A. Gold

42 Brushfield Street
The City, London
E1 6AG
Tel: 020 7247 2487 Liverpool Street 0.3 miles

British deli with antique fittings stocking everything from traditional sausages to jelly babies served in little paper bags with twisted corners. Charming without being twee.

A. Gold

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I love this place! Agreed, sometimes you do have to wait a while for your sandwich to be constructed, but that adds to the shop's character. Everyone becomes very polite once in there and it's very, very British!

P.S. The 'Black Bomber' cheese is a winner!

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 by daniel.missen, 21 Sep 2009
Treacles and tassels, chocolate horseshoes and frozen castles. Crab... and pie by the slab. Staff are friendly, never drab. Hot specials that warm, A. Gold I go swarm.

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 by Ramon braga, 26 Aug 2009
A stunning concoction of veritable delights hand-picked to tickle your tastebuds. Personal favourites include: lemon cake with its fresh zing-a-ling-ding, Scotch eggs bringing you a small slice of the Highlands courtesy of Braveheart himself, and crayfish rolls bringing you the unpredictability of the oceans' depths.

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 by Frank Boyle, 28 Apr 2009
British to the core, complete with lengthy delays at lunchtime and service of varying competence. Sandwiches are very good (if pricey at around the £3.50-£4 mark), but a minor redesign - more counter space at the expense of boiled sweets, perhaps - could improve things.

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 by alfred_noakes, 06 Apr 2009
The Scotch eggs are addictive and quite cheap - only about £1.60. The best value snack in the area! I think I might have to go and get one now...

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 by Anonymous, 22 Mar 2007
Exceptional food, exceptional service-my favourites were the cheeses, the traditional sweets and the ginger beer. Also good value are the gift baskets that they can make up for you. They make fantastic presents.

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 by Verdegirl, 06 Jun 2006
We love this place. It has sugar mice and mead and great pies, sausages and traditional beers. Gets kinda wild towards Christmas so try the website at agold.co.uk.

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 by Anonymous, 27 Nov 2004
A gem.

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 by Anonymous, 31 Oct 2004
Excellent Gloucester Old Spot Pork Pies, Bury Black Puddings, Scotch Eggs and Wild Boar Prosciutto.

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 by Anonymous, 05 Oct 2004

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