Salvador & Amanda

8 Great Newport Street
Covent Garden, London
Tel: 020 7240 1551 Leicester Square 0.1 miles

Spanish-styled bar with appropriately Hispanic well made (and reasonably priced) cocktails.

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Salvador & Amanda reviews

The executive summary: nasty tourist trap to avoid like the plague.

I have lived in London my whole life and I go out to eat regularly. Salvador and Amanda is probably the worst dining experience I have had.

We were seated at 8.15pm and by 10pm we still hadn't been brought our food. We were forced to go with the set menu because we were a group of over ten, and that was the classic group rip-off that tapas dives do: not bringing anything like enough food for what we were paying. We had about four patatas bravas each, one piece of chorizo, two mini bell peppers, etc. All for an extortionate £18.50 per head!

We complained to the manager, who, rather than apologise for the fact that two hours into the meal everyone was angry and hungry, started disputing how long we had actually been waiting. It was Fawlty Towers without the humour. He then lied and said that he'd bring some calamares on the house - which then appeared on our bill!

To top off this awful experience, naff techno is blaring out over the speakers to create the 'fiesta' atmosphere.
Utterly, utterly horrendous.

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 by pwraleigh, 23 Dec 2008
I found Salvador & Amanda through an offer on After Work Deals. We got a free jug of sangria between a group of four of us whilst having dinner. It definitely made a great start to the night.

My first reaction was surprise. I'd walked past S&A loads of times before and I had no idea that there was such a large venue underground. It's well decorated in a fairly typical tapas restaurant style, and there's a real buzz about the place.

Service was really fast and friendly, and they made some great recommendations from their tapas menu. On the whole, the food was very good although it was a bit on the expensive side and I certainly couldn't describe the portions as generous (the After Work Deals offer helped manage the cost). Nonetheless, for the overall atmosphere I would still recommend Salvador & Amanda.

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 by SBurgies, 11 Nov 2008
Great place. Found the staff very helpful. Service and food were excellent. Recommend the Chocolate Bouchon for dessert.

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 by huntley524, 10 Nov 2008
Appalling food. I can't believe somebody wrote here, "Excellent food, very true to the origin." The paella I had would make any Spaniard weep. Since when has plain white rice and peas been paella? Not even colouring instead of saffron... just plain white rice. Disco OK afterwards but eat somewhere else first.

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 by ryko25, 02 Oct 2008
For good tapas, great sangria and a fabulous party atmosphere this is the place to go (and we went midweek).

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 by Anne Barnes, 10 Dec 2007
Very busy place, but that just made it more interesting. Excellent food, very true to the origin. The music could be better, but if you are a bit pissed then it's perfect to dance to. Overall we had a great time.

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 by whipitgood6, 28 Nov 2007
Fantastic place. On a Sauturday night, found the perfect place to enjoy some great food and a litre of sangria. The atmoshere is amazing and the staff are very helpful and polite, even though the place is full to the brim. I had a lovely night and I would recommend this place to anyone who loves good food and a great scene.

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 by Anon3, 28 Oct 2007
Terrible tapas, and very poor service despite there being so many of the waiters hanging around the bar with little to do.

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 by Anonymous, 09 Jan 2007
This place gets way too full, which results in the restaurant staff constantly having to push past you with trays of tapas/drinks. This isn't done in a polite fashion, unfortunately; in fact the staff bring new meaning to the word 'rude'. I was also dumbfounded when they ran out of beer (it was a normal Saturday night). When I tried to run a tab the incredibly rude barman told me I needed a business card (which I didn't have). I asked him where the nearest ATM was and he rudely exclaimed "I dunno". Would you believe that there's a cash machine in the very place?! Pity, because the place is a very nice looking bar/restaurant.

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 by Truthsayer, 17 Dec 2006
The restaurant staff are very rude, especially at the main door. The portions are very small too.

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 by tina17, 14 Oct 2006
Great place for a dance and some tapas. Always friendly.

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 by zutguyst (3 reviews), 23 Jan 2006
Bad food.

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 by Anonymous, 24 Jun 2005
Beautiful place. Nice food and pretty different cocktails. The atmosphere is great and the staff, a lot of them Spanish, very friendly...

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 by Anonymous, 09 Jun 2005
Crowded and v smokey.

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 by Anonymous, 19 May 2005
The service is terrible!

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 by Anonymous, 30 Mar 2005
I first came here on a Thursday evening just for a drink and to hear some nice music and it was great, I really liked the atmosphere and decoration, it was a really nice space. I took a Spanish friend along another time and he also really liked it. Haven't tried the food yet but it looked and smelt delicious. Great music from the little dj too.

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 by Abigail Lawson, 18 Feb 2005
Good atmosphere and lovely Sangria. A great meeting place.

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 by Anonymous, 04 Aug 2004

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