Ruby Lounge

33 Caledonian Road
King's Cross, London
N1 9BU
Tel: 020 7837 9588 Kings Cross St. Pancras 0.2 miles

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Admittedly this is not the best bar in London, but I would definitely be the first to recommend it if you're looking for somewhere nice in the King's Cross area. It is a comfortable environment that serves great cocktails - what else could you want after a day at work?!?

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 by caroline.oliver (2 reviews), 12 Nov 2009
This is simply a relaxing (hence 'lounge') bar to chill out with a few drinks. The service is absolutely fine, the interior is really cool. I've read some ridiculous complaints about Ruby Lounge around the place and I thought I'd set the record straight - sounds like the people with the complaints need to go back to the Ritz!

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 by anonymous a (2 reviews), 02 Nov 2009
My wife and I took our friends to Ruby Lounge last weekend after having dinner around the corner. We were surprised at how comfortable we felt in such a young bar as we were greeted by a very polite bar-lady with a lovely smile who kindly recommended a wine we would never have chosen ourselves.

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 by guy.holmes, 09 Oct 2009
I think Ruby is a great bar. You don't always get great drinks, comfy surroundings and friendly staff in London. I'd recommend it... and I work in the industry, so I know.

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 by J.J, 12 Jun 2008
I asked for a large Jack Daniels and coke, and a large vodka and orange. The barman did not inform me that they do not sell Jack Daniels and served me bourbon instead. When I took a sip and suggested that my drink was not JD he then told me that they do not sell it and tried to tell me that all bourbons were the same. Never mind that all bourbons are not the same, Jack Daniels is not even a bourbon. When I informed him of this, he had the nerve to give me an argument!

In a 'bar' that prides itself on being at the top of its game, this is not good enough. If one asks for a drink by name in ANY bar, never mind one that prides itself on its drinks, then that is what you should be served, or told that they don't do it BEFORE it is poured, or offered an alternative. As for the vodka and orange, for the prices they are charging (and I don't mind paying for drinks) I expect real orange juice, not some tat from a tap. Neither of the drinks I was served were a double either, even though I was charged for doubles. Argumentative staff with little or no knowledge, and rubbish drinks. One to be avoided in the future.

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 by st65, 05 Feb 2008
Cool without being pretentious - I love Ruby Lounge!

Good cocktails, friendly and helpful staff (don't see what you want on the menu? they'll do their best to make it for you anyway), welcoming interior, laid-back vibe and great DJs. This bar was the best thing about living in Kings Cross.

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 by tisiphone (2 reviews), 20 Mar 2007
I went to Ruby Lounge for my birthday and had a great time. The staff were friendly and polite, the drinks were great and the DJs are the best in the area by far. Well worth trying out if you haven't already been.

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 by Vella, 18 Jan 2007
I used to live in KX and the Ruby was always my local, a no frills pleaser in keeping with the no frills area. But areas change and the Ruby has risen to meet its new competition - and as ever it destroys them with a smile on its face. Just imperfect enough to be just right and the new design is fantastic, if not complete yet? (I'm an interior architect so spot these things.) All in all, well worth a trip back to KX, which has also had its glad rags thrown on.

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 by Big Bad T, 12 Dec 2006
Have been coming here for years, and can't wait to see the result of the refurb. One of the class bars in this part of town.

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 by tdebs (2 reviews), 17 Aug 2006
I made a reservation via email for an area on a Saturday night for my birthday (a week in advance) and when we turned up they insisted there was no booking, they had no area for us.

They were rude and unhelpful and their website is rather misleading - it's a lot smaller and grubbier in person.

Also, they had the world cup on and it was packed with loutish football fans. The pub just opposite was far more appealing.

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 by HK, 20 Jul 2006
Funky beats, funky people, funky place.

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 by Anonymous, 22 Apr 2005
Bar is comfy, relaxed, unpretentious and great cocktails and atmosphere. At the weekends join all the trendy folk flocking to this oasis in the middle of seedy Kings Cross.

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 by Anonymous, 15 Aug 2004
Great bar. I love Mikee and Rupert.

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 by Anonymous, 28 Jul 2004

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