Lina Stores

18 Brewer Street
Soho, London
Tel: 020 7437 6482 Piccadilly Circus 0.2 miles

All things Italian in this charming Soho shop.

Lina Stores

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I used to consider this a great deli for good produce - until today. The person serving me served me with complete indifference. I wanted 150g of pancetta and was asked if 250g was okay (it was the last end bit). It wasn't, so I asked again for 150g. He then cut off a smaller amount. It wasn't until I got home I realised he had given me the end that was just fat and put the good bit back on display. Rip off. Never again.

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 by jaseonline, 26 Sep 2012
We were bought, as a treat, a pack of bisuits from here called 'seggiano'. They were very expensive, and I can honestly say they are the worst bisuits I have ever tasted! They have a bitter taste and the texture in the mouth is like granite. They are now in the bin!

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 by keepsakes, 21 Aug 2012
I purchased some pumpkin ravioli for tonight's dinner. They didn't taste of pumpkin at all, only cheese and lots of pepper! Very disappointing! For the price they charge, I do expect a much better quality.

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 by blele, 30 Mar 2012
Fabiofbz below is sooooo wide of the mark. I’ve been living and working in Soho for 15 years and coming to Lina Stores that entire time, both before they smartened up with their refurb and after. I work 5 minutes round the corner and I’m there at least once a week.

I must admit that I was nervy when it closed for refurbishment but it’s great and they’ve done a really good job. The staff are always lovely and the food is amazing! If you think the food is overpriced, you know nothing about London prices; they do have some expensive speciality stuff, but so much of their food is really, really good value and the homemade food and coffees are an absolute bargain!

If you mean Tony was fired, then that’s nonsense by the way - he’s still there and going strong, gives me a kiss every time I come in. Long Live Lina Stores.

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 by highheels75, 24 Jan 2012
I used to go to this place very often - friendly staff, nice and reasonably priced food. Then, they closed for refurbishment. The place smartened up. However, the friendly staff became a number of arrogant attendants. The nice food became overpriced with the arrival of the new fresh paint. And the nice and very personable old chap behind the counter got fired (perhaps because he was personable?). Shame on this place. Nice decoration does not make a good delicatessen. I work in Soho but I won't step foot in the place again.

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 by fabiofbz, 21 Dec 2011
I am proud to say that my family opened this deli during the war and just yesterday my 80+ year old cousin from Lake Como visited for the first time in 37 years and says it is almost the same as when it opened! Despite the fact that it is sadly no longer in the family, I can tell you it is as authentic as it was when my Italian great-great-grandfather opened it. Please visit and mention 'Emilio Crippa' to keep his spirit alive and remembered!

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 by matthewbutterfield, 30 Nov 2011
Really disappointed. 2 months ago I bought an Italian tea and it was priced at £1.00; just one week later the price was marked at £1.25.

Even more disappointing, last week they had fresh ceps mushroom from Italy. I happened to be in the shop the same day they arrived. I asked the guy the price and he said £30 per kg but he could do it for me for £28 per kg. So I came back the next day to buy some. When I saw on the scale the price at £45 per kg I was shocked. I asked why in the space of one day the price had increased by more than 50%. The guy just looked me as if to say, well, now this is the price...

I don't know which system they use for marking up the prices on their stuff, but it's obviously dodgy. They've got some nice stuff but be aware about their prices, because from one day to the next they will increase them if they see the product has a good market.

Really unacceptable!

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 by Cladad, 16 Sep 2011
This wonderful Italian deli is situated in the heart of Soho. It stocks an amazing array of wonderful food. The homemade ravioli, especially the veal, are to die for! There is a wonderful array of ingredients and it really is a foodies' heaven. It is very reasonably priced and the staff are wonderfully polite and helpful. This really is a small jewel in the centre of London and somewhere that I know I will frequent.

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 by joelyboy, 30 Jun 2011
Great welcome and the very best Italian pasta.

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 by dianecomtefrost, 02 Mar 2011
They don't come any better than this. Molto bellisima, hen hao, the tops for gourmet quality. Not cheap, but a little of something divine is much better than a load of rubbish. Lina stores only provide the best.

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 by peter1, 11 Dec 2010
Visited Lina's yesterday. Thought it would lose some of its charm with the refurb but no, it is superb. Can't wait to return.

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 by Cally B, 07 Nov 2010
We were so shaken to come to Lina Stores yesterday and see it boarded up. Then I found this website with the telephone number, I called and the recorded message said Lina Stores are closed for refurbishment. Hurrah!! Best delicatessen in town! I hope it will not lose its special character though. We can't wait for it to open again!

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 by ewa.horsfield, 02 Aug 2010
Lina Stores is quite simply one of the best Italian food emporiums in London, located in the heart of Soho. Italians and non-Italians have been going there for generations. The food is wonderful, especially their freshly prepared ricotta and spinach tortelloni, along with the delicate taste of their black pasta filled with crab meat. My favourite though is their veal-filled tortellini. Sono buonissimi!

All your senses are heightened as soon as you walk through the door, with the smell of fresh oregano and bread. Come Christmas, expect to see long queues outside the shop - but that’s all part of the spectacle, believe me! Then there's the wonderful staff, especially Tony - who looks like my idol Al Pacino - and his business partner, who’s another lovely guy. We always end up going down memory lane, talking about wild mushrooms and the 'good old days’ in Sanremo, Liguria. Visit this place - you won't be disappointed with it, or with Tony's great smile!

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 by Bruno Romano, 22 Dec 2009
Lina was my Mum's Godmother, my Mum is 83 now and has always talked about staying with Auntie Lina and she is very proud that the name continues. I went to visit last year and it had just closed, I was devastated as I wanted to bring my Mum something, perhaps I will make it when it is open this New Years Eve!!
Carmel, Devon.

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 by andychad, 02 Nov 2009
Being Italian I am biased. Having lived in Soho since 1958 I am more biased. From 1970 I can remember Lina's. It's not changed, and still has the most authentic food available.

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 by anthony.balsamino, 01 Sep 2008
One of the (many) great joys of living in Soho is having Lina Stores on my doorstep. Beautiful meats and cheese and absolutely the best place for all your dried Italian basics.

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 by soholoftier (5 reviews), 12 Feb 2008
It hasn't changed since I was a kid. Still the best Italian deli in London.

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 by crisbaxter, 01 Feb 2008
The antipasto is exquisite - try the octopus, sun dried tomatoes or aubergines. The Parma ham with fresh baked Italian bread or some Ferrarezi (I think) salami and powerful Gorgonzola put the supermarket imitations into pale perspective. Thirty years and still going - long may Lina continue to be a little bit of Italian sunshine in Brewer Street.

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 by Trethias, 24 Sep 2007
Lina's pesto is absolutely fantastic - fresh and aromatic.

The sandwiches are made to order (my favourite's a baguette of parma ham and rocket) and the olives are great value for money at 90p per 100g.

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 by Sweelin, 30 Jun 2007
The best Italian deli in London - fantastic range of real Italian food; always full of Italian customers; excellent service (friendly and helpful). Can't rate it too highly.

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 by Anonymous, 17 Apr 2007

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