23 Prebend Street
Islington, London
N1 8PF
Tel: 020 7226 2771 Angel 0.5 miles

Italian deli with tables and chairs inside and outside where you can drink your cappuccino or enjoy any number of freshly prepared salads for lunch.

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My husband and I have lived in Angel for 2+ years and Saponara is our favorite restaurant. Its cosy atmosphere, amazing food and friendly staff always impress. Everyone we've recommended Saponara to has been very pleased with the food and experience.

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 by k_cope0614, 31 Jan 2013
I was a little put off eating here when my friend suggested it as I found it strange going out for an evening meal to a deli. However, the fact it wasn't a formal restaurant only added to the atmosphere in my opinion. It feels very local but at the same time very authentically Italian. The staff are lovely and informative, service relaxed and food simply AMAZING. The pasta was the best I have ever tasted and, from what other friends who go there say, the pizza is also the best!

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 by louisecrampton9, 12 Oct 2012
I'm not sure I can understand the average to critical reviews given below, unless it was either just an (almost non-existent) off day for the food or the reviewers just prefer their sugar and salt-laden 'ready made' pasta from Tescos et al. The food here is simply superb. I have been here many times with many different people, all of whom agree it is without doubt some of the best and most traditional pizza and pasta they have ever tasted. Don't be put off by the critics, go and try it. And let the waiters/owners choose the dishes for you - you really won't be disappointed.

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 by Nick Pester, 25 Jul 2012
Discovered this by chance when walking by. DO go in and be charmed and amused by the two Italian chaps who really know their stuff. My dilemma was: do I buy some of the fantastic meats and Italian foods, or have a reasonably priced lunch with a glass of wine? So, whilst deciding I had a great meal and left with a carrier bag of original and different Italian produce. Well worth a second visit.

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 by mandb2, 21 Jul 2010
I'm not sure how anyone can walk into this store and not be happy. The only thing I could fault them on could be the time it takes to get served. But then that comes with the amount of customers they bring in. If you want to go into a store, order, pay and be out the door then Saponara isn't the place for you. If you want to walk in, be picky, and not appreciate simple, tasty foods, then Saponara isn't for you...

Give the staff a few hints and they'll tell you the best thing on offer for your taste. If you want great customer service, great taste, and a great cafe atmosphere then do what I do - eat there daily!! The brothers are exceptional, the staff are better than just friendly and I never visit without a feeling of excitement. I very rarely choose anywhere else for lunch.

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 by nedfest99, 02 Apr 2009
This is my local deli. Love the place. They have a great range of excellent products, the food is very good and they have some decent wine as well. But most of all this place is about the two brothers Saponara. They're the heart of this place. I'm never able to go in and out quickly because they always take time for a chat, they really know their customers and that gives this place a personal local feel. Absolutely love it.

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 by Eelko-Jan (3 reviews), 02 Feb 2009
I was very disappointed when eating here in the spring when I asked the waitress for a glass of tap water and she said they don't serve tap water! Isn't that illegal? Otherwise the food's quite nice, especially the soup, but the pasta is often overdone and service is VERY slow. They must have the slowest microwave in Christendom.

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 by juliawalton1542000 (2 reviews), 04 Nov 2008
Lovely atmosphere, friendly service and fresh, well-presented food at reasonable prices. Don't miss it!

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 by steeveetee, 08 Apr 2008
I live around the corner from this place, but have only just discovered it. It's like being in Italy. Best Saturday breakfast in Angel!

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 by kikka801, 20 May 2007
Decent bread, but ingredients average at best, and not even made to order. Whoever gave this place good reviews is ignorant to the fine sandwiches on offer by the likes of I Camisa, Speck and Villandry. Am annoyed, as live in area, was hungry and followed their advice. Don't make my mistake.

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 by deli lover, 20 Feb 2007
Truly a gem amongst the delis of London. Fantastic meats, great selection of cheeses. My contender for the best sandwich in town... easily.

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 by koze, 03 Feb 2006
Great deli - staff are a joy and the food is the same.

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 by Anonymous, 16 Sep 2005
Loved this place. Great food and lovely staff.

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 by Anonymous, 13 Jul 2005

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