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235 Regent Street
Regent Street, London
Tel: 020 7153 9000 Oxford Circus less than 0.1 miles

Apple's entire range in a stylish stone, stainless steel and glass interior. Their first European store has a Genius Bar for support, The Studio for expert creative advice and a 64-seat state-of-the-art theatre for workshops, demonstrations and events.

Mon-Sat: 10am-9pm
Sun: 12pm-6pm

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Oh my gosh. I am not really one to write reviews on anything but on this occasion I have to. I am waiting in the Apple shop, having made my appointment one hour ago. I finally get moved to somewhere else called 'the bar' and, yup, still waiting. I think I forgot to mention this is the 3rd time this has happened this week. I had to leave because I was on my lunch break and only have a hour and it was taking far too long. God, I hate this place...

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 by Pinkelephants2, 15 Mar 2013
Rude, unhelpful, disorganised, lacking knowledge. After the experience in this store my next phone will be a Samsung.

Useful review?
 by ao83, 17 Dec 2012
I can't believe I'm writing this review! Apple need to put as much effort into customer service at their stores as they do into launching their product presentations. I made a special trip into Bentall Centre Kingston to get my iPhone fixed, only to be told you have to make an appointment and the next free space is Saturday! The store was full of blue t-shirted staff standing round laughing and chatting with each other.

So, having made an appointment, I turned up 20 mins before the allotted time and asked a staff member what I needed to do. He advised me to see a lady to book myself in, so I went to the lady and she diverted me to a gentleman called David, who booked me in after a few minutes hanging around with him. Once booked in, David advised me to wait near the genius bar.

Whilst waiting I was surfing the net to see what service I might receive. A number of website discussion forums say it all depends on the staff, how good they are. Some customers get their phone replaced free of charge. So, naturally, I was hoping to get a nice member of staff.

After 25 mins a staff member named Joe came to serve me. Unfortunately, he went to serve someone else near me. Meanwhile, my phone was on the table. As soon as he saw that, his expression changed. In the middle of serving the other customer, he asked me about the problem. I explained that whilst I was getting out of my car my phone dropped on the street, but it was only a 2ft drop; also, I showed him my original receipt that showed the phone wasn't yet a year old. But he didn’t listen to anything. He just said, "I can give you like for like, and charge you £139". I showed him the web link that indicated people got their phones replaced free of charge. He saw that but still rudely declined. He wasn’t helpful at all, no smile, no professionalism, no minimum respect to the customer. Then I asked him, "When you swap it, is it possible to have white instead of black?". He replied not.

I understand they may not include a one year warranty, but what we expect from Apple is good customer service. Unfortunately, Apple has a number of staff who are like Joe. One Joe can alienate several customers a week. Perhaps many customers who received bad service from staff like Joe didn’t bother to articulate their experience, just protest silently by not using Apple stuff any more.

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 by rayyan51, 06 Oct 2012
This was the worst Apple Store I have ever been to. Unprofessional, arrogant staff who have no clue about anything. They should be tucked in a remote village not a cosmopolitan capital.

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 by laila2murad, 17 Sep 2012
Just had a terrible experience with the Regent St branch manager, Toby. He acknowledged that my iPad 2 had experienced a type of hardware failure that was unheard of inside 14 months, and although he said that he had the discretion to provide a new device (since found out that he doesn't!), he told me that he wouldn't as he didn't want to set a precedent (even though he said failure was very rare!). Told me to pay £200 for a replacement (with 3 month warranty) or buy a new one (equivalent model £580). Basically told me to pay up or clear off. It's unreasonable to pay £612 (including flimsy cover) only for Apple's product to fail after 14 months and I am not happy to pay through the nose for their flimsy hardware.

A bad customer experience with a terribly arrogant and incompetent manager who was disingenuous at best and arrogant at worst. Will not be using Apple's products again.

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 by stephen3, 20 Jul 2012
As a huge Apple fan, I can't believe I'm writing this review! Apple need to put as much effort into customer service at their stores as they do into launching their product presentations. I made a special trip into London to get my iPhone fixed, only to be told you have to make an appointment and the next free space is Tuesday. This was on Sunday! The store was full of blue t'shirted staff standing round laughing and chatting with each other. Most irritating!

My issue with my iPhone was dealt with in a really off-handish way. The sales rep went to a technician, who then later became a manager. They were going to charge me £140 to take the back off for a quick diagnostic taking 2 to 3 minutes. Apple really know how to suck the cash out of their customers!

Since when did Apple become a company which thinks more of itself than it does of its customers? I then went to my local 02 shop who sorted my problem out straightaway and replaced my phone without an appointment and with no extra charges and didn't make me feel like it was a privilege to be in their store.

