48 Abbeville Road
Clapham, London
Tel: 020 8673 5373 Clapham South 0.5 miles

Popular local deli with friendly staff who offer advice on their cheeses, chocolates, breads, prepared salads, snacks and an array of other "gourmet goodies".


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Award-winning Butt Rub Seasoning, as seen in The Telegraph last Friday, available here. Brilliant deli - the place to go for inspiration.

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 by manfood11, 14 Jul 2011
Overpriced - several of the same products 1/3 cheaper at Treohans a few doors down. Also refused to serve someone some pork half an hour before closing time because they'd already sterilised the meat slicer. Nice food though.

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 by RLB, 10 Apr 2010
MacFarlane's is a fantastic shop with an amazing selection of cheeses, and the owners are lovely, helpful and knowledgeable people. They also have organic baby food and wonderful Belgian chocolates. Shopping there is delightful!

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 by Anonymous, 19 Oct 2006
Went in for the first time last week and was bowled over by selection of organic produce and grocery. Anne and Angus also incredibly nice owners - as everyone else has said, very friendly!

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 by Anonymous, 03 Oct 2005
Oh nice. Lovely cheese, nice chocolates and fab deli goods.

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 by Philbooze, 09 Sep 2005
Fantastic and friendly place - MacFarlane's is the kind of place which makes you feel like you're living in a neighbourhood rather than a city.

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 by capital girl (54 reviews), 01 Feb 2005
Probably one of the best cheese shops in London, not to mention their family extra virgin olive oil from Abbruzzi. I have never tasted anything so good in my life.

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 by Anonymous, 29 Nov 2004
Best cheese shop in Britain.

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 by Anonymous, 23 Nov 2004
What an amazingly delightful shop! Stuffed full with food goodies, a mouthwatering range of cheeses, and always so friendly, (not just the owners and staff, also other customers). If you know it , you're in on this secret. If you don't, go and discover it - you're in for a treat!

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 by Anonymous, 04 Nov 2004
MacFarlane's is a fantastic shop full of great cheeses, snacks, organic food, a selection of frozen dishes and an amazing number of other goods for a relatively small deli. Services is flawless and friendly and I've never been dissapointed with anything I've bought there. Every neighbourhood should have one.

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 by crimson (32 reviews), 24 Oct 2004

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