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I like this bar for its atmosphere and cocktails. I do, however, think it tends to get really overcrowded and that takes from the enjoyment.

Also, when I was there one night, I opened a tab. When I went to pay they tried to overcharge me by adding 2 extra drinks and £20 on to the bill! When I questioned it, she barely batted an eyelid before taking it off for me, so it made me sceptical. I would still go back though, as I have had many a good night here. It's just something to be wary of!

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 by starrie1 (6 reviews), 30 Aug 2011
Woeful. Came in today. Venue empty. Girlfriend politely asked if they were serving food. The question was ignored. Two menus were grabbed and we were directed to a corner underneath a large television playing truly awful and loud euro pop. The key to customer service is to smile and not act like the customer is doing you a favour by choosing to spend his or her money in your establishment. Suffice to say we promptly left. Avoid like the plague.

Useful review?
 by bluephunk, 26 Mar 2011
In general I really like this place - it's somewhere I go back to quite often considering it's so far from home. The cocktails are nice (although I agree that if you want one within 20 mins on a Saturday night you can whistle) and the food upstairs is pretty good too. BUT... the unisex bogs are utterly rank, so it loses a couple of stars for the stinky.

Useful review?
 by Inka (2 reviews), 09 Mar 2009
This bar takes pretension to a new level. If it were any good I would take the arrogance of the staff to be well-earnt, but it isn't. I was planning on buying 3 or 4 drinks that night but one was enough. We left and went somewhere better... and somewhere better wasn't hard to find!

Useful review?
 by rebeccadollery, 23 Jan 2009
These negative comments really surprised me, as I thoroughly enjoyed my evening spent at $. I thought the food and the service was excellent. It was a Saturday night when we happened to stumble across this place whilst trying to find somewhere else to eat, and I am really pleased that we did. They were very busy but our food was still served within 15-20 mins of ordering, and the staff were very polite and helpful. The cocktails were by far the best part of the evening - we tried several on the menu, and they were no more expensive than you would expect. I really enjoyed my evening at $ and would definitely recommend it (already have) to friends.

Useful review?
 by dmager, 10 Dec 2008
I am going to be kind and suggest that if this bar gets its act together and the bar staff decide to serve people instead of posing arrogantly with shakers (I reckon on a busy Saturday night it was knocking out no more than 3 drinks every 5 minutes), then it may make it as a viable bar. Otherwise, if the management doesn't improve, I give it another 6 months before it goes to cocktail bar graveyard. How does it make money??

Useful review?
 by Zach4, 09 Jul 2007
Don't ever go to this bar if you want to have a good time. The bar staff are really rude and so up themselves it's unbelievable. Such a shame, as the decor is really nice.

Useful review?
 by Janice80, 22 Feb 2007
Love this place! I had my birthday here and it was such a hit my best friend decided to have her birthday here too. Dinner was great, bar downstairs was even better. There definitely needs to be more bar staff on though - I waited 20 mins to get cocktails (which were worth the wait!).

Useful review?
 by Pippy, 16 Nov 2006
Fantastic, been craving great cocktails after work, Dollar fitted the bill perfectly. Great staff, great drinks and a really nice vibe, plus the burgers are seriously tasty.

Useful review?
 by Craig, 30 Aug 2006
Desperately awful. Hideously expensive, and a little shabby downstairs. The barman was very full of himself with little to back up his overconfidence.

Despite being practically empty, our drinks took nearly a full calendar month to arrive. And were so-so when they did. The finger food downstairs was actually pretty good, but it should be at that price.

Inexplicably popular with preening prats, who believe if somewhere is 'cool' it must be good. It's not and it isn't.

Useful review?
 by smahman, 17 Aug 2006
Good burgers, but poor service.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 20 Jul 2006
Went here for lunch and, although it was a bit slow, the food was fab and worth the wait. Most of us had burgers (which are huge) and our bill was reasonable (about £20 per head). Will be going back soon.

Useful review?
 by none, 19 Jan 2006
Horrible food, horrid people and howling music.

Useful review?
 by Having fun, 22 Nov 2005
I'm not sure some of the reviewers have been to the same place as me... Upstairs food is good "diner style" - it's not supposed to be a haute cuisine experience - and downstairs is a lovely bar which serves great cocktails. The staff are all really pleasant and friendly too... and I think £8 a drink is reasonable. If you want a cheap drink, go to a nasty chain pub.

Useful review?
 by LondonBlonde, 15 Sep 2005
I ate here with friends last night and had one of the most delicious burgers ever, after enjoying some delicious foie gras to boot. The drinks were great and the atmosphere was relaxed and opulent. I'd recommend the bar downstairs if you want good cocktails served by cute boys!

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 25 Jul 2005
I wish I read the reviews before going to this bar as it was a terrible experience. There was no air conditioning so it was as hot as a sauna. The drinks were incredibly expensive. We had 9 drinks and out bill was £80.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 01 Jun 2005
The food at this place is absolutely horrible, and the martini bar downstairs is utterly crap - full of 35 + chavs.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 03 Dec 2004
It's comfortable enough, but it's one of those bars that thinks it's a club and plays music VERY LOUDLY in the evening so you can't hear your friends talk. You can't dance upstairs either, so you'll be left grinning and nodding in half-understood conversations while drinking somewhat expensive lager.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 28 Jul 2004

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