If I was Tim Cook, I'd be mighty embarrassed - especially when you look at the reviews his London retail stores get!

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 by john.johnston, 16 Jul 2012
Not impressed at all by extremely poor service I received in store on Saturday. No customer service whatsoever, despite store being quiet at 9.00am. They lost themselves a future sale. I certainly would not go into Apple store in Regent Street again.

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 by Carley Evans, 08 May 2012
Trust me, if you are planning to buy an Apple product never go to the Regent Street store as it is staffed by a bunch of idiot 'geniuses' who are ruining Apple's credibility.

Useful review?
 by Chief Pandya, 22 Feb 2012
I wish I had read these reviews before wasting a month. I live in France, dropped my new MBP (3 yr Applecare) off because SD reader defunct and trackpad erratic. It was handed back a month later, untouched, with a docket "declined repair" - an epithet which was not satisfactorily explained. The best they could offer was that the cursor was slightly bigger than standard (I'd set it in prefs) and they needed my permission to reload software, despite me having signed a docket allowing them to do so since I had a full Time Machine backup.

I then had it repaired in France. It needed a new mother board, which I had diagnosed myself but which the so-called Regent Street 'geniuses' couldn't fathom.

I will NEVER, EVER visit that store again for anything. It reminded me of Calcutta Station, which, on reflection, is unfair on Calcutta Station. If I could award zero stars here, I would.

Useful review? 1
 by TheProfRobin, 16 Dec 2011
Took my MacBook Pro in for a minor repair. On first taking it in I was told that Apple cannot guarantee the safety of any data on it and may wipe everything, so was advised to back up all data first. I therefore left without leaving the computer and backed everything up. I returned after having done this with great difficulty. Their system of booking in is complicated beyond belief and clearly doesn't work, judging by the endless waiting around for someone to assist you despite a clearly overstaffed store. The level of disorganisation is mindblowing. I then left the computer with them for 2 weeks, at the end of which time they said all done and fixed. I went back to get it. More useless waiting. Then when I got home found the same old fault. I rang them up in disbelief only to be told I would have to go back. I did go back again only to be told I would have to fix it myself and I was given instructions on how to do this.

I am seriously contemplating not buying any more Apple products as a response. A useless shop and a waste of my time, money effort and life. Avoid this shop at all costs.

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 by Jakerskine333, 08 Dec 2011
I agree with the reviews below - the customer service at Apple Regent Street is terrible. I finally hunted down the manager after a month and no replies to four emails regarding a customer service issue I had on my first visit. I spoke to the store manager, and he just said he was sorry I had that experience, but what did I want him to do about it? He also explained that although they have an email address, Apple has a policy of not responding to emails. Then he gave me his business card. Which had an email address on it...

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 by studio180, 05 Dec 2011
I made an appointment here at the Genius Bar, but encountered such chaos and disorganization that I eventually gave up and went home, which was very annoying as I had made a special trip to go there.

First off, on arrival I was told to "check in" at the "bar" but was then kept waiting for five minutes being completely ignored by a bunch of geniuses who must have thought I was just admiring the view. I was eventually told that there would be a delay of some minutes, as they were behind schedule. The assistant who said this advised me to sit down, pointing at a long bench which was already completely full with waiting customers. In fact the place looked a bit like Heathrow Airport during a strike.

After 35 minutes with no further word, I asked another juvenile helper, who asked another, who said that the problem was that "the system" had "gone down". That's the kind of thing I'd maybe expect to hear from my local Building Society branch; I'd be embarrassed to say that if I was running a flagship store of the world's leading tech company. Another red-shirted genius clutching an Ipad, who I asked, said he couldn't tell me when I'd be seen, as someone with an appointment 30 minutes before me had still not been seen and the problem was that everyone was "coming at the wrong time". At this point I asked to speak to a manager but was told he had gone off somewhere. Eventually, I did find a manager from another department, who found out for me that 45 minutes after my stated time there were still eight people ahead of me, and at this point I decided to go home.

I described all the above in an email to the store manager the next day. I was quite surprised to get an email from him the following day, saying he would like to speak to me about this the same day. I sent a reply saying I would be at home that afternoon. That was three days ago, and still nothing...

Useful review?
 by funkster99, 03 Dec 2011
I absolutely agree with most of the reviews below - avoid this store like the plague.

Went in the store to sort out how to get my email working on my iphone. Asked one guy, who said he would be right back. When he disappeared I had to ask another guy, who told me to go downstairs near the end of the store. Once there I asked another assistant, who tried to sort out my phone and told me to go to my hotmail account on their mac book. Once I logged in, he had a route around. By that time he seemed to really not know what to do, so he said he would be right back after asking another assistant. He again disappeared for 15 mins.

