Inc Bar

7 College Approach
Greenwich, London
SE10 9HY
Tel: 020 8858 6721 Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich 0.1 miles

Greenwich gets decent cocktails at Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen's restaurant and bar. There are tapas-style bar snacks and a selection of classic cocktails, as well as LLB's design touches such as 18th century porno wallpaper in the Divan bar.

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Nasty chav bar for TOWIE wannabes about sums it up.

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 by marys, 18 Jan 2014
You know what, Inc is pretty decent actually. It's a good laugh and simple. Nice venue for what it's worth and music is actually pretty good. Thing is, crowd is always mixed so DJs play rock and old skool sometimes. The backrooms are the place to be, if they're open. But I wish they'd keep the air con all night!

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 by mahersingles, 07 Aug 2013
This bar has reopened. Why, I don't know. It's an overpriced drinking hall. Bouncers very rude, £5 to get in, drinks overpriced, bar staff very rude, music rubbish... Went there for the first time Saturday since it reopened and won't be returning. There are better venues in Greenwich than this.

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 by woodlands1990, 05 Aug 2013
I love this bar. The music is excellent and the cocktails are to die for. I'm in my 30s (!) and have to say that it's not full of kids; it has a more relaxed, mature feel to it. For a good girls' night out or a place to have a little flirt if you're single, it ticks all the boxes!

Useful review?
 by Beggar123, 05 Aug 2008
Rude, condescending, arrogant... and that's before you even get through the door. I recently moved to Greenwich, but will never go to Inc Bar again (and I did go there a few years ago, and at that time I would have given it a good review).

I popped in on Friday night with my partner, to check out the venue, as I planned to take 12 friends there on Saturday for my birthday. The door staff were arrogant and sniggering because I paid for my boyfriend to get in - surely that was none of their business (maybe they thought they were being subtle, they weren't!). The cocktails and the decor were mediocre. Much of the original interiors designed by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen have been stripped out, including the wall of clocks, which have been replaced with a giant plasma screen. It is very much an average venue these days, more in keeping with a chain bar.

Despite this, we decided to go there on Saturday anyway for my birthday night out (as there was a few of us, we thought we'd make the most of it despite the venue). When we arrived we were told that it was a 'glam' night and that the boys weren't dressed glam enough to come in! We are all professionals who work in media or in the city, and have been to plenty more sophisticated clubs and bars, and have never been treated with this arrogance! We were all smartly dressed. From the look of the clientele stood outside, I'd actually say we probably weren't chav enough to go inside!

To top it all off, as we were stood a few metres away deciding where to go instead, the door staff decided that we could come in after all! We happily declined the offer and took our party elsewhere.

Stay away!

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 by emma mc, 28 Apr 2008
I'm a local, haven't been to Inc for a while but thought I'd give it a go on Friday night. We had a fantastic time! The music was brilliant and the drinks were amazing. It's trying to shake off its bad reputation and the new manager is doing a great job. Well done guys - we'll be back next Friday for sure!

Useful review?
 by shep, 14 Apr 2008
Inc Bar is top notch! Love it... and love the new night on Thursdays, B-Lush. The drinks are cheaper on a Thursday and there's a great cocktail selection, music is funky house and sexy R'n'B, nice atmosphere, cool staff.

Useful review?
 by romi, 11 Feb 2008
They need to turn the bass up and the treble down whilst refraining from an MTV BASS playlist. Cheesy, dated, tacky and wrong. The visual side of things was impressive though - I got to appreciate it to its fullest, as the venue was empty.

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 by dqwdqw, 01 Feb 2008
I have been going to Inc Bar for a few years now and it is correct that it had a bit of a bad time, but it looks like things are now back on track. There are new themed nights and excellent drink promotions. Girls get champagne for £3.75 per glass and don’t pay to get in on Fridays.

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 by marcello12, 30 Jan 2008
I never leave comments but the comment below about Inc being racist is rubbish! I have been going there for about 5 years. The bouncers that have also been there a long time know me and friends that go now and again. The drinks are a bit expensive but if you want cheap, go somewhere cheap! The music is not to everyone's taste but can still be a good night out.

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 by gazza_t, 31 Dec 2007
This bar is the worst bar I have ever stepped into, for a reason I never thought possible in 'multicultural' London.
A word of advice to all people of colour: this bar is racist.
Don't take my word for it, just go there and you will soon feel it, starting with the bouncers. It doesn't even deserve 1 star.

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 by joeyjohanl, 15 Dec 2007
It is a really nice place to have a night out. The drinks are very good, the design is posh but cosy, and the staff are really friendly.

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 by Johny W, 03 May 2007
Drinks are pricey, you now have to pay to get in, and the music isn't that great either. To be honest, I'd steer clear.

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 by Anonymous, 21 Mar 2007
Used to come here a bit but the last few months it has really gone downhill and they now charge entrance. No longer worth the money.

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 by r3jjj, 09 Mar 2007
The best looking waitresses and a nice environment. It's usually quite packed and the music might be shit, but I'm always there and it's worth it!

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 by SP, 08 Dec 2006
I like the place and staff, but it sometimes feels a bit like a meat market. Also the music is not great, needs more funk or class. I don't think you should have to pay to get in to the place, as it's just a bar and the drinks are already expensive enough. However, on the plus side it stays open till 3 on Saturdays.

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 by SDSF, 24 Oct 2006
I have been a regular at the Inc Bar (and previously the Time Bar), for a few years now and have to say it's gone downhill over the past few months. The DJ on Saturday night really needs to change! And I can't believe there is now a door charge of £5 before 10.30. Such a shame!

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 by NR, 01 Oct 2006
Everything about the Inc is bad! Their bouncers are rude, their drinks are overpriced, their lounge chairs are all ripped. Beware of this so called 'posh' place and don't waste any time and money there.

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 by PDIDDY, 12 Aug 2006
I was looking for a nice atmospheric place to have a drink with someone I just met and it was perfect - not too loud, not too quiet. If you want loud, go to the main bar; if you want quiet and romantic then head for the room with the porno wall paper! It was great, and the cocktails were real nice - try the melon and strawberry martini.

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 by nins, 08 Aug 2006
Not a bad place, you meet a lot of people. The cocktails are a bit pricey, but they are absolutely divine. Brilliant work from the barmen!

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 by Anonymous, 31 Jul 2006

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