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Q Clinic offers everything from general to cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry at reasonably affordable prices. A luxurious Harley Street dental practice, it has been featured in many magazines and TV programmes. Its founder, Dr Tapesh Anand, is one of the world's most experienced clinician in using Invisalign (virtually invisible) braces.

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I am surprised to hear these things about Q Clinic. I too waited to receive my trays (about 3-4 months) but I did eventually receive them. The treatment is going alright and I am at tray 18 out of 20. I am supposed to see them in February but am unable to contact them. The number is incorrect, or so I'm told when I ring, emails do not get replied to, and I do not know what to do. I have had no issues with Dr Tapesh or staff, but now I am shocked to read these reviews...

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 by crinel1981, 13 Feb 2014

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 by bhairavi_s, 12 Feb 2014
My story: same as everyone's on here and various web search engines really. Saw Mr Anand for an Invisalign consultation, had my impressions taken a few months later and then waited 4 months as per my treatment plan... nothing. Started to feel slightly suspicious as all staff kept trying to fob me off with delays (4th generation blah blah blah). After another two months waiting, googled Mr Anand, Q Clinic and reviews/complaints. Immediately asked for a full refund of deposit (30% put down initially) as Q Clinic seemed to be becoming a concern to many dental patients. Got my refund, but it took three months! Although, Hitachi, the finance company, immediately refunded monthly payments that had been debited from my bank account. Reported Q Clinic to GDC (as I understand many have).

Reference Mr Anand's registration at GDC: the date for December 2013 is only the one for Mr Anand to pay his fee to the GDC. I have been reliably informed that this is not a review of his fitness to practise (more's the pity).

P.S. I'm lucky I did not start my treatment, as I have been informed subsequently that Invisalign braces would not have worked for my dental problem. A lucky escape methinks!

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 by Q Clinic teething problem, 21 Nov 2013
Had to wait for more than a year for braces when they told me it would take 6 months. Every time I went to their clinic I was petrified. When I confronted Dr Tapesh Anand, instead of taking responsibility he just said, "Your braces have been sitting here for more than two weeks"!


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 by selframes, 08 Nov 2013
The service I initially received was superb. I had an Invisalign brace top and bottom and after 6 months my teeth looked great. However, my after treatment was a complete rip off. After 3.5 years I'm still having to wear a retainer every night as one particular tooth still moves. The reason I chose the removable retainer over the fixed was because of their advice that after one year of wearing it every night I would only have to wear it once a week! I also now feel that if they really looked into my mouth and teeth they would have known I needed additional work on this particular tooth or would have advised me to have a fixed retainer.

I have recently emailed Q Clinic with my concerns and all they offered was a 10% discount on a £500 fixed retainer! After spending £350 on a cheap bit of plastic (on their advice) I hardly want to fork out on another retainer. When I expressed this they were very rude and made out it was my fault for not contacting them, when in fact I did a few years back and got ignored.

My advice would be to go somewhere else as they clearly just want your money and once you're out the door they don't care!

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 by Kelly.ganly, 24 Oct 2013
I had my teeth done at Q Clinic 3 months ago. I was very happy with the treatment I received and the service provided. I had a good result - all that was required was some edges adjusting due to differences in height. I have had so many comments on my teeth. Brilliant - 10 stars!!

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 by jakeyv1, 26 Mar 2013
I am also an Invisalign patient at Q Clinic and, as such, am surprised to read some of the reviews posted. Granted, there was an initial delay with the trays, but I had the aligners fitted a few weeks ago and already I'm seeing positive results - exciting times! Very happy with the treatment and service provided and would be more than happy to recommend to friends and family.

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 by ALJamison, 22 Mar 2013
My aligners were a little behind schedule but Dr Anand promised he would finish my treatment before my wedding this April 2013. I finished this week and it is amazing, I cannot believe the difference. Thank you very much Q Clinic.

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 by J_Wilaby, 21 Mar 2013
Worst dentist in London. Still waiting for my money back, 12 months after paying for a service they can no longer provide. Ridiculous.

