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I found the hostess rude and quite hostile. Staff looked like they were under a lot of pressure and I saw them making faces at customers. Cocktails were nice and the decor is lovely, but that's irrelevant if you are being treated like crap!

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 by starrie1 (6 reviews), 30 Aug 2011
My favourite cocktails in London! Sure, the staff can be a little blunt, but I hardly go there for a chat. All about the cocktails, and always a safe bet to take friends.

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 by violet (3 reviews), 08 Mar 2011
AMAZING decor, great bar staff and a cocktail list to die for. I'll definitely be going back there. However, I do agree with previous comments about the hostess at the door. She was in fact rude, frosty and unhelpful and is clearly hating being there.

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 by analondon2010, 04 May 2010
Had the best birthday party ever at LoungeLover and my friends are still talking about it. Everyone loved the venue and thought it was the coolest place. The cocktails were amazing and barmen were very impressive to keep up with our demands. The food was very tasty and a great complement to the drinks. The staff were really helpful and really looked after all our needs. Will be going back soon but will not be able to hire out the whole place until I save up again! Thanks to all concerned for a great evening.

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 by gbarrings, 03 Mar 2010
Rude, abrupt and outrageous treatment of customers.

I booked a table at LoungeLover for Friday night for my birthday and was eating at the restaurant later. I should have known by the frosty reception from the woman on the front desk that it was a sign things were not going to go well...

She said we had no reservation, and despite my saying we were booked also to go next door and had a table for six, she ignored this and sat us in on the left, which felt like a waiting area as people came and went. We were refused a table for six despite the place being half empty, and when it came to our final round of drinks, after several bottles of champagne, we were confronted by aforementioned staff member, who told us we had to "drink them at the bar or leave"! I refused to stand at the bar and she replied, "You have four minutes left at the table", threw us a look and marched off.

The General Manager was unhelpful, did not listen to our complaint nor apologise. We cancelled our cocktails and I paid the bill for a dose of humiliation from bad mannered staff who really do not deserve to work in the hospitality industry.

DO NOT GO TO LOUNGELOVER. It is not worth paying to be treated with contempt by these people. It was a good place once, many years ago. I hope the recession brings this place what it deserves.

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 by jillhenry85, 15 Feb 2010
Female staff member was extremely rude and pretentious. Have never gone back.

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 by kate777 (2 reviews), 17 Dec 2009
Such a great place to be in. Can't stop looking around. An amazing array of styles in one room, such that you feel you have travelled through different time zones and countries.
Still the place to be after all these years. LoungeLover is a London institution now. Everyone should come here at least once. The drinks are outstanding, the food really tasty, and the staff are really sweet even when they are rushed off their feet.

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 by Martine (2 reviews), 23 Feb 2009
We went there just before the holidays. Heard a lot about LoungeLover, so was really keen to try it out. I must say it was an experience and a half. The place was full of gorgeous people and the staff added to the glamour. The drinks were exceptional, the best I have had in london. Saw the many awards they have had over the years - and they earned them all by the looks of it. The vibe is difficult to describe, as it's not like anywhere I have been to in London.

We only had the space for 2 hours, after which we had to vacate for another booking. As we were leaving, the girl at the door said to call back in an hour to see if they could fit us in later. Thankfully they managed to, as the bar nearby was an absolute horror. It was night and day in comparison... LoungeLover is truly a great place to spend the evening.

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 by Oscar Mac, 04 Jan 2009
LoungeLover seems to have gone seriously downhill in the last few months. On a recent visit, the staff were extremely rude to us and the bar was full of obnoxious drunks. I will not be going back.

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 by nickdavison75, 31 Dec 2008
Tiny little street entrance with a neon sign. You enter, thinking: "Oh no, BACK TO THE 90s!" But as soon as you step in, every ounce of anxiety drifts away and you're greeted by professional and friendly staff.

After the tiny, non-descript entrance, the sheer size of the bar/resto is just amazing and the interior design is highly unique - romantic, edgy, indulgent, with mismatched furniture that seems to, er, match. Fabulous! Service is attentive but not pushy.

I want to give it a 5-star rating but the food was a wee bit bland. Other than that, it was simply faultless and I highly recommend it. I will be back!

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 by Milla (46 reviews), 19 Sep 2008
Truly unique place, lovely staff and the best cocktails and food. Will be bringing loads of friends along now that I have discovered it.

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 by Tyson (2 reviews), 20 Mar 2008
Probably the most decadent place in London, yet the staff are adorable. I am always blown away when I enter the room. Still magical and always improving their amazing cocktail list.

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 by Tatianna A, 01 Feb 2008
Amazing! Never disappointed whenever I am here. Great innovative cocktails and very tasty Japanese tapas. The staff always have a smile for you even though encountered with trying situations. Try it for yourself and see what I mean.

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 by Allan Haige (2 reviews), 20 Jan 2008
I highly recommend that you go there just to eat. It's very very tasty!!

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 by Hyperjess, 15 Jan 2008
After reading so many poor reviews, I was a little apprehensive about going to LoungeLover, but it was one of the best nights out I've ever had. Amazing decor, charming staff, good food and great cocktails. I'd go back any time!

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 by SophieH, 24 Nov 2007
We were rather disappointed when we went last Sunday. Sad to see such a previously stylish and glamorous place going downhill. Extremely pushy staff, bar staff not serving customers, drunk customers allowed to dance in front of other, seated, customers... What an embarrassing night it was!

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 by jolie, 09 Oct 2007
I had a fantastic time at LoungeLover last night. I'm not quite sure why some people thought the staff were rude. We had fantastic service and the drinks and food were exceptional. It is pricey but it's still great value when you consider your surroundings. I will definitely be back soon - just have to make sure it's with someone really special!

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 by Cameron Dixon, 07 Apr 2007
I was sceptical about this place. I'm not into the uber-trendy scene, particularly when it comes with a big dose of East London chic. However, I would thoroughly recommend this place if you fancy a bit of decadence and glam.

It is on the pretentious side, but it doesn't pretend not to be. It was nice just for once to avoid the crush at the bar, and I must admit the cocktails were pretty exceptional.

Great for a birthday gathering, although it is expensive (cocktails, once you factor in the service charge, weighing in at £10 minimum) and you do need to reserve areas (despite the fact that it never felt overcrowded).

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 by Kelly M (3 reviews), 05 Feb 2007
Looks like a particularly over-enthusiastic eBayer has gone on a drunken vintage binge, then added some flaming torches outside the front door for that classy edge.

Very efficient staff bringing a succession of drinks that, while always imaginative, could do with a bit less craziness and rather more control. Mark Thyme has whisky, tarragon and thyme liqueurs - not that you'd notice. Still, nice idea.

Above everything, Loungelover is fantastic for playing Spot The Media Twat. Go on - do it next time. The bloke in the white hat is quite clearly a short film director.

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 by KinkyFantastic (3 reviews), 10 Oct 2006
Bar staff were extremely rude with an inflated sense of self-importance, and I found the bar to be no different from many others.

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 by Anonymous, 05 Jul 2006

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