The Player

8-12 Broadwick Street
Soho, London
Tel: 020 7494 9125
Reservations: 020 7292 9945 Tottenham Court Road 0.3 miles

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It was such a shame as the bar is lovely, chilled and a tonic compared with the overcrowded bars not too far away. But the customer service from the bar staff (notably a female with short blond hair) was appalling. She was rude beyond belief, insulting us (after we put some rubbish into an empty drinks glass, which apparently was "disrespectful"), then lied about something we were charged for earlier. It really put us off from ever going back or recommending.

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 by tnaaa_is_it, 29 Jul 2011
It's a cozy little place. It's not too commercial - perfect for parties. However, the bar is a bit of a rip-off. The bar-tenders just charge for whatever they like for drinks they made up. I appreciate the spontaneousness but not the over-price.

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 by ik03734z, 28 Mar 2011
I discovered this bar a couple of weeks ago and I've been back 3 times since! The welcome is one of the friendliest I've had in the West End, the cocktails were delicious and very strong and the music was good too. I love to go to a bar where the staff are having just as much fun as the customers and The Player definitely fits that description!

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 by housecat (2 reviews), 13 Mar 2009
Where is my dear old Player? This place is now boring.

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 by white knight (2 reviews), 23 Oct 2008
Hmmm. Not really a members' bar as such (we always got in without so much as a raised eyebrow) and it's laid out more like a Wetherspoon's than a nice bar.

The one cast-iron reason for coming to The Player is to try their Fabulous Gay Wedding: hands down one of the finest cocktails in London, and not too pricey. Knock a couple of these back and then head on elsewhere. Delicious, summery and wickedly innocent-tasting.

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 by malkinbister (7 reviews), 23 Jun 2008
OK bar, but please be aware of your coats and where you place them if not in the cloakroom. There are candles on a ledge behind the chair back. The open flames from these are not visible, which violates health and safety. The staff seem not to care too much about this and abdicate any responsibility.

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 by sweetclackers, 08 Apr 2008
Nice bar - upmarket without being snobby. Table service was great but ordering at the bar could take a while. Reasonably priced cocktails that tasted lovely. Really funky music... Only real negative was that the speakers were right above the tables, so the music was too loud to have a conversation at anything but a shout.

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 by melleejeen, 10 Jun 2007
If you're a fan of cocktails, then book yourself a table and enjoy a night of quality drinks. Service is good but when it picks up you find yourself having to head to to the bar for drinks (understandable, I guess). Without doubt though, some of the best cocktails you'll taste in London.

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 by Anonymous, 24 Mar 2007
Another place where the staff greet you as if you should be grateful you have been let in. Decent bar though. But one very annoying thing... you are charged service for waiter service (fair enough) but then the card machine (pay by cash!) is presented with the optional gratuity on display (which often means you have to re-check the bill). Very cheeky but seemingly commonplace these days; went to Ronnie Scott's afterwards - same thing there.

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 by Diamond, 14 Mar 2007
This place is fab. I strongly advise anyone to visit! The drinks are too good to miss. I'm sure the new manager is an arse (see below), but the simple solution is not to talk to the guy.

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 by Tomahawk kid (3 reviews), 17 Feb 2007
I have been going to The Player now for a good number of years - have hosted and been to many a good birthday bash there, know the bar staff well and the cocktail menu!

HOWEVER, the management of the bar has recently changed and I have to say I have never met a nastier more unprofessional manager as I did last weekend. The rudeness of this man knows no bounds - having spent a good few hundred pounds, he, for no apparent reason, made my party of extremely professional people feel patronised and very angry and we will no longer be going there for social events.

Hopefully once this individual leaves The Player will return to normality and become the friendly, welcoming bar it always was. For the meantime I'd advise avoid at all costs.

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 by Anonymous, 21 Nov 2006
Organised to have my birthday here for 25 people. Place was great, drinks were well priced and DJ was right on the money for the night. Would go back again.

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 by Loz, 21 Sep 2006
The bar girl (or bar person, as I was corrected) is one of the few people I've met who knows more about scotch than me.

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 by Anonymous, 10 Sep 2006
I've been here twice now, and both times we had a wonderful time. This place is great for both couples and groups, especially if you want to go somewhere classy but not full of snobs or chavs like some of the other PM clubs around Soho. There's nothing really bad to say about this place - plenty of seating, a small area for dancing, and the DJ was great.

It claims to be Members only, but we've got in with no problems (cover was £5). If it was a group of men, I don't know if they would get in, but I've been in mixed groups both times and had no difficulty. HUGE selection of drinks, reasonably priced (start from about £6).

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 by Biagi1982 (5 reviews), 20 Aug 2006
What a fantastic bar. A great mix of music, attentive bar staff and a really friendly manager! Perfect night.

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 by Stephanie, 05 Jan 2006
A really great place to go out, the service was very good and the drinks out of this world. We will be back.

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 by Simon Shaw, 15 Dec 2005
Quality bar - very gay, but good fun for all. Good music too.

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 by Anonymous, 06 Oct 2005
I've moved away from London and don't get a chance to go out in town to often, but when I'm up there I don't have to think about where to go. The Player is always the place where I can have a good evening out. Very friendly doorman (the only friendly one I've ever met), lovely cocktails, experienced and also friendly bar staff. Music a bit loud at times, but still not too annoying. Good crowd, because it's very well hidden only someone who would know where the door gets there.

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 by Miss Martini, 10 Sep 2005
I love The Player, always have a brilliant night.

Staff are great, always friendly and attentive. The cocktails are amazing - check out the Mojitos! Music is good too. Managed to find somewhere to sit which is a bonus.

This place is well worth a visit!

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 by JessB, 02 Sep 2005
I really liked this bar. The doorman was friendly and charming, we didn't book but he let us in anyway. The cocktails are lovely, I was drawn to having more than a few Pisco Punches. Bar staff really friendly also which makes a big difference compared to some bars. Will be going again!

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 by layla (2 reviews), 26 Jul 2005

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