24-28 Vanston Place
Fulham, London
Tel: 020 7386 0086 Fulham Broadway 0.2 miles

Bakery, café and deli packed with interesting Mediterranean foods. Good selection of take-away snacks and homeware too.

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I recently had my wedding brunch with 20 persons at Del'Aziz and it was a disaster! I've never experienced such rude and unprofessional service.

When we arrived, they were very unsupportive and wanted to take most of the reserved tables away because not everybody arrived at exactly the same time. It didn't get any better: the food came late, wrong, or never came at all. The worst bit was that all the waiters were totally rude and arrogant - no smile, no thank you, totally stressed and inexperienced! At the end they made a huge fuss because we wanted to pay separately and they pretended they could not do it. As we left the place, one of the managers did not even said goodbye! Very sad behaviour, as the management knew it was our wedding brunch.

The place itself is quite nice, but that was about it! The food is just average. To be avoided, as there are many very good restaurants around Fulham.

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 by nanasw6, 16 Jun 2010
I have just become a fan of Del'Aziz in Fulham, having moved to the area recently. As a native of New York city, I like to think I know a few things about good food and service. So trust me when I say Del'Aziz and its sister restaurant Aziz is as good as they get. Please open one in NY next!

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 by hotchiky007, 29 May 2010
Now for someone who grew up in Morocco and has eaten Moroccan food in numerous countries around the world, the meal in Del Aziz has to be the least Moroccan place of them all and the worst meal I have had in my life when thinking of all the other restaurants I have been to. Even the fast food joints surpassed Del Aziz...

For starters we had tiger prawn borek (£6.50) and grilled sardines (£5.50). Each starter plate had only 2 pieces of each item, the portions were very small, and it did nothing for our tastebuds. To be honest, the starters looked more like those small samplers they pass around in supermarkets.

For the main meal we had ordered a vegetable couscous (£11.50) and a Moroccan lamb (£13.50). Before ordering we were assured by the head waiter that the Moroccan lamb was an actual lamb shank, yet when the food arrived it was a skewer of lamb, with 5 small pieces only. My vegetable couscous was beyond disappointing - there were 3 tablespoons of couscous and 1 tablespoon of vegetables on my plate. The couscous dish consisted of mainly tomato paste broth with a few leftover vegetables thrown in, mainly for garnish I think. This did not come close to what a real Moroccan couscous dish should taste like (I have never seen thick tomato paste for a Moroccan couscous vegetable broth in my life).

We had waited 45 minutes for the main dishes to arrive and after eating it we were so disappointed we just wanted to pay and leave. (Even our beers were warm; when we asked the waiter for a cold one, we were told they only had those.)

I think the chefs need some serious lessons in BASIC FOOD PREPARATION, and the managers need to make sure that the meals that are served in their restaurant actually taste like food, forget the elaborate labelling Mediterranean this, Iranian that and Moroccan this. The staff are clueless and have no idea what the items are on their menu. They keep on passing huge baskets of bread around, hoping that this will numb our tastebuds to their bad meal and terrible portions.

I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone.

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 by R_S, 21 Feb 2010
Really good, friendly place with excellent service. But what has happened to the tea? They used to serve good English breakfast tea but now it's awful. Have they changed the teabags, I wonder, or stopped using boiling water?

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 by anna turk, 20 Feb 2010
Every time I come to London, I visit this lovely place. Food is great. My kids also love the cookies they make.

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 by deryaasan, 23 Apr 2008
I went here for the first time yesterday. Fanastic and well priced. People comment that the service is slow. I think it makes a nice change to have a chilled attitude in London, and in all fairness they don't rush you out the door when you have finished like regular places do. A very comfortable, friendly atmosphere!

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 by emarisa28, 16 Jan 2008
I'm local, and this is my regular stop-off on the way home to relax with a great tea/coffee and a lush cake. I'm never there in a rush, so slow service doesn't bother me. Besides, it's worth it for the GREAT food. At the weekend you can grab a free paper too, and they have never rushed me to leave the table, even when they are very busy (which is every Saturday!) Altogether, great food and atmosphere, service a bit slow. But, hey, would you be happy waiting on the snobs that frequent Fulham? I've seen more ignorant patrons than ignorant staff.

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 by Maddy the Minx, 07 Sep 2007
My favourite place for breakfast in London! Great food, service and atmosphere.

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 by Andy J, 23 Jun 2007
Fantastic, atmospheric place. Food fabulous, service brilliant and friendly. Give yourself and your friends a treat and check it out.

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 by Sarah P, 05 Feb 2007
Place to be! Great taste, affordable prices.

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 by Menekse, 08 Dec 2006
Best cakes ever.

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 by Anonymous, 19 Oct 2006
My favourite location for a lazy brunch with friends. Great selection of simple snacks, larger meals and cakes. Highly recommended, the coffee will knock your socks off!

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 by Kate_B, 02 Jun 2006
Love the range of food and products you can buy and the generosity of the servings. I hope they never stop being the best value for lunch or a snack in London. I have always had extremely attentive service - perhaps they read this : )

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 by salsarosa, 11 Apr 2006
Cakes are amazing, do great tastings on the weekends.

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 by Anonymous, 29 Mar 2006
Excellent service, good ambience and great fun whether with a group or couple.

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 by me!, 21 Dec 2005
Cakes are awesome and great place to meet friends, but service is terrible - have been there several times and every time I've had to chase my order! Still, the cakes are worth it.

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 by Londres, 12 Oct 2005
I live close by and have been here quite a few times. This place started off with a bang but has almost become too big for its boots! They have simplified their interesting breakfast menu to cater for the high attendance (that's a shame) but not changed their prices, and they really need to hire more staff.

This used to be our regular weekend breakfast place but we are starting to look elsewhere. Sometimes becoming big and busy is not always the best way to go!

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 by sharna, 07 Oct 2005
Food was average, but love the place and cakes. It was last Saturday morning we went and was really busy. Some of my friends found the waitress was rude, but I thought she was ok. Perhaps she has some language problem. It didn't bother me at all.

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 by Vennus, 06 Oct 2005
Food was well presented with a wide selection, would have enjoyed the experience if it were not for one extremely rude waitress - you're forgiven for not speaking English too well, but learn a bit of tact in dealing with your customers! And a smile now and then would make customers feel a little welcomed.

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 by Anonymous, 27 Sep 2005
I love this place... the cake selection is out of this world, the

pear and banana cake rocks! So much choice and not enough room in my belly for all! I loved it and contrary to the opinions of some moody bugger below, the portions, quality and service was perfect.

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 by NUts about food, 22 Sep 2005

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