Favela Chic

91-93 Great Eastern Street
Shoreditch, London
Tel: 020 7613 5228 or check availability and book online
Old Street 0.2 miles

If there were an embassy representing Franco Brazilian beats, Favela Chic would be the spot. This hip space designed like a Rio de Janeiro shanty town comprises a restaurant and club, showcasing the art, music and tasty food of Brazil. Try their potent Caiprinhas and Caipiroskas, then dance the night away to the DJ's Baile Funk - electronic funk gone Brazilian.

Tues-Sun: 6pm-1am
(2am on Fri-Sat)

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I remember in 2001 I discovered Favela Chic in Paris and had one of the best nights of my life. Thought I'd give the London branch a go and what a waste of time and money it was! The food is an insult to my Brazilian roots and the staff are super rude. For this reason I give this joint 1 star (I'd give it none if it was possible).

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 by koliveira, 24 Jan 2013
I would not recommend this restaurant.

I took ten people there for my birthday last May. The staff kept hassling us, aggressively, to order before all the people were there (2 people were 30 mins late). Then because there were 11 of us instead of the 12 we'd booked for, they wanted to charge us for food for the missing person.

When the food arrived it was really disappointing - for example, plain chicken not in any sauce and with no discernable seasoning. Our jug of cocktails was bland too. And before we'd even finished eating, a bouncer was hassling us - again, aggressively - to put our bags in the cloakroom!

Really quite unpleasant all in all.

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 by PQS, 08 Mar 2012
Usually never write reviews, but this time I have to...

Went there for dinner and clubbing this weekend, which was 'Carnival' weekend. Although I have never been to Brazil, the Notting Hill Carnival felt 10 times more Brazilian than this one. The staff are the rudest I have encountered in my life, the food very mediocre, the caipirinhas are the most overpriced and disgusting and the place is way too crowded with a deathtrap as a stage. They charge the same prices as clubs in the West End but don't offer anything in exchange.

To be fair, a friend who used to go there said it really WAS an incredible place before, but that management has probably changed since, as it has nothing to do with what it was.

Needless to say, it was the biggest clubbing disappointment I've had in a very long time.

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 by oldstreet, 07 Mar 2011
Was there last night and it was terrible. The door staff were stupid and let 'pretty' girls jump the queue while everyone waited for well over 30 mins. Then said, "If you have a problem don't come in"; well, if it wasn't someone's birthday, I would have left ages ago. £10 to get in and the sort of place the bar staff think they are as cool as anything. They even thought it was fun to spray people with soda as they went downstairs to the toilet - and I mean completely drench people! Drinks were limited, Jameson was their only whiskey. The music was buzzy, but this is London - there are funkier places to go to with the same, if not better music. Pass it on by; it's had its time, it is now a 'wannabe' place.

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 by MustangS (4 reviews), 24 Oct 2010
Maybe I have been lucky but I've celebrated my birthday there and we had so much fun. I even forgot my bag there... and found it the day after!

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 by similismile, 18 Aug 2010
Poor poor poor. Food: overpriced, incredibly salty. Staff: unfriendly. £3 door charge on a Thursday for live music but left at 9.45pm and it still hadn't started. Plus, what restaurants have a door charge? Never, ever again.

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 by h_dronfield, 13 Aug 2010
I wanted to do something a little different for my birthday, which happened to fall on the same day as the England vs Slovenia match, so I booked 8 of us in for dinner.

One of my friends is Brazilian and was very impressed with how traditional and wholesome the food was - the Moqueca (a seafood stew), for example, was delicious. Everyone was happy with what they had ordered.

That factor, combined with sunny staff and a cool eclectic crowd, means I would urge any of you who haven't had the privilege to get a table in this quickly booked up establishment asap. Get on the phone and get yourselves in there for top of the range eating!

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 by maria.dulang, 30 Jun 2010
Never again! It is not about the place, it's all about the people. I have never come across such a rude manager. This boy just said: "I don't want f**ckin' people like you in my club!" We were shocked. The place has no class. The staff in general are so rude - it starts at the door and is even worse inside. As I said, never ever Favela again.

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 by sarabal, 30 Jan 2010
Don't go to this place, even if someone pays you to do so.

We went last Friday and we never will go again. I went there in a group of 20 people, 15 of us for dinner. Food was mediocre and the staff rude. We were churned out of our table as soon as we'd ordered the food and drinks - some of us couldn't even finish eating - because they wanted the table for the "second seating of the night". We were overcharged on the bill but couldn't question it because there was no time for that. The music was awful too - DJ on trial was the excuse.

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 by biribidiongly, 22 Nov 2009
A special place. The food is amazing, the staff very friendly and cool, and the place rocked from 10-2. Where else in London can you drink, dine and dance like this?

Useful review? 2
 by tapper, 17 Sep 2009
I have been there so many times and never had a bad experience. The music is fabulous and the people and atmosphere are great. I'm always the last one dancing.

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 by jetskaa, 30 Jun 2009
I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone: mediocre food, unpleasant staff.

