KJ West One

26 New Cavendish Street
Marylebone, London
Tel: 020 7486 8262 Bond Street 0.3 miles

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I bought my hi-fi system here earlier this year. For a start, the shop looks great, built into an arched pillar entrance, and stocking beautiful items. Don't confuse this level of product with what you get at mock-good stores like Bang and Olufsen or Sevenoaks.

The staff are very knowlegeable, and themselves use at home the stuff that they sell you. They are also very helpful; they came round to install it (bringing 200kg of hifi up five flights of stairs) and when we needed a special type of scredwriver, we spent an hour walking round the neighbourhood looking for a shop that sold them.

I also went to nearby Robert Taussig when purchasing this system (listed on this site) and while they are also helpful, the range and quality is nowhere near the same level.

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 by macaonghus (4 reviews), 21 Jan 2005

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