Callooh Callay

65 Rivington Street
Shoreditch, London
Tel: 020 7739 4781 Old Street 0.5 miles

Step into the magical and slightly eccentric world of Callooh Callay bar, inspired by Lewis Carroll's nonsensical poem 'Jabberwocky'. Designed by renowned duo Dtwo, Callooh Callay is quirky escapism at its best. Step through a wardrobe and into a honey-combed mirror lounge where Astroturf covers the floors, sofas are made out of bath tubs, and cassette tapes replace tiles. At the main 1970s styled bar area you can treat yourself to the cocktail creations of master mixologist Sean Ware – winner of the 42 Below Cocktail World Cup 2008.

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Lost all its charm! I used to like this place but it is really pretentious now and the staff can be really quite rude, especially if you don’t make a booking. Cocktails are watery and the atmosphere is not pleasant.

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 by WCR, 10 Oct 2011
Went here on Saturday. Had to wait to get in, but can't moan too much as they did recommend booking...

Contrary to the review below, I didn't find the door staff rude. But it was very, very busy. A waitress found us a table within 30 minutes and we had a punch to share, served in a fishbowl with garden gnomes. It was probably the best drink I've had in this area, maybe even in London. Followed it with a pear cocktail, as recommended by our waitress. Again, it was exceptional.

This is a cool bar with great drinks. Just make sure you book.

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 by rachael191, 26 Oct 2010
The decor of this place is nice and funky, the DJ had a few good tunes. However the small size, the cost of the badly made drinks and the rude door staff who wouldn't even acknowledge you when they couldn't find your party on the list, all didn't make this a pleasant experience at all. So crammed in that we couldn't even lift our arms up to drink from our glasses. Shoreditch has so many nice places to go to, I wouldn't even bother trying this place. Head somewhere else.

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 by MustangS (4 reviews), 24 Oct 2010
Fantastic greeting by the bar manager, who recommended a few drinks. However, we were served by a bored French barman, who served martini in a champagne coupe... It didn't make the grade. Friendly atmosphere and great design. May give it another go.

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 by micropig (10 reviews), 30 Nov 2009
I love this place! The bar team rocks... but I might be a little biased. Looking forward to the new cocktail menu.

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 by sarah2, 15 Nov 2009
Absolutely love this place - fabulous interior, friendly and knowledgeable staff who make gorgeous cocktails! The cassette tape wall at the bathrooms is fun too!

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 by noa.bos, 08 Oct 2009

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