287 Upper Street
Islington, London
N1 2TZ
Tel: 020 7288 1454 Highbury & Islington 0.4 miles

Mediterranean dishes with a middle eastern influence, made with using top quality ingredients. The delicatessen section offers great prepared meals, cakes and other delicious snacks.

Mon-Sat: 8am-11pm
Sun: 9am-7pm


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Notting Hill (Main Branch)

Giles Coren's review of Ottolenghi (The Times)

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Tiring really. Always stuffed full of people. Food's good but, I think, overrated. I suppose it is a 'make sure you have been there if it comes up in conversation'-type place!

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 by Alex11 (3 reviews), 12 Jan 2012
Loved this restaurant. Went for dinner for a treat and thought the menu was amazing, putting really interesting things together. All the food was fresh and well presented. The staff were friendly and the atmosphere and decor were nice.

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 by starrie1 (6 reviews), 30 Aug 2011
Great cakes and food, obnoxious service.

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 by popcornstories (4 reviews), 03 Jan 2011
The portion sizes here are now just downright mean. Two minute slivers of tuna, two types of salad, one of which was meant to have peaches, roquefort and walnuts. One half of a peach, no cheese, no walnuts. They put the little dipping bowl of sauce in the middle to use up space. A genuine rip-off for the price. The staff ARE snatchy! They grab your plates before you have finished. This is a shame, as I use the cookbook frequently, love their cakes and would love to support them, but find it hard...

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 by dollydolly, 18 May 2010
Ottolenghi is one of my absolute favourites in London - tasty, fresh and healthy food, combined with a relaxed, no reservation policy. I especially liked the savoury food, with garlic that not only looks but also tastes like garlic (hard to find in the UK in general).

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 by finder, 21 Jan 2010
I normally love this place but noticed in the past few months, the restaurant menu isn't as special as it used to be... trying too hard to be fusion? Where's the roasted pork belly and the lovely scallop dishes? At least they still have the breads and tarts.

Useful review?
 by Miss Hoxton (6 reviews), 22 Dec 2008
Put simply, the best and tastiest fresh food in London. This is even better than Carlucio's. The cakes are so varied and special that it would be hard not to leave fully satisfied. Prices not too high, but not exactly cheap either.

Useful review?
 by florenceP (2 reviews), 18 Sep 2008
I have been coming to the Ottolenghi shop and restaurant for nearly a year now and have finally got round to 'putting pen to paper'. After reading the most recent reviews I couldn't have timed it better!

The food is exceptional, so is the service. Ottolenghi has become so busy (victims of their own success) that sometimes I wonder how anyone working there manages to cope with the number of people walking through the doors, but they do and with a smile! I have never found any of the staff to be rude; rushed maybe, in the desire to serve the queue solidly formed at the weekends.

Well done to all at Ottolenghi. My favourite place in Islington. Patience is a virtue!

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 by klockey, 21 Jul 2008
I have stopped visiting Ottolenghi in Islington precisely because of the obnoxious service that many other people report - either for eat in or take away. The food is wonderful and is consistently brilliant, I would eat it every day but I have sworn several times now not to go back because of the poor, or often downright rude, service. The owners should take note!

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 by sallylou, 11 Jul 2008
Good food. But we were treated with extreme disrespect. In this place you have to order fast, eat faster, and leave before you finish eating or before you fully finish drinking your coffee! The management was looking at us with such intensity as soon as our plates were almost empty, so as to get us to leave. This is a factory of goods with a conveyor belt, not a restaurant. Not advisable to go on a weekend - the whole process moves with an even faster pace then.

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 by goodeating, 07 Jul 2008
A meal does not get better than this... not even in Michelin-starred restaurants! The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and the food is amazing. I have NEVER tasted tuna like it before. I am so glad we went, and will definitely return.

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 by grwe, 30 Jan 2008
The Ottolenghi in Notting Hill is just amazing! The food is incredibly good looking and absolutely delicious. The staff are very obliging and outgoing, in a word - charming. The French waitresses especially deserve a mention, as they seemed extremely dedicated. I will definitely take friends there.

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 by mabloody, 18 Oct 2007
We have been to Ottolenghi two or three times now, and each time we have had fantastic service from the charming staff, especially the Polish waitresses. Everyone is friendly and obliging, and the food is just superb. Each time we have had a different choice of dishes and each time the cooking seems to get tastier and more delicious. We cannot praise this place highly enough. We think the food standard, the service standard and the general ambience are just terrific. We also think the pattiserie section is just to die for, especially the chocolate rum fondant cake. And the bread, especially the corn bread, is just wow! We only wish there was a branch of Ottolenghi near where we live here in Mill Hill, London.

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 by Lister, 20 Sep 2007
Yesterday we discovered Ottolenghi. The beautiful display of food and, in particular, pattiserie 'wowed' us and enticed us in. Unfortunately, the service did not match up. 4 girls for 5 customers in a queue, 4 customers of whom were just ignored. We waited 20 mins before anyone asked would we like to be served, and then sat in the bar section another 25 mins and still our order was not taken. We finally just left.

I would like to stress that the place was not busy (7 people sitting at the tables and 2 others at the bar), so it would appear the staff simply could not be bothered. The guys who were sat next to us at the bar had been sitting there since before we came in and had still not been served either. They just wanted some pattiseries and some drinks to go, the same as us.

The girl behind the counter was very slow on the food section - almost like she had not handled food herself. I am a trained chef and I can say looking at the food and patisserie that it looked superb. Which is why it's such a shame that the service is so poor.

Mr Ottolenghi, I don't know where you are getting your serving staff, but they are seriously letting your business down.

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 by organised, 27 Jul 2007
Fantastic food, all made on the premises. Great ambiance, always packed. Clean and welcoming.

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 by Anonymous, 06 Mar 2007
The salads are fab, the corn bread is to die for! And the staff are wonderful too - I don't recognise Ellie's experience at all. I live in Islington and it's where I always go if I have any spare time.

Useful review?
 by crazymango, 02 Mar 2007
When I visit my brother in Islington I always go in. I adore the presentation and selection of the sweets as you enter. Now, when friends are travelling over from Ireland, I send them there. It's very popular in my house.

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 by Anonymous, 30 Jan 2007
I can't believe someone said the staff were rude, I've found them the most helpful and friendly in London! Our waitress and hostess were so charming, and the food absolutely lush. Shows that with food that fresh and tasty it fills you up proper.

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 by Anonymous, 24 Jan 2007
We get food to take out most weekends. I can recommend the sweet potato bread, salads, and the almond croissants - delicious!

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 by Anonymous, 29 Sep 2006
While on a trip to Islington, I looked in the shop window at all the goodies, enticing you in, and sure enough I had to go inside, and I chose 2 very large Meringues that came home with me to Hampshire...just DELICIOUS!

The lines from a certain film seem appropriate. "I'II Be Back!"

Next time I shall eat inside, as their was everything imaginable, sweet as well as savory....can't wait.

Not the cheapest, but as my partner get what you pay for, and this is definitely the case with Ottolenghi. Keep up the wide range of delicious foods.

Can't wait to come back to my favorite part of London, with my favorite theatre and now my favorite delicatessen.

Useful review?
 by Sandancer (2 reviews), 30 May 2006

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