155 Westbourne Grove
Notting Hill, London
W11 2RS
Tel: 020 7229 0571 Notting Hill Gate 0.4 miles

Great Italian deli owned by Alistair Little.


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I can't believe anyone could be negative about Alistair's charming Tavola of delights. I have been in here many times and I don't even live locally. The passion and experience he and his wife have created celebrates good food and feels special. If you don't like it then perhaps you are missing the Essenes and I suggest you look more closely and get engaged.

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 by Fiona2, 09 Feb 2014
Lovely people and amazing food!

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 by rowanapr, 09 Apr 2013
Incredibly slow and tedious service, very expensive, unhelpful when I enquired about ordering a luxury foodstuff. But still, not bad considering.

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 by Xiang, 04 Jan 2013
I have just read the reviews and some of them are wholly at odds with my experience. Both Mr Little and his wife were extremely charming and helpful and couldn't do enough to help me; so were their staff. I wish this deli was nearer to home.

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 by southwalian, 10 Nov 2011
The place is great. The staff are lovely. Period.

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 by gedladd, 24 Dec 2009
Simply put, Alastair Little is a visionary and changed the way Britain ate in the nineties before the onslaught of the omnipresent, omnipotent and tedious wunderchefs (you know who they are...). Having a talent like his at the helm of a deli in London is a luxury. It is a fantastic deli. Highly recommended.

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 by cairobill, 27 Dec 2008
I think if the woman stands outside smoking then doesn't wash her hands before handling food, that's hardly an attack. I've seen it done in a lot of other places where staff return from break and don't wash their hands. I would guess they may have even used the toilet too...

Granted, the food is good, but shopping/eating is a sensual experience and can be ruined by these kind of realisations.

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 by ADDLED (2 reviews), 07 Sep 2008
My friend (Italian gourmet) and I visited Tavola on our way to Ottolenghi. We spent some time looking at everything whilst she enlightened me on some of the products. Mr Little was quite rude and obviously cares little for his clientele. We left empty-handed (the one type of salami I wanted they didn't have)and had an altogether different (i.e. pleasurable) experience at Ottolenghi, where the food is outstanding and the staff knowledgeable and amiable. I will not go back to Tavola.

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 by Jane Crowley, 23 Jul 2008
Best place ever!

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 by grace malis, 04 Jun 2008
The personal attack on the woman manageress, who I might add is the co-owner, is totally unwarranted. As a regular customer of Tavola, I can only applaud her courtesy and dedication to promoting excellent customer service. Tavola provides wonderful food, served by a team of charming and helpful staff, and is a lifeline for many. I love it!

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 by sabrina askew, 27 Apr 2008
Definitely not a chippy! Good-looking, fresh, fresh food and great staff. A real Grove treat.

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 by Joe Buchanan, 27 Apr 2008
The woman manageress is awful and rude. She stands outside smoking and stinks when she comes in. She has a terrible attitude and was extremely rude to my husband and I. I will never go back, and neither should anyone else!

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 by racheldoss, 25 Feb 2008
I'm guessing the last comment was written by a franchisee of Carluccio's. If you like franchises, take 'A Chef's advice below and get your coffee from Starbucks too. If you want something decent, go to Tavola.

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 by Rastis Watermelon, 09 Jan 2008
Probably the rudest woman I have ever encountered (and I suggest when you have finished smoking outside the shop door, you should wash your hands!) Totally unhelpful and an utter disgrace. Go to Carluccio's - it's fantastic!

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 by A Chef, 18 Oct 2007
Love it, love it. Knocks spots off most of the local food available. Shame it's not on a busier stretch of Westbourne Grove.

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 by carlywalker, 19 Apr 2007
The owners are always so friendly and they do a brilliant lunch box every day, which is always delicious.

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 by Anonymous, 02 Jun 2006
Expensive, yes, but quality is great. Love that Tuscan oil 'val di luce'.

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 by bombo, 08 Feb 2006
I'm a very frequent shopper here. Alistair Little and his wife have a reputation for excellence. You must try the fruit and veggies, especially the berries during the summer.

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 by Jared, 28 Jan 2006
Have had some excellent things from this quality deli. But it is really expensive.

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 by Lucy P (5 reviews), 12 Jul 2005
Nice window display and the food is good too!

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 by Anonymous, 15 Apr 2005

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