Trailer Happiness

177 Portobello Road
Notting Hill, London
W11 2DY
Tel: 020 7371 6987 Ladbroke Grove 0.4 miles

Retro tiki charm, friendly staff and some of the best cocktails in London.

Trailer Happiness bar London

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I went here for the first time for my birthday last night and was made an inferno cocktail with a mini cake and candle in it! The bar staff made my birthday special and the crowd in there are so friendly and unpretenious, unlike many other bars of a similar ilk. It has a vintage/retro feel and this is set to become my new drinking hole. The waitress took our photo and was all too obliging to help us in any way. Wonderful place!

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 by TallulahDevine, 07 Jun 2012
Went for my birthday on Saturday night, having reserved 'The Den'. Plus points: the Volcano cocktails (!); no charge for canapes; female waitress was fabulous and gave us fantastic service. Minus points: no dancefloor and too packed to move. Tip: best to reserve an area.

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 by claire_clark17, 22 Mar 2010
Great cocktails and a great ambience. The fact that I met the most beautiful girl in the world there on a date was the icing on the cake!

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 by TimboTrolleybus, 17 Mar 2008
A really cosy friendly place, with great tunes. An excellent place to hang out on a Friday or Saturday night if you don't fancy clubbing but still want a bit of a beat.

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 by stridingout, 27 Jan 2007
Love it here on Saturdays - always intend on going for a couple of evening drinks, then end up staying till closing. Great crowd, very pretty people, uni-sex toilets (always a plus), amazing cocktails and wicked bar staff. What more can you ask for?

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 by mister.dave (3 reviews), 04 Aug 2006
The last time I was in there with a mate we waited at the bar whilst one barman set alight to it and showed off his craft to the people who had ordered an inferno of cocktails.

We waited and waited... and waited (there were only three other people at the bar). The other barman was so twitted he fell over the bar while grinning at the girl whose change he was trying to return and really looked like he wasn't going to recover, so we left fireman sam to carry on with the pyros and went.

I'm amazed this place is still open after my first visit over a year ago, so on that fact alone 4/5.

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 by Ducati, 25 Jul 2006
Overrated! The place is dingy and cramped.

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 by jols (3 reviews), 16 Jan 2006
Amazing place, fantastic drinks, shame about the rude jumped up waiter who ruined the evening. If you are reading, change your attitude, you are a bar tender not royalty!

But still a great place.

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 by EJS, 28 Dec 2005
One of my best friends works here - love the Snow Angel Martini - fantastic!

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 by stylebird (4 reviews), 28 Nov 2005
The best, no doubt!

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 by Anonymous, 31 Aug 2005
Awesome bar. Killer Mai Tai's.

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 by N, 01 Aug 2005
I went for the first time this weekend gone, very impressed. cocktails worthy of any bar in the smoke coupled with a cool relaxed atmosphere. The bartenders are hot!

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 by Anonymous, 13 Jul 2005
Just plain fun. Consistently eclectic music. Relaxed / friendly / attractive crowd. Suits appear to stay away, and the world is better for it.

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 by Anonymous, 13 Apr 2005
Best to get there early at the weekends or book (I'm never that organised!) but well worth the journey - the place rocks.

I love it at the start of the week Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday when you can really pick the brains of the bartenders - endless knowledge ensures a stream of amazing drinks.

Just go!

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 by Anonymous, 10 Apr 2005
Not the only place to drink in Notting Hill but one of the best. Flaming zombies served up in earthenware volcanoes, friendly staff and a chilled out vibe, but really it's all about the rum. As usual, the weekend is a bust as the place gets swamped with locals and out-of-towners. Best go on Monday - Thursday.

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 by Anonymous, 18 Mar 2005
Trailer Happiness has a funky vibe filled with the beautiful people of Notting Hill. It's rammed on Saturdays though so either phone ahead to get a place or turn up early.

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 by capital girl (54 reviews), 01 Feb 2005
The only place to drink in Notting Hill, full marks.

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 by Anonymous, 28 Sep 2004
Awesome staff serving up well made and inventive cocktails as well as all the old faves... well worth a visit either early in the week for chill times or at the weekend for a throbbing par-tay!

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 by Anonymous, 03 Jul 2004
There really weren't many decent bars in Notting Hill a few years ago - this place, Electric and Lonsdale have changed all that. Trailer H is down to earth, relaxed and reasonably priced, but the cocktails beat almost anything you'll find in the more expensive Soho bars. Each time I've been here I've let the bar staff recommend our drinks and have never been disappointed - endlessly inventive and lovingly prepared drinks using the best ingredients.

It's a bit loud, especially if you end up next to one of the speakers, so I'd recommend trying to get the booth with the big Tiki-girl print, which is more relaxed and intimate than the rest of the bar.

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 by tekka (34 reviews), 08 Mar 2004

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