I took ten people there for my birthday in May. The staff kept hassling us, aggressively, to order before all the people were there (2 people were 30 mins late). Then because there were 11 of us instead of the 12 we'd booked for, they wanted to charge us for food for the missing person. When the food arrived it was really disappointing - for example, plain chicken not in any sauce and with no discernable seasoning. Our jug of cocktails was bland too. And Before we'd even finished eating, a bouncer was hassling us - again, aggressively - to put our bags in the cloakroom! Really quite unpleasant all in all.

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 by roxane.mcmeeken, 19 Jun 2009
If you're after some S&M treatment by the staff, this is the place for you. In one word: shit!

Useful review? 1
 by dejan76, 25 Mar 2009
I have been to this place on a number of occasions and, apart from the lengthy waits while the door staff let in a multitude of friends/regulars ahead of those who have queued legitimately for a good while, this place is an absolute gem. Very good music (always an eclectic mix), everyone dancing and having fun, and strong but tasty drinks. I will no doubt be back in the near future.

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 by stevepangli, 04 Feb 2009
I went last Saturday and there was a fool DJ playing awful music... I remember Favela music being far better and not so commercial and cheesy!

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 by fablopes78, 22 Jan 2009
I went to Favela late last weekend, and had a fabulous time. People dancing everywhere and great music. Will definitely go again.

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 by andersson_as, 15 Jan 2009
We went last Friday, and we'll never go back again. I should have read these reviews beforehand...

We ordered Cuba Libre and specifically asked for the Anejo Havana rum. When the bill came, we were charged the highest price for the most expensive rum, which we hadn't asked for. When I asked for an explanation, the waitress was so rude and replied they didn't have the one we ordered (so why is it in the menu and why didn't she ask if it was okay to use the most expensive rum?!) A rip off. No apologies. In the end, we had caipirinhas instead, which really did not resemble the proper variety (having tried the most delicious in South America).

We left very disappointed, thinking we didn't miss much as it was overcrowded and there was not enough space to move in such tiny place.

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 by monicag, 05 Sep 2008
I read the comments below before going to this establishment but thought I'd give it the benefit of the doubt. What a total mistake...

Rude woman on the door, plastic French two bob bouncer, manager who probably couldn't manage to control his own bladder... all in all, a recipe for disaster. I thought these types of places were consigned to the dustbin. Please folks, avoid this joint. Why did so many queue up expecting a good night out??

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 by lm46, 03 Aug 2008
I'm not a 'professional', so I don't know whether you'll want to take this review seriously or not! I absolutely love the Favela Chic in Paris, so when I found out about the one in Shoreditch I decided to have my birthday there - big mistake. The food was alright and the cocktails were nice. My main issue was our waitress, who was really rude when it came to paying the bill (after a mix up with the table) and spoke to me in such an aggressive manner that I could hardly speak I was so upset! Another member of staff was also rude to my friends. My sister was so angry she had to leave after about an hour. If it wasn't for the fact that the DJ played some ace songs and my friends plied me with drink and cheered me up, my night would have been totally ruined. Needless to say, I won't be going back. But I'm gutted, as I think if they sorted out the atrocious attitude of the waitressing staff they'd be great!

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 by natalientim11, 16 Jul 2008
A terrible, terrible place. A perfect example of the worst type of fashionable, souless, overhyped dumps that sum up much of unimaginative London nightlife... Rude, aggressive staff spoilt what should have been a fun night. Its claims to be 'Brazilian' are laughable too - the drinks were awful, the music was European and the staff were French. I am Brazilian and went with a group of BR friends, and we found the place ridiculous.

We had booked a table for 12 for a birthday, spent plenty of money and expected to be made to feel welcome. The food arrived a dish at a time over a period of 30 minutes. 2 of us had our plates taken away before we had finished eating and the very pretentious staff made a point of being as unhelpful as possible, rolling their eyes and tutting at every request we made.

A couple of hours after we'd arrived (and after we'd finished our cold meals) some extra friends arrived. The door staff refused them entry, as our group already consisted of 12 people, although they didnt want to eat, just join the group and have a drink. We were told our group must operate a '1 in, 1 out' policy - so some friends must leave before others could join. When we queried this we were told we should leave if we didn't agree with their policy. The place was only half full at the time, the 'dancefloor' area had huge amounts of space. Apparently we had wronged the staff by inviting a couple of extra friends to join us. When we argued our case we were again told to leave, and the door staff also waded in to strutt about like little Hitlers fresh from boarding school. It was surreal.

Needless to say, we left asap, and met our friends outside to decide what to do next. While standing on the pavement fully 10m away from the bar we were then 'moved on' very aggressively by 2 members of the door staff. Apparently we were blocking the front of the building.

The whole experience would've been hilarious if it wasn't so utterly ridiculous. And expensive. There are HUNDREDS of better bars than this in London. It bears NO relation to Brazil or a Brazilian experience. They care only about the money, and they are happy to let you know that. And £28 for a jug of alcohol-free ice which they call a 'capirinha'??? Sums up the place perfectly. Avoid at all costs.

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 by jl2008, 02 Apr 2008

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