29 Monmouth Street
Covent Garden, London
Tel: 020 7240 2411 Covent Garden 0.2 miles

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I was a little reluctant to visit the Covent Garden store after reading the comments below. HOWEVER, I really wanted to try their products and this is my closest store in London.

I was pleasantly surprised by the attentive service from the Store Manager, who talked me through each suitable product and further packed me samples once I made a purchase. I felt the service was more consultative than a sales pitch on products. I was well looked after.

I love my new moisturiser and am glad I stepped into the store over the May long weekend. Kiehl's does something right - they listen to their customers and I'm sure they've taken on board the comments below because the service was exceptional. I'll be back to try more.

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 by clarette, 27 May 2009
This is a shame. They must run things differently in the UK. I recently went to Neiman Marcus in Ft Lauderdale to get my favorite shampoo. When I got home I counted the free samples. It was almost ridiculous. I had over 60 different things, and many weren't tiny little things, but a good sized item.

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 by j9neil, 23 Apr 2009
Have just returned from a visit to London this weekend where I stopped at Kiehl's Monmouth Street store to stock up. However, despite the friendly service, I left feeling a little disappointed as I had spent over £70 on products and the assistant was reluctant to offer me any samples. Service very hit and miss at this store.

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 by Andrewjh, 18 Nov 2008
I've just come back from a great shopping experience in Kiehl's. The staff were really helpful, wrapped my gift beautifully and offered me lots of samples. Really impressive service, especially during a busy lunchtime.

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 by pandajango, 23 Sep 2008
Beautiful shop, wonderful service and products which I am addicted to. What would London be without Kiehl's?

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 by brixton98, 28 Jun 2008
Just cashed in a gift voucher at the Monmouth Street shop. It's beautiful inside and the products are amazing but I found the service really lacking. I was assisted by an uptight gentleman that obviously had more important things to do. You’re better off at Liberty's, the staff are much more helpful and friendly.

Useful review?
 by benzburg, 23 Jun 2008
Just phoned up the store to find out whereabouts they were, as I'm not familiar with Covent Garden. Shop assistant was very snappy, almost felt like I was being rushed off the phone. I hope they're more pleasant to their customers in person. They certainly need to work on their phone manners!

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 by nellthatgirl, 21 May 2008
No free samples but the staff are very quick in finding the right stuff. Great when you know what you already want or need. Hassle-free shopping experience.

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 by alkombest, 16 Apr 2008
The interior is beautiful and spacious, but I found the service lacking, compared to the excellent staff at Kiehls on 13th St Manhattan (which was my local and where I would get masses of luxury-sized samples without having to buy anything). The staff on Monmouth St seemed reluctant to serve me for some reason. You get better service in Liberty's where you can also buy Kiehls.

Useful review?
 by bobbypants (52 reviews), 17 Jun 2007
Lovely products, staff very friendly and helpful. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the store as I live quite a distance, but I managed to get everything I wanted over the phone with some great advice.

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 by mrs bagnall, 11 Apr 2007
This is a wonderful shop. The assistants are perfect -friendly and knowledgeable, not intrusive but very ready to help if you ask. Also, their products are the best!

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 by Manatau, 10 Feb 2007
Gosh, that's the best shop I've ever been to. The shop assistants gave me excellent service! I love it there.

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 by Anonymous, 01 Aug 2006
Amazing service and a very nice shop itself. Products are pricey but well worth the expense. Shop assistants and manager of the shop very friendly and full of tips about how to use the products. A 10/10 from me!

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 by julestokyo, 16 Jan 2006

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