East Dulwich Deli

15 Lordship Lane
Dulwich, London
SE22 8EW
Tel: 020 8693 2525

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Great deli, great bread, great staff!

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 by 1989_1, 16 Nov 2012
Afraid I have to agree. Went there because it was a convenient location - frankly a bit pricey but didn't mind if it was quality - but the rudeness of the staff is unbelievable! Will have to do much better than that in the attitude department. Presumably they rely on their customers to turn a profit, and people don't mind paying for quality, but to be treated poorly while paying a lot is ridiculous. Someone (the owner) should look into this. Doesn't even merit one star but apparently have to rate at least one to comment.

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 by gordon1, 21 Jun 2012
Quality food is what this store is about. In particular, I find the breads sold there better than in any of the other bakeries, shops, and stalls in the area. I noticed they are setting up a table outside displaying the breads and pastries. Not such a good idea. I prefer to go in the store and purchase loaves that haven't been subject to exhaust fumes of Lordship Lane traffic!

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 by East-Dul'resident, 27 Nov 2010
I've used the deli before and found it very expensive. The place is very dirty and needs scrubbing. The staff seem as if they are doing you a favour and are not bothered if they serve you or not. West End prices in Peckham, right.

Disgruntled from Dulwich.

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 by t.mcalpine, 29 Jun 2010
If the manager shows his middle finger behind a customer's back, what do you expect from the rest of the staff? Or if he says to his customer: "Hey dude, don't lean on the fridge"? I've witnessed both of these things happening.

I think the owner, Tony, is busy and has unfortunately left this expensive but quality shop in the wrong hands.

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 by hazelnut, 04 Dec 2009
Sorry, but I have to agree with the comments about bad staff attitude. I also got ticked off for resting a forearm (not particularly heavily) on the counter, and I think the man realised he hadn't been particularly polite about it as he quickly added something along the lines of it being a safety thing. (Er, if it's in imminent danger of cracking or collapsing, maybe it should be replaced with something more robust!)

In general, I've found the service to be rude/abrupt/disinterested, etc. Browsing, impulse buying and asking questions about the goods are an intrinsic part of the deli experience, so surely it makes good business sense to ensure customers feel comfortable?

Another time, I asked for a certain relish (which I'd previously bought there) and was told it was in demand but I could put my name down for some and they'd call me the next time they had it delivered... in about four weeks' time! (One week or so might have been a reasonable wait, but this was hardly an exotic item! I then found a plentiful supply in another store a few minutes' walk away!) A petty point, but one which made me agree with the comment that they feel they're doing you a favour by letting you shop there!

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 by Taffhamster, 18 Aug 2009
This deli has just won Best London Deli 2009, and has been a runner-up every year for the last 6 years, so well done to them. The staff are always polite to me and I always do my dinner party shopping here. Great selection of wines from Italy. They boast over 150 different types of cheese, which I am slowly working my way through. I have also eaten in the cafe at Harrods and have had the most divine artichoke salad, served with olive bread to die for - yum! They serve the best coffee in the store. In both locations I have found the staff to be great, if at times a little stressed. I have to say, in both locations there are always queues outside the door, so I am forgiving of this as long as I get good service... and nine times out of ten, I do!

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 by sophie w, 25 Apr 2009
Wonderful place and happy, knowledgeable staff.

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 by charlottecrittenden, 22 Feb 2009
I've had just one bad experience here with snooty staff, when it was very busy. I asked for proscuitto (as one particular ham was described), only to be informed: "All Italian ham is proscuitto, what do actually you want?". I am Italian so know this, and I can read, and I was describing the ham I wanted as they had listed it!! But on the whole, decent staff, excellent (if expensive) wheat-free bread and homemade hoummus to die for. Frankly, a bit of brusqueness when it's very busy is not much to deal with!

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 by teresaf28, 09 Nov 2008
I don't know whether this is because it is now some time since these reviews were written, but I visit the Deli regularly and have found all the staff who have served me to be very friendly and sociable. It isn't cheap, but then you generally get what you pay for. Nice place and a feel-good factor about buying and eating the food.

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 by timjones_75, 08 Nov 2008
The negative reviews about the staff don't surprise me; I know the manager, and he is just as described. Having said that, I have sampled the food sold there and it is delicious. The pancetta is scrummy with scambled egg for breakfast.

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 by AMgilford, 13 Jul 2008
I am never setting foot in the place again. The manager treats the customers like kids, telling them to "Move along please". I leant on the counter once whilst ordering and he abruptly told me not to, and the last time I went there I was rudely told to move my bike. Worst of all is the manager's attire - today a filthy white tracksuit top, jeans hanging low with his arse hanging out on full view... most unhygienic!

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 by gary24, 16 Feb 2008
I also agree with the other comments about the bad staff at the Deli. Why, oh why, do these people have such an attitude? After all, this is just a deli for goodness sake! Don't know who the owner is, but didn't like the bloke who served me - he had a really bad approach, as though he was doing me a favour by just being there. It's also very, very overpriced. Definitely won't be going again and will tell all friends and family to keep a wide berth.

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 by jack boy, 11 Oct 2007
I cannot agree more with the other comments about the bad staff at the Deli. I've stopped going there unless I absolutely have to because of the way I have been treated by staff; in particular the manager. He is extremely unpleasant and unwelcoming, which is a shame as the owners appear nice!

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 by Sally Anne, 10 Sep 2007
This deli is totally overpriced. Most people seem to go there when they reduce their seasonal items. The staff are rude and arrogant, especially the manager. I have often crossed the road and bought things in the Turkish supermarket at less than half the price. Not so glitzy, but a fantastic selection of goods.

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 by taylor, 07 May 2007
Lots of nice food but badly let down by an arrogant attitude towards customers. One of the joys of a good deli is being guided by staff who are well informed. Here, if you aren't sure, you are made to feel stupid and sometimes downright insulted. A real shame, but something the owners don't seem to care about.

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 by Anonymous, 26 Apr 2007
I eat at the deli every week and have not encountered any of the negatives that have been commented upon here. The ingredients are of the highest quality and this reflects the thought the owners have put in to their business (you do get what you pay for in the food industry). Do we want another sandwich bar chain opening up? Don't think so...

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 by Aasari, 24 Apr 2007
I am surprised by the last comment. The nice people work very hard behind the counter, they are always busy and always very helpful to me. I have had them do food for my wedding, for anniversaries and a christening.

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 by TW (3 reviews), 23 Apr 2007
I agree with the poor reviews. I pre-ordered mascapone for a dinner party, only to collect it still in its Somerfield cartons. I should have cut out the middle man and gone direct across the road and paid half the price.

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 by edfoodie (2 reviews), 07 Apr 2007
I just don't understand the whinging reviews. Great shop, great food, great staff.

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 by Camber, 17 Mar 2007

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