Shochu Lounge

37 Charlotte Street
Fitzrovia, London
Tel: 020 7580 6464 Goodge Street 0.1 miles

Shochu is the stylish lounge bar beneath the popular Japanese restaurant, Roka. Specialities include inventive cocktails made using fruit liqueurs based on the distilled Japanese spirit which gives Shochu its name.

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Roka - the restaurant above Shochu Lounge

Shochu Lounge reviews

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This is one of my favourite bars in London – the cocktails are terrific, chilled atmosphere and great decor. Staff are really helpful, unpretentious and friendly. An excellent place to start before moving upstairs (to Roka) for a lovely dinner.

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 by Milla (46 reviews), 19 Jan 2009
Good place but pricey. You can get something similar in Japan for a fraction of the price. A comment to one of the reviewers claiming that Shochu is not Japanese: as a Japanese national, I can confirm that it is Japanese and has been produced in Japan since the 16th century.

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 by avalon08, 31 Aug 2008
I absolutely adore this place. It's friendly, the cocktails are fantastic and the atmosphere is great!

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 by Jacqui Kollepn, 13 Jul 2008
The food here is certainly good. But like a growing number of restaurants, they have a policy where they want to kick you out after a while and get some new punters in. Unlike a lot of restaurants where it is two and a half hours, at Shochu it is only two hours. Which means if you have forked out for their seven course tasting menu – which they are not always that prompt in bringing out to you – you risk being asked to leave before you have finished. I tried to book at 9pm in order to avoid this but was told that they still booked people until 11pm! Unbelievable. When you are spending upwards of £100 per head you would think you'd be treated better than if you were at a McDonald’s, but unfortunately at Shochu that just isn’t the case.

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 by acjwatt, 25 Jan 2008
Service was outstanding (a true measure of how a restaurant values its customers). Food was great, although I wish the sequencing of courses was a bit more coordinated. If you're on a budget, I wouldn't recommend this place (for what we paid - £175 for two people - we could feed an army in Chicago, where we are from!). Despite this, we will definitely come back.

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 by James William, 15 May 2007
We went to Sochu on a friend's recommendation and were really impressed. Staff are very friendly, food is fantastic and cocktails incredible! We don't know of any such place in Paris (where we live), which is a shame. We'll be back!

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 by Anonymous, 04 Mar 2007
Don't go if you're on a budget (cocktails around £9 each), but if you feel like treating yourself or a date to a great cocktail in a really nice environment then I would highly recommend it. The drinks are original and bloody nice! Interesting variety of people, all quite absorbed in their own conversation so very unpretentious. If you want a table, book it first, otherwise you won't be sitting down. Yes, even on week nights.

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 by Anonymous, 21 Feb 2007
I'm a local at this place and it gets better and better each time. Great staff, very friendly. Can be pricey for some, but it's well worth it. Try the food - it's excellent.

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 by Anonymous, 20 Feb 2007
I'm afraid Shochu is actually Japanese, as you can find out from a number of sources (an encyclopaedia or wikipedia will do). In Korea, it's called Soju... One shouldn't discount a place due to putative knowledge over the origins of their alcohol. As for the place itself, I'd say quite expensive but worth it.

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 by Anonymous, 18 Feb 2007
Just so as you know, shochu isn't Japanese, it's a Korean traditional spirit! They don't even have the right info about what they make and sell. That's totally not cool. Get it right!

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 by Anonymous, 20 Jan 2007
An amazing place. Fancy, yes, but so well worth every penny. One of the rare bars left in London where the staff are gracious and helpful. Try it!

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 by Sandrine, 15 Oct 2006
Great fun, if you can get a table for long enough.

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 by Ollie (2 reviews), 21 Apr 2006
I called Shochu Lounge in the afternoon asking if a reservation for the bar was required for drinks that evening. They said: "No, just come on down".

My friend and I went and spent £50 on their average cocktails. We were then told we had to move from our seats as someone who had reserved the seats had arrived.

After this shoddy treatment, I will never go again and have told my friends not to either.

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 by James Modlock, 01 Mar 2006
Best bar in London at the moment.

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 by Roar, 25 Feb 2006
Best restaurant I have been to in London for ages. Have the £50 tasting menu if you are hungry.

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 by zutguyst (3 reviews), 23 Jan 2006
Fantastic bar. Great selection of different cocktails as well as your old faves. Door policy doesn't allow the bar to get too packed, which is a blessing. Bar food is really good and I had the best edamame I've ever had.

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 by Noodles (6 reviews), 10 Oct 2005
Shochu rocks!!!

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 by Anonymous, 07 Sep 2005
Absolutely amazing!! The atmosphere and food is really different from other places that in London.

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 by DSN (2 reviews), 07 Sep 2005
THE BEST TEMPURA I'VE EVER HAD, and I've had a lot.

This has got to be one of the best places to take a date before or after a show/cinema/hang-gliding etc...

Dark wood & leather, good lighting. Reminds me of the Swiss Centre in the '70's... that's a compliment.

Had a few very tasty, refreshing cocktails at the bar before finding a comfy corner table. Two of us ordered 5 or 6 dishes to share, tapas style, and couldn't resist a couple more cocktails. Very competent and knowledgeable staff who can be friendly and informal if you want them to be.

£65 bill. Not bad really. I'll be going back.

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 by krug82, 04 Sep 2005
Really bad atmosphere, terrible staff. Shall not be returning there.

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 by Anonymous, 27 Aug 2005

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