186-188 Kentish Town Road
Kentish Town, London
Tel: 020 7267 1267 Kentish Town 0.2 miles

Large shop with a wide range of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean foods including great fresh breads and pastries.

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Phoenicia reviews

Really, a very very good shop. The staff there are very helpful. They have a specialist butcher - what he did is really delicious.

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 by dipl_ingsamer, 02 Oct 2008
Excellent Moroccan wraps as a variation on the theme of the old lunchtime sarnie. The salted almonds from the nut bar are a treat too!

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 by neilrr, 18 Dec 2007
Great variety of food products from all over. Very very good butchers section. Shop has some unexpected foods, including some Bosnian specialities like 'Banjalucki Cevap' (amazed to see that one) and 'Albanian Prshut' (great for mezze, thinly sliced with some cheese, pickled peppers and bread). Top marks for this place - I absolutely love it.

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 by jaskobosanac, 26 Oct 2007
Such a range, lovely flavours. The cafe is extremely good value and non-smoking. The people working there are helpful.

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 by Anonymous, 26 Apr 2006

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