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There's something quintessentially English about Fortnum and Mason department store, which probably accounts for its popularity with tourists. Many an F&M packaged tea or condiment selection will have been purchased as a souvenir, but the ground-floor food hall stocks a sumptuous array of high-quality comestibles besides. Other departments include designer fashions, fine china, toiletries, as well as a beauty salon, hair salon and café.

Fortnum and Mason London

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I wish I had seen this website before, as I am also experiencing the worst customer service I have ever received. I ordered a special gift back in August which was never delivered, again parcel force were blamed. Anyway, still waiting for a refund. Have sent in a complaint letter 20 days ago which hasn't been acknowledged and now my emails are being ignored also. I have made countless calls and I too am not going to give up on this as we deserve better service. I urge others not to give up either. Please do not shop at F&M. I wouldn't have given any stars if it would have let me; I had to give one to put this review on.

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 by bucket, 24 Oct 2013
I have ordered a gift for my mother-in-law and asked for the date to be changed to one day earlier so she will receive the gift on her birthday! I was informed it was a day later! I've just called their customer service office, who seemed totally unbothered and said that they cannot change it as it was ordered on line and it is in the process of being dispatched. I bought a gift from them thinking they would have excellent service. How wrong can you be? Here's hoping it does arrive at all, having read the reviews below. I will never order anything again from them.

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 by margo.singleton, 25 Mar 2013
I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING ONLINE FROM F&M. I have just had the worst online shopping experience with F&M I have ever had with any online retailer. I am very sorry I did not read some of the reviews, particularly from December 2011, of others who had that kind of experience.

I have visited F&M numerous times as I used to work nearby. F&M has had a deserved reputation for being a delightful place to shop and eat, although, as others said, it is also overpriced and sometimes service is mediocre. This year I ordered a couple of expensive Christmas hampers online for my staff. One arrived and I learned recently one did not.

The online account information was that 'tracking' was not available. So I called customer service. I was assured that Parcel Force had made the delivery (late) and the package had been signed for. The person who was to have received it had not, and checked with neighbours - nothing. She then called Parcel Force herself and they told her that it had NOT been delivered as they had been missing the flat number (which I confirmed was in the F&M system) and that it had been re-delivered to F&M; the signature was F&M's own depot!

I called F&M again and politely explained. After 30 minutes on the phone I was told not to worry, redelivery would be arranged and I would be called shortly by a supervisor to confirm. 3.5 hours later, nothing. I called again. The new person apologized, took all of the same information, and 30 minutes later I was told that the supervisor would call me in 10 minutes to arrange redelivery or a refund. 2.5 hours later, nothing. I called again, went through the whole thing again, and demanded to speak to a supervisor. After holding for 10 minutes, the supervisor came on and started questioning whether the package had actually been delivered. He also told me he had no authority to arrange a redelivery or refund given the amount in question and someone would call me back tomorrow. I am still waiting.

I don't know if I have been just been lucky in the past; I try always to order online only from reputable retailers and have had no issue even remotely like this over many years using the internet. F&M clearly are not, in my view, set up to carry out this type of business.

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 by msussman, 04 Jan 2013
I'd never shop at Fortnum and Mason, because they have the worst customer service I've ever experienced. F&M these days is a shop only for tourists.

I purchased an item during the sale and asked them to deliver it to my home. I had been waiting for almost 2 weeks when I received a call from them, saying, "Unfortunately the Royal Mail lost your item in delivery, so would you like a full refund or another item?". I asked them if I could order the same thing I had bought, and they said yes.

However, the following day they called me again and said the item wasn't available any more, so they could refund or I could come to the store and choose another item. I decided to make a visit to the store. Once there, to my surprise, one of the customer service team told me the 'truth': it was not because of the Royal Mail (poor scapegoat Royal Mail) that I didn't receive my delivery but because one of the Fortnum and Mason staff had broken my item! She told me that I could choose anything I wanted instead of the purchased item, so I browsed the shop. But there was no similar item I wanted to get - I didn't need any stupid tea, any stupid teacup, nor any stupid souvenir!

While I was browsing the shop, this same member of staff came over to me and handed me a gift card for the total amount of money I had paid them for the item and said I could use it in F&M. Since I couldn't find anything that I wanted there, I returned the card and asked her to refund my money. Very disappointed, I left the store.

After 5 minutes I received a call again from them, saying they had found one same item left in their stock and asking if I still wanted it or not. What great customer service! Why didn't they try to look for a replacement when they broke my original item 2 weeks ago? And why didn't they try to look for it when they called me 2 days ago and again yeserday? And why didn't they try to look for it while I was at the store 5 minutes ago?

So I said "No thanks", to which the reply was only "OK". No "Sorry", no apologies at all for the fact they broke my item (and lied that it was because of the Royal Mail), made me visit the store at this busy Olympic period and waste my time - NO APOLOGIES!

