Sugar Hut

374 North End Road
Fulham, London
Tel: 020 7386 8950 Fulham Broadway 0.2 miles

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Avoid this and save your night by going somewhere else! Rude staff bought us the wrong plate and then continued to argue that there was no meat in our veggie spring rolls when in fact there was. What's absurd is that they brought out a bag of frozen spring rolls to prove that they were veggie, which had no marking so it proved nothing. The only thing it proved was that they don't cook fresh spring rolls. With food that expensive, I can go to Tesco and buy my own frozen spring rolls thanks!

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 by MvK, 12 May 2011
Took my girlfriend for a romantic meal on a Friday, which I booked 3 weeks in advance. We were seated near the toilet and another door which was in constant use. I asked the staff if we could be moved, to which they replied 'no'. Anyway, eventually moved to another spot... Hardly a romantic evening and music was too loud and meal felt rushed. Food was nice, but they need to improve their customer service. An expensive experience. Won't be going again.

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 by p3pe, 08 Feb 2009
We were booked at 9.30, finally got our table at 10.30 and food at 11.30. The place was so dark we (a group of 12 girls) couldn't read the menu and the music was so loud we couldn't hear each other. Once we got the food it was good.

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 by powerhouse, 18 Jan 2009
This place is a complete disaster, nothing like it used to be before. If you want to have a good night out, spend your money somewhere else and avoid this place. And yes, that manager does not know anything about customer service.

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 by Clare t, 11 Jan 2009
A real shame about this place. Food was good, but everything else was expensive and the staff - especially the manager - were rude. Very pretentious.

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 by josafiend, 03 Nov 2008
Excellent service, great atmosphere, fabulous cocktails... a beautiful place. Can't wait to go again. The best of London.

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 by elbuenalejo, 14 Jul 2008
The most unfriendly staff around. Oh, and if you don't dress like a hooker don't even bother to wait for your turn to come up, cos it NEVER will. A big disappointment.

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 by CindyB, 20 Jan 2008
Nice atmosphere, but it is too dark on the stairs by the door and many people were falling down them. This is a bit of a health and safety hazard, don't you think? Sort it out, or someone will end up sueing!

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 by s_king69, 27 Nov 2007
We stumbled across Sugar Hut by accident last Friday night. Nice, intimate venue. We relaxed and sipped lovely cocktails. Not tried the food as yet. Would recommend for couples. Wonderful ambience.

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 by Ceri1, 01 Jul 2007
I organised a large group booking for a friend's leaving party and everyone was very accommodating. I recommend the set menus, which work out quite reasonably and mean that everyone gets a bunch of different dishes. Good tip: booking dinner at Sugar Hut means you also get free entrance to their sister club, Kbar in Chelsea. We boogied the night away! It all gets a bit fuzzy after that... I blame the cocktails!!

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 by Miss Lickedy Split, 28 Feb 2007
Sugar Hut is a fantastically cool venue. We go almost every weekend and have never had a complaint to make, quite the opposite. There is music on the weekends, which adds to the ambiance, and a really cool DJ on from about 9.30pm in the bar. It's one of the few places where you can enjoy smoking shisha pipes too.

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 by Dominique La Salle, 13 Oct 2006
Highly over-rated and very disappointing. Made booking for the restaurant 2 weeks in advance for friend's 30th birthday and on the evening we had to wait for over an hour to be told we would not be getting a table that night due to over-booking. We were offered a small table in the very smokey bar area where you couldn't hear each other speak and there was very little oxygen and were told by the manager if we didn't want that we could "F**k off". Need I say more?!

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 by Olivia, 09 Oct 2006
Very expensive and very good.

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 by patoinuk (5 reviews), 15 Aug 2006
Went for a friend's birthday on a Monday night and just laid back all night on cushions, drinking red wine and cocktails.

A bit pricey- £75 between the three of us for a bottle of red and 2 cocktails each. However the cocktails are great and strong so only need a few. £25 each can't complain really.

I haven't been there on a weekend but it's suppose to get packed, I think however it will be better on a day like a Monday when it's empty and you can just chill.

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 by Anonymous, 24 Apr 2006
I went on a Sunday evening. It was far too crammed and I thought the band playing that evening weren't very good at all.

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 by rs1982, 16 Jan 2006
We never got around to eating but the cocktails were fantastic also the band was really great! A wonderful London experience.

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 by Anonymous, 06 Dec 2005
This is a great place to eat or drink. Bit expensive but if you book on via TopTable you can get great discounts. Well worth the visit.

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 by lou05, 11 Nov 2005
This is one amazing place! Firstly you are greeted by the cosy, cushioned and relaxing chill out area, and then you marvel at the Moroccan décor and the wonderful ambiance.

With fantastic Thai food and some fabulous wines you cannot go far wrong with this excellent restaurant. I was totally impressed, and am planning my next visit. You have to check it out!

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 by Lee, 10 Oct 2005
Very cool bar on a pretty shabby street! I've been there quite a few times now and always seem to have a good time.

Sunday nights offer very good live music that blends in perfectly with the Moroccan feel. The bar can get a tad busy, so its advisable to bag a cushion or two if you can get there early enough. The cocktails are good though not the cheapest I've had. The staff are friendly though the odd smile wouldn't hurt!

On the whole a very cool place, I would definitely recommend checking it out on a Sunday, a great way to end the weekend in a great atmosphere.

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 by Anonymous, 18 May 2005
Really lovely atmosphere, very enjoyable food, the bar area is very comfortable and looks very chic, the restaurant area is nice although our table was slightly close to the people next to us - other than that a lovely restaurant, gorgeous food, friendly staff and worth a visit.

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 by Zo, 21 Mar 2005

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