264 Brompton Road
South Kensington, London
Tel: 020 7225 1212 South Kensington 0.3 miles

Mon-Sun: 12pm-12am

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Love Collection! I wish I had found this place sooner. Stopped in last night after work with some colleagues and it’s definitely our new favourite place. Inside is amazing, I love the decor. My first impressions were that it seemed a little formal but it's actually really chilled and laid-back with great ‘after work’ chill out sounds. We ended up staying for dinner in the restaurant upstairs, which had lots of options on the menu. All in all, a great night! We will be returning!

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 by bunnyzoe, 28 Sep 2012
Generally very poor food, served cold, though some nice dishes. We were asked to move twice whilst in the drinks area, to accommodate other people in our 'reserved' seats. Staff were rude and made you feel not good enough to be there. Plus, one member of our party didn't get served food until 10 mins later than the rest, even though we asked staff twice. Would never go again!

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 by Lucia_wills, 08 Dec 2011
This is my favourite restaurant. I've been in London for only 8 months and I can assure you that it was not easy to find a restaurant with such a fantastic atmosphere and attentive and friendly staff. The food is always great. I would recommend The Collection to anyone and everyone! A great venue for both an intimate meal or a huge gathering.

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 by Rimkulus, 29 Oct 2011
It is my favourite restaurant. I eat there every weekend. I have taken some of my friends for the first time there and they were amazed by the food, drinks and atmosphere. Now they go there every day. Definitely recommend this place.

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 by amber1234, 06 Jul 2011
I celebrated my birthday there and I know now that I will celebrate any occasion at Collection. Love it, love it, love it.

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 by y.m.24, 07 Jan 2011
A very exciting and unique place. Good prices and cocktails with a WOW factor. If eating in the restaurant, I would recommend you try the black cod, the duck or the sushi - all were delicious.

Useful review?
 by Tanya G, 29 May 2010
You walk in, along 'the catwalk' feeling beautiful and glamorous, and suddenly you're faced with nothing but blond extensions, young girls with too much make-up/not enough clothes on and much older men with too much money/not enough dignity. Not cool!

Foodwise, the mashed potatoes are the best I've ever had (and this girl knows her mashed potatoes!). Great cocktails too.

It's an okay place, just don't like the clientele...

Useful review?
 by Milla (46 reviews), 15 Jan 2009
Good bar, with lots of well-dressed, good-looking people. Drinks are expensive and, to add insult to injury, they automatically add 15% service charge onto every drink you buy directly from the bar. How does that work? Luckily they removed this charge when I queried it, but most people probably don't notice it... or aren't as tight as me! All in all though, a great atmosphere.

Useful review?
 by Rich S., 03 Aug 2008
One of the worst places for food in London. The bar downstairs is better but full of Eurotrash and men at the door who are extremely rough, if not dangerous.

Useful review?
 by jane austen, 06 Feb 2008
Great building and entryway but full of Eurotrash, terrible food and pricey drinks.

Useful review?
 by missfine (24 reviews), 18 Jun 2007
Great design, good layout, and mostly good music, but the guys need improvement- there tended to be a lot of clones of the guy in the yellow pages advert, except not as amusing... But it was easy to get into, no id or money was needed. But then again, I know people who have.

Overall, there was a good atmosphere and I would highly recommend it for large groups of friends who can get a table and have their own party happening, too.

Useful review?
 by criticalove, 19 Jun 2006
I loved going to the Collection. It was my first time and all the staff were really sweet.

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 by Anonymous, 22 Apr 2006
Divine food but very expensive! Love the loft style bar downstairs, lots of raunchy pictures scattered around the venue.

A few suspect people hanging around, love you long time! If you get my drift...

Useful review?
 by Knickers, 02 Nov 2005
Amazing place, great atmosphere, entrance creates great introduction to the joint and the place does it justice. Love the table dancers, gets the crowd going. Nice girls need better men though...

Useful review?
 by chetan, 12 Aug 2005
Lots of fun, loads of dressed up girls, quiffy type young chaps, and many a eurotrash. Great atmosphere and lovely cocktails. You can reserve a table for drinks at a min of £40 per person if you are in for a long night.

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 by Anonymous, 28 Jul 2005
It was really good, works for us early 20 year old guys cause the young girls don't seem to be to impressed with the late 30's cliche blazer dress shirt guys all over.

And the bartenders dancing on the bar, I could watch that for hours, they are entrancing! Dance floor kind of small but great place.

Useful review?
 by Alfonz, 18 Jul 2005
Come here often - don't know why though - music was too loud for dinner, and people were tres Eurotrash...

Useful review?
 by Oscar (14 reviews), 12 Jul 2005
This place is awesome. The food and atmosphere were great.

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 by Anonymous, 12 Mar 2005
The best part about this place is the long walkway into the bar... but unless you're looking to be picked up by middle aged (albeit rich) men then avoid! Restaurant upstairs isn't great either.

Useful review?
 by powerpuff (8 reviews), 08 Mar 2004

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