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 by M-Peach, 20 Mar 2013
I have just completed my Invisalign treatment at Q Clinic and I am delighted with the result. I saw an advertisement in the Evening Standard in November 2011 and went to meet Dr Tapesh Anand and his team. I also consulted my dentist, a marvellous and forward thinking Australian who keeps up to date with all the latest innovations in dentistry, and I visited several other clinics who offered Invisalign in order to make an informed decision. I considered fixed braces and invisible fixed braces (Incognito) but both of these options could affect speech and, as I work in the media and do a lot of film and recording work, neither was an option. Invisible fixed braces are also extremely expensive. As a child I wore braces as I had 'Bugs Bunny' teeth and, although my teeth were good and did not need a huge adjustment, they were uneven. As my Mum (who'll always tell you the truth) and my daughter's orthodentist said, "Yes, your teeth are lovely but the unevenness does show in photos" (Mum) and "Yes, lovely teeth but far from perfect!!" (orthodentist).

Initially I was concerned, since the treatment was due to start within about 8 weeks and in actual fact I only started my treatment in July 2012. I also read some less than favourable reviews. Dr Anand, I discovered, was also involved in the design and development of Invisalign, and he explained that a transition was taking place from Invisalign 3 to Invisalign 4. The latter was more effective with teeth that need rotation as well as straightening, and he felt that it was advisable to wait for the more advanced treatment.

What is vital with this treatment is discipline in wearing the retainers. Twenty two hours a day is optimal. There is a slight inconvenience since you can only drink water when wearing the retainers, anything else requires removal and cleaning. If you like to graze, like me, you need to carry retainer and teeth cleaning equipment while on the move. Naturally, diligent cleaning is essential. "Just going to take my teeth out" became a running joke with friends and family. I recorded several audio books and numerous voice overs whilst wearing the retainers and there was no difference in my speech. I worked in front of the camera too and did several role play jobs for management training work. Interestingly, no one noticed that I was wearing retainers unless I said so.

I paid up front for fixed retainers (worn behind both top and bottom arches) after the Invisalign treatment was finished and in fact paid a little extra for fibre glass retainers because they are stronger and invisible. After this kind of treatment teeth are at their most unstable and need to be kept in place so fixed retainers are the best option. I elected not to have my teeth filed to absolute uniformity as I quite like the slight irregularity of shape. The price also included a whitening treatment which you do yourself. Since it involves eating only white food (because the paste renders the teeth more porous), I have not yet done it as it will take a little planning!

Dr Anand is a charming and softly spoken man who works quickly and efficiently. His team are professional and courteous. At my 6-8 weekly visits, dental nurses Callum, and latterly Nader, were in attendance, who are both delightful. Also a great advertisement since they both have perfect teeth and beautiful smiles. I have recommended Q Clinic to my own dentist and several patients are having treatment and, I am told, are very happy with it.

I finally have what my lovely dentist calls 'the Hollywood smile'. My experience was excellent and I am thrilled with the result. Highly recommend Q Clinic.

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 by janelouise, 18 Mar 2013
I decided to go for an Invisalign treatment but, as with you guys, it has been delayed for 6 months now. I have not received my first trays yet. I seriously regret going there because it has just been a waste of time and money! As it stands, they still want to charge me for the impressions... £550. But as the treatment plan was never processed with Invisalign, I believe I should claim for it.

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 by NATHALIEDUO, 09 Mar 2013

Don't believe any of the advertising for Q Clinic and "Dr" Tapesh Anand's so-called "5-Star Service" for Invisalign as it is all false. Don't be taken in by the Harley Street address and the glitzy clinic because it is all a big facade. He takes your money and you get nothing in return.

I paid in full for my treatment last June. They took my money, but kept delaying the treatment month after month with one excuse after another until I got fed up and said I wanted a refund. They blamed Invisalign the whole time, saying that they had delayed sending out the retainers and they couldn't understand why. Well I found out why after I spoke to Invisalign myself: Dr Anand/Q Clinic had not paid their bills to Invisalign so they were understandably not releasing the retainers. So Anand was taking people's money, but not sending it to Invisalign, so where was the money going?

My advice: call Invisalign to check the status of your retainers and to see if he has even ordered them; complain to the General Dental Council, who have an inquiry into Anand's fitness to practise; if you have finance, tell Hitachi Capital, request a complaints form and demand a refund. Meanwhile, don't let Q Clinic fob you off and feed you lies while they delay treatment and refunds.

There's a very good reason there are so many negative reviews and complaints about Q Clinic and Tapesh Anand. His registration to practise ends Dec 2013 according to the GDC, so move fast for your refund before it's too late...

