210 Upper Richmond Road
Sheen, London
SW14 8AH
Tel: 020 8392 9127

Best selection of Italian food for miles, including great take away dishes.

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I loved Mr Chips' review. "Underseasoned"... I take it you mean "Not as much salt as I'm used to". That'll be fresh food for you, and Valentina's food is sublimely fresh and truly yummy. We stock up there regularly; some of the basics like the pom sauce and fresh pasta are staples for my (lucky) toddler. I confess I did once pass the veg pasta off as my own at a dinner party...

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 by dragonara, 09 Oct 2009
Just had a fabulous lunch with my children. Stuffed calamari on bruschetta bread was delicious. Staff are friendly and polite. The prices reflect the area and the quality of food. I would definitely go again.

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 by louisewood, 02 Sep 2009
Popped in for a quick supper. A generous basket of bread with olives and beautifully cooked stuffed baby squid + perfect pasta. Side orders of asparagus and simple rocket salad were well seasoned and faultless. Very good value - no wine, just diet cokes and the lot came to less than £40.

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 by forrest, 09 Jun 2009
I cannot believe 'Mr Chips' was so harsh about this Sheen institution. I have been buying there for years, and the pommodoro sauce is one of the most delightful I know of. Fresh pasta always look like they have just been made, and are first class. Lovely Luganega sausages, grilled vegetables, salamis, prosciutto, and cheeses. Fantastic selection of dried pastas too. And no, I am not a relative or best friend of the owner. Chips don't belong in an Italian deli, and that's that.

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 by Fruitapain, 12 Mar 2009
Fantastic place for a delicious lunch - the shop is a must for wonderful food.

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 by natasha.copley, 01 Dec 2008
Deli fantastic, wine selection fantastic, restaurant fantastic, service fantastic. Valentina can be summed up in two words: ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC, and I will definitely be taking my family there again.

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 by Richard.H. Thompson, 23 Sep 2008
Absolutely brilliant! The service, the food, the wines, everything! I can't possibly fault it in any way. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for fine wine and delicious Italian food, served with a friendly smile.

Jennifer Halden (Richmond)

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 by jenhalden, 04 Sep 2008
Took my mother and brother for lunch. To put it bluntly, it was awful. Homemade raviolis were underseasoned and portions were small. If you order 2 of the same dish on the same table, you'd expect them to both look the same, yet mine came swimming in a pool of butter emulsion. Salad of grilled vegetables was not good either. Two of us decided to have coffee. One would expect some sort of pride coming from an Italian eatery, but the Americano was as bitter as hell (like the coffee had been ground a week ago) and the cappucino had so much chocolate sprinkled over the top that it tasted like a luke-warm, weak hot chocolate (no microfoam frothing here). Certainly will not be going back.

The staff were very friendly, if a little clueless, and the deli counter did look neat and presentable. However, judging by the quality of food served in the restaurant, the deli items seemed as if they were bought in. The other reviewers on this site must have been friends and family, because this is no way a 5-star establishment. There's nothing I'd like more than to have a great Italian deli/eatery close to home, but they're going to have to work a lot smarter if they want my custom.

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 by Mr.Chips, 12 Aug 2008
Amazing deli, and now they have included a restaurant as well. It is fantastic - the food is out of this world and there's a great atmosphere. Will definitely go again. A great night out, Italian style!

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 by ILUVLONDON, 11 May 2008
Brilliant Italian deli with wonderful service and great choice of wines. Understand they are extending the shop to make room for more wines (400+) and a cafe... can't wait!

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 by Wolfiewolf, 16 Sep 2007
Italy at its best, including the wonderful owners Sergio and Anna.

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 by Francesca SW14, 10 Jul 2006
Food is out of this world!

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 by Anonymous, 24 Apr 2006
Both the food and the service are excellent!

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 by Anonymous, 08 Jun 2005

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