected. Cooked right or not the pudding was very tasty!

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 by TerryH, 06 Dec 2005
Lovely cocktails - though the menu changes frequently and the drink you enjoyed one week may not be there the next! (RIP the Chilli Daiquiri...). Get in early at the weekends and be prepared to do battle with legions of 3-wheeled prams and loud groups of Yummy Mummies. Good music and great mojitos!

Useful review?
 by SuperKath, 09 Nov 2005
Extremely high quality, classic contemporary venue. Well thought-out layout with various areas for different functions. Menu prices reflect uncomplicated, great quality food and service. Best venue in south London.

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 by Anonymous, 09 Aug 2005
Fantastic atmosphere and will continue to return as often as I can - small menu but very good quality.

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 by Anonymous, 29 Apr 2005
Really nice - great fillet steak, nice atmosphere - our table was a bit late but that would be the only negative comment.

Apart from that, top restaurant, decent service and great food. Person below, stay in North London, we don't want you down here anyway!

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 by Anonymous, 12 Apr 2005
Really very average to below average food with okay service but hugely inflated prices. You could easily spend £80-100 on a meal for two here which would the sort of quality you'd expect from a pub meal. Just bite the bullet and get a cab to the west end. If this is the best South London has to offer on the dining front, I'm staying firmly north of the river.

I wouldn't care if the food was average but the ridiculously inflated prices just totally got my goat. If you go back more than once, more fool you....

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 by Anonymous, 05 Feb 2005
The best bar in The Clapham / Balham area by far... And would put most west end bars to shame... Excellent

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 by Anonymous, 03 Dec 2004
Really cool place. Gorgeous cheese burgers and nice champagne available by the glass for under £7.

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 by Anonymous, 09 Jul 2004

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