Useful review? 3 1
 by countessolenska, 05 Mar 2013
This clinic receives 1 star because I cannot leave anything less.

I thought I received a decent deal with them and, unlike many of the others below, I received my aligners almost immediately. Progress was slow however, and I was scheduled to last 18 months.

I recently finished and I was unhappy with the final result. Dr Anand tried to bullshit me with technical jargon but I went to a different clinic and was told my teeth could be better and that they would take me on for a small fee.

Since joining this other clinic, they have been amazing. I have had that one tooth in my upper arch fixed and I now have the smile I have been craving for so long. It's not just the result, their entire fleet of staff are incredible - so polite and genuinely interested in you as a person. I found all the staff at Q Clinic cold and money-focused and their level of customer service was abysmal.

I wish I could turn back time and not be blinded by the cheap offer because, in the long run, it's cost me more. But at least I can say, after leaving that cowboy, I now have my Hollywood smile.

Avoid this farce at all costs.

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 by nailjuice, 02 Mar 2013
Do not bother with this clinic, it's a waste of time and money. I paid for my invisalign treatment upfront and it's been 7 months now and still haven't started my treatment. I am about to explode with anger!! Criminals! Rip off!

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 by JP85, 26 Feb 2013
The fact that over 70% of reviews about Q Clinic on this website are of a negative connotation should be a serious if not severe cause for concern. Most of the negative reviews here are slightly short and succint. I share their immense pain and frustration but have made it a personal mission to inform ALL prospective clients that this practice is the biggest fraud/sham in living memory.

Dr Anand and the Q Clinic are an absolute disgrace. Like most honest paying people, I chose to go ahead with Invisalign treatment with the Q Clinic back in late 2012. I was asked to visit the clinic on a number of occasions and provide impressions and x-rays of my teeth. I was subsequently informed in early 2013 that my treatment had been upgraded from Invisalign to Orthocaps and that I would be receiving my aligners in 4-6 weeks time. Sadly, no aligners were received and to my absolute horror when I took the liberty of contacting Orthocaps directly they confirmed that absolutely NO order had been processed by Dr Anand or the Q Clinic. In addition, I contacted Invisalign directly who informed me that the last few months Tapesh Anand's account was blocked due to unsettled payments. If you were to visit the Invisalign website you will notice that his name does not appear on the list of practitioners; all other Harley Street dentists appear, so if he is "Platinum Invisalign Dentist" then why does his name not appear?

I have emailed and spoken to the Q Clinic for the last week and they have finally agreed to reimburse me my £1000, although they strongly deny all allegations that have been made (note: I have written evidence from all parties concerned - i.e. Invisalign and Orthocaps - that, indeed, no treatment plan was ever processed).

I have decided now to take matters into my own hands, especially after I met an old university friend who has been waiting for over 1 year for her treatment, since I believe this gentleman needs to be struck off. I have subsequently contacted the GDC (who are fully aware of the plethora of consumers who have complained), Trading Standards, The CQC and lastly Watchdog.

To summarise: AVOID this organisation like the plague or you will be defrauded of thousands of pounds. The Q Clinic is an absolute disgrace and I sincerely hope the parasite at fault is struck off.

Useful review? 4 1
 by maghenavat, 26 Feb 2013
Stay away from Q Clinic. Align Technologies have stopped all invisalign shipments to the clinic. Q Clinic owes a lot of money and all shipments have been frozen. Q Clinic is an unethical practice. Don't go anywhere near them, you will waste your time and money!

Useful review? 4 1
 by Andrian, 20 Feb 2013
No star is deserved for this dreadful clinic, full of liars and cheats. You will lose your money.

Useful review? 4 1
 by Antoniarudebeck, 20 Feb 2013
I had the same experience. I bought the voucher and parted with a further £1800 for invisalign. Again, like some of the others, everything was so-so until the impressions were taken. The girl on reception seemed a bit scatty, but no alarm bells as yet. Roll forward some 8 months later and month after month it was one excuse after another.

I wouldn't recommend anyone to this clinic. So many people have had problems and in the current climate it's only a matter of time before they start refusing to give your money back. If you can afford to throw money down the toilet, then go with Q Clinic; otherwise, take your money elsewhere.