All in all, the worst shopping experience I have ever had and I would never shop at Fortnum and Mason again.

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 by suezie85, 02 Aug 2012
I visited F&M for the first time last weekend and had a wonderful experience. I was tended to by Tara, who was informative and very friendly. Her advice was spot on and I feel I made the right decision. Tara, along with her colleague at the desk, were an absolute delight. I purchased a tea set and had it shipped. The package arrived on time.

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 by Lovingtheolympics, 01 Aug 2012
I paid £150 for an Olympic event which ended up getting cancelled. I was told I would be refunded but the money never materialised in my account. I phoned Victoria in reservations and she took my card details and promised me that my refund would go through that day.

A week and a half later it still was not showing in my account, so I made a visit to the store. The staff in the hamper department were very friendly and extremely apologetic. The young girl that served me phoned Victoria and asked if the refund had been issued. Reservations were no longer able to help and put us though to Customer Services. Apparently, the refund was issued five days after I had given my card details for the refund (where had my card details been stored in that time?). I was told via the hamper assistant that I should check my bank statement again. However, the assistant persisted in ensuring that the refund had gone onto the correct card as she was not happy with me going away until I was certain that the refund was going to make its way back into my pocket. I'm very grateful that she did, as apparently the incorrect customer's card had been refunded! The hamper girl then issued an immediate refund to my card. I was very pleased that she was so helpful and willing but I wish the rest of the store would take note.

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 by Grumblestiltskin, 30 Jul 2012
Ordered from F&M 8 days before the hamper and cake ordered were to be delivered (with additional charges for the delivery on a set day). The evening before I received a message to call them and, when I called, I was told the hamper was out of stock but if I stayed on the line they would look in the store (left using my mobile call for 20 minutes whilst customer service demanded I stay on the line as they could not call back). Was then served a fait acompli of having a different box (not hamper) sent when clearly too late for me to do anything.

The next day the box gift arrived, but no cake (this only arrived 4 days later, after an email!) Got a message they would refund the 'premier delivery' charge - I think that's the very least they should do, since it was the wrong gift and the cake arrived 4 days late... However, despite having my mobile and arranging a day to call, I am still waiting, as no call has been received! I have now sent an email to Linda Ward and Beverley Aspinall and will see if there is any response, but will not hold my breath. Guess I was lucky, judging from these reviews, to actually receive anything at all. Still, rather embarrassed that my twin sister thinks I forgot her birthday!

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 by jackie.hgte, 18 Jun 2012
Worst online shopping experience of my life. I don't think F&M is equipped for modern global commerce. Ordered in November of last year and still trying to get it sorted. It is nearing the 5 month mark... Buyer beware.

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 by justanotherjen, 16 Apr 2012
The online shop has very bad customer service. Part of my Christmas order was missing. Following countless emails, telephone calls and letters, my promised refund has still not been given and it is now end of March. I call this pretty poor for such a famous store.

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 by Frangipani, 29 Mar 2012
I agree with all of the below. Placed an order on 22nd Jan for a hamper to be delivered to a friend in southern Ireland and paid an extra delivery charge. 6 weeks later I received a voicemail from a lady in their warehouse requesting further address details. I returned her call 9 times but the line rang out every time. I spoke to customer services and asked them to put me through to Christina, but was told this was not possible. One lady from customer services told me that Christina only really works half days and I should try calling earlier the next day, a second operator told me there was no such person as Christina working for the company, a third operator, named Wayne, told me he couldn't help me unless I had the full order detail and order number.

So... I searched my account history, found the order details and emailed it all to customer services. But after 7 days and no response I decided to call again. Unfortunately I was put through to Wayne again, who refused to listen to my explanation of the situation and continually cut me off mid-sentence or just spoke over me (pretty shocking phone manner!). He told me the reason my package had not arrived was because I had entered an unrecognisable address. I asked him to read this address out to me. When he did, I realised that there must be some sort of glitch in their ordering system, as the address he read out did not match the correct address which I had entered when placing the order and which was still stored along with my order history. However, Wayne still maintained that their system records exactly what the customer types in. Fair enough, we'll put this one down to computer gremlins. But what really upset me was that they waited 6 weeks to inform me that there was any problem, and even when they did so they made it so difficult to rectify it.

I've asked for a refund but, judging by the comments below, it could be a struggle to get it. I'm really embarrassed that it's almost 2 months since I placed the order and I've met the friend for whom it was intended several times in the interim. I feel Fortnums have really let me down and I'm also wondering if any of the other 5 gifts I've ordered from them over the last 2 years have actually arrived... Such a pity.