By that time I got told to get off the imac by another member of staff, who then went on to tell me not to use the imac for my personal use. To which I explained I was told it was not for personal use and I was waiting for a member of staff to get back to me. This guy was so rude, he didn't even listen to a word I said and went on to explain how he needed the computer and if the other guy was meant to come back he was only allowed to have 15 mins with me and any problems I had to make an appointment. At this point I knew I was talking to an arrogant assistant who cared more about getting a sale from a new customer than an existing customer. When I went on to explain that I had been waiting there for over 15 mins, he then went on to say the other guy probably forgot!

What a joke! I thought Apple was regarded for its knowledgeable and helpful customer service! Never again will I go into this store, and to even think I was going to get an ipad or a mac book. Fat chance; what happens if your mac breaks?? I don't even want to think about how they would help their future customers!


Useful review?
 by munchkinhead, 10 Sep 2011
Avoid people, avoid! What a dreadful place. Went in there to do something very simple. By an iPod Nano. There are no such things as shelves to pick up the product you want. I spent ages trying to find someone to speak to. I was told to 'stand in line' at the till to order what I wanted. A bit like Argos. Only I was not allowed to join the queue at the till as a guy put his arm across me as I tried to join said queue and said "are you all right sir?" I am not sure whether it was a question about my health or a general statement that I was doing something so impertinent as trying to buy something. In a shop! He wanted me to wait in a new line to take my details on an iPad for some reason before I could get in another line to buy the product. What a bunch of insert your own suitable expletives. I left!

Useful review?
 by simmo_tim, 31 Mar 2011
Terrible, the worst retail experience I have ever had. I used to go into this store a couple of years back and it was a completely different experience. The staff they have now are rude, unhelpful and clueless about the products. Clearly Apple's management have no idea how to motivate the staff, who used to be far more enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I will never shop here again.

Useful review?
 by nick2537, 01 Feb 2011
I went to this store today to buy the £60 Apple track pad. Got to the area where the tills should be and queued up. The snotty assistant serving someone in front of me told me to wander around the store to find staff with mobile handsets to pay (as if I should 'know' about this change since my last visit a couple of months ago, not that there's any suggestion of how to pay).

So I have to do all the work now, wandering around trying to pay?
I think not. Apple need to get a clue about customer service. Try studying some real upmarket stores and how they encourage their customers to come back. The staff need to be proactive in approaching the customers, not the other way around.

I dumped the product I wanted to buy on the unmanned counter and walked out. I saw around 6 staff sitting round a table chatting (no sign of any payment devices). I won't be going back to this store again. I'll buy online in future, it's cheaper (even with postage).

Apple were notorious for their poor after sales service. Now they seem to be keen to lose potential customers too.

Useful review?
 by sculptor, 26 Jan 2011
What a junk place. After spending weeks deciding whether to buy an iPad, I finally made up my mind and walked into the store and went straight to the express till. Fairly quickly they took care of me and proceeded to the payment. After submitting my PIN code it seemed everything was just fine. But the problems started when the sales lady walked to the cashier to get my receipt. She found one - and I cannot tell if it is the right one or not - but she told me that the receipt says payment void, payment has been reverted. I was thinking, "I cannot believe this. What???" I quickly checked my account and called my bank. The bank confirmed that the payment had been authorised. So, there I was, without an iPad that I had paid for.

The store manager has reassured me that I should see the reverted cash within 2-3 days. What torture just to get an iPad!! The store manager did not seem very helpful, did not want to investigate more thoroughly, and just gave me a lot of talk. Rubbish systems, rubbish store.

Useful review?
 by erwinb, 10 Dec 2010
I bought one of the early Intel based Macs and remember even back then the poor quality of the staff and misinformation I received. I've promoted Apple products to friends and colleagues but never the Apple Stores. They are staffed with poorly trained, self important, arrogant shop assistants. But hey, the products sell themselves so they're superfluous aren't they? Only if they prefer people buying their products from other stores.

Useful review?
 by sempai, 24 Nov 2010
Super shit customer service. Where in the world would someone wanting to purchase a £2000 computer right away wait for 3-4 hours? Answer: at Apple Store.

Useful review?
 by rafael.leffa, 26 Oct 2010
After purchasing a computer from this store I have been less than impressed with customer service's unwillingness to accept responsibilty after not living up to their deadline for delivering my computer.

Useful review?
 by johnforbath, 15 Oct 2010

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