Useful review? 4 1
 by jennyseagrove, 19 Feb 2013
Wow - really sorry to hear that Q clinic has got even worse and people may actually lose money/not get treatment.

I had the misfortune of having my treatment with Q clinic, which began in 2011. I would never ever recommend Dr Tapesh Anand. He is the worst dentist I have ever encountered (both in terms of dental skill and patient care).

I will try to keep my dissatisfaction short, but in brief I was swayed by the cheap price that was being offered/the fact the clinic was in Harley Street (supposed centre of dental and medical excellence)/the late opening hours. All of which came back to haunt me.

Dr Anand tries to get rid of you as soon as possible before your teeth are fully straightened. He refuses to offer refinement treatment or send off for more retainers once you have completed your first allocated cycle. After I came to the end of my sets of trays (upper 12)/(lower 8) neither my top or bottom arch were straight. When I complained he was rude and dismissive and point blank refused to see anything wrong with my teeth and told me that was the best that I could ever expect my teeth to be. He likes to waffle and baffle patients with dental talk to try to avoid acknowledging his shortcomings and the obvious fact that your teeth are not straight!!

I then had to go to another dentist (more time/money/hassle) and get a second opinion. This dentist completely backed me up and said there was no way my invisalign case was finished and that I could definitely benefit from further trays to complete and get my finished result. I then had to write to Dr Tapesh Anand with this second opinion. Only then was he willing to see me and finish off my case. He was less than pleasant at this appointment, as if it was my fault that his so-called dental knowledge was in fact completely lacking.

I finally got some more trays. Over correction trays, he refused to take new moulds of my teeth and send them off to Invisalign for getting refinement trays. This was in contradiction to what the second dentist recommended. After several more months, more appointments and more discussions with Dr Anand, he was once again “finished” with my case! Although I did see some further improvement, my teeth are far from right. One is still crooked and where it is not straight I constantly get food stuck in it. Dr Anand's approach seems to be to butcher the teeth as much as possible by filing them down and shaving in between them (I presume to get them to move faster). Hence I have too-wide gaps in between the teeth, which again means food gets caught between them (something, I might add, that NEVER happened before treatment). This is now more embarrassing than having less than straight teeth.

Initially I was told that my treatment time would be around 10 weeks (another reason why I signed up) but with never being able to get an appointment, having to wait weeks in between and then having Dr Anand not take my concerns on board, having to write to Q Clinic and get others involved, it took well over a year!! In which time I could have had a proper metal brace with a better result and never had to deal with Dr Anand and Q Clinic.

After all this, I was so fed up that I did not have the energy to fight any longer and just signed off my case. However, as the months have worn on and I continue to have to pick food out of my teeth and worry about things being stuck, I wish I had taken it further and gone to the General Dental Council.

My advice is to avoid Q Clinic and Dr Anand at all costs. Yes, you might pay more at other clinics, but you certainly get what you pay for (which in my case was a load of hassle, stress, and butchered teeth that I am still not happy with). I strongly advise anyone having trouble with Q Clinic to report them to the General Dental Council. Dr Anand and Q Clinic need someone to stop them ripping people off and providing substandard care to patients.

BTW, this is the short version of my story. There are so many things that happened with Dr Anand and Q Clinic that I could write much more! But, in short, AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!

Useful review? 3 1
 by Lucky1212, 13 Feb 2013
I too have had a DREADFUL experience with Q Clinic.

I signed up for treatment after buying a voucher from the website KGB deals. Up until the point of getting my impressions taken and paying my first instalment of £1000, everything was going fine. My impressions were taken in August 2012 and, guess what, they've still not arrived.

I was told it could take up to 20 weeks, so knew it would take a while. But now on week 27, it's beyond a joke. I was told of the new technology, hence the delay to ensure I had the best aligners, blah blah blah. Repeatedly told my trays were on the next dispatch, then still nothing. I called them again on Feb 7th 2013 and told them of the findings I have discovered online, to be told this wasn't true but I could have my end retainers for free or, if I wasn't happy, a refund.

Q Clinic say the trays have been made but the delay is that Invisalign are withholding for reasons they are not sure of... all sounds rather suspicious to me. I'm fed up of waiting and have decided to cut my losses and get the refund and will find another company to give my money to. DO NOT use this company.

Useful review? 5
 by Crookedsmile, 09 Feb 2013

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