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 by Ennis, 12 Mar 2012
Same problem. I ordered a hamper in October for delivery to my family as I would be overseas. I think I knew at order time there would be a problem as the girl serving me was clearly upset with a colleague who she could not delegate to. Then I was told their new system was down and they would process my order manually. Why did they close the old system before the new one was working? I am still chasing the refund on this and when you call customer care they don't answer and you have to sit through what is clearly a very stretched tape recording. Are they about to fail as a company?

Useful review? 1
 by stfual, 20 Feb 2012
ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED WITH THEIR SERVICE. Corporate Christmas gifts arrived 2 months late. How embarrassing to have to ask our clients if they had received our Christmas hampers. Will never spend another penny with them ever again and am telling everyone I know to never spend a penny with them either. Atrocious service and an absolute lack of customer care.

Useful review? 1
 by rachaelorgueil, 17 Feb 2012
Same story from me. Ordered goods in early December, nothing received and no response to phone calls, emails or letters. I even wrote to the CEO, but no response. So I took them to court to claim back my money. Still no response from them, so I am sending in bailiffs to recover goods to the value of my claim. I suggest everyone does the same, it's the only way they will learn.

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 by jackfred, 15 Feb 2012
Fortnum and Mason should be on BBC's Rogue Traders. What a rubbish company to do business with. Still waiting on my refund from 7th Decemember and it's now 13th February. I hope they go out of business, they don't deserve to trade. Lies and more lies is all you will get from customer services. Don't even bother emailing, that is just an empty sink hole.

Useful review? 1
 by neilesperanto, 13 Feb 2012
This is a disgraceful company. We bought the Family Christmas Hamper and found, when it was delivered in early December, that they had put in low quality products. For example, instead of putting the Louis Roederer champagne in there, they had put their own lower quality brand. Same in the wine category, they had put lower quality vintages.

I contacted their customer services three times before Christmas (40 minutes waiting time each time). Every time one of the untrained telephonists (supposedly in customer services) promised restitution that never materialised. During the Christmas break I phoned them again, and after an hour they said that they were currently very busy but would rectify the situation after New Year.

I waited all January - another 3 calls and a couple of hours waiting on the phone - and they now said that they had run out of the correct vintages and had replaced them. When I explained the situation, i.e. that you cannot just replace the items with lower quality products, as defined by the Office of Fair Trading, it seemed that they did not care.

I am escalating the matter. This was never a matter of financial restitution but one of principle. Either this company has become so arrogant that they do not care about their customers, or they are in a downward spiral due to inferior service and have no idea how to pull themselves out of it. Either way, I will never buy from them again, my company will not buy from them again, all my friends in the city will become aware and will never buy from them again - and, as we know, this business is about the word of mouth. Just look at all the REVIEWS UNDER ME.

Useful review? 1
 by sbaradar, 12 Feb 2012
I have suffered the same consequences of ordering through what I had previously experienced as a very reputable company. Unfortunately, I did not realise until Jan that several of my orders had not been delivered. F&M did not inform me - I found out through embarrassingly being told by the proposed recipients of the gifts. I immediately spoke to customer services, who promised me a refund and compensation. This did not happen and there has not been any further communication. I have emailed and written but to no avail. Today I find the customer relations line becomes dead after 2 rings. Surely the F&M board are aware of the problem? I just cannot believe they are allowing customers to be treated in such a way.

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 by aly1, 04 Feb 2012
What a disgrace. I bought items in good faith on 8/12/2011. Like so many others, took a day off as was told goods were being delivered. Goods never came. When I rang customer service they informed me the goods were being picked. Okay, I thought, just a one off. NO! Many phone calls and emails later, still nothing: no goods, no refund. It is now 31/01/2012. Customer service? There is none. Now in touch with my own bank to try and get my money back. Fortnum and Mason, you should be ashamed.

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 by T Baldwin, 31 Jan 2012
I suffered the same fate as many others. I placed an order for a hamper in mid December, only to find out in early January (when I called customer service) that the order was never dispatched. Customer service is non-existent - as others have experienced - with no replies to emails and promises of a refund in "7-10 business days". I am still waiting... I will never do business with such a disreputable company again.

Useful review? 3
 by snapsf, 25 Jan 2012
A friend ordered a Double Champagne Box on 8th December, as a Christmas present to myself. Christmas came and went, but still no delivery. I emailed their Customer Services on 28th December and, 19 days later, I am still awaiting a reply. Two weeks ago I telephoned F&M and it took them 15 minutes to locate the order - apparently their computer screen kept "freezing". They said that they would arrange for a replacement to be sent to me - you've guessed, it's not arrived yet. Do F&M actually know which orders are still outstanding, and what are they doing to sort out this mess?

Useful review? 3
 by neil2, 16 Jan 2012
Ordered hamper in November for Christmas present, which did not arrive. After many emails and phone calls, I eventually spoke to someone in the accounts department, who was apologising obviously reading from a card, who took my bank details for a refund. To date, now middle of January, I have not received refund into my account. I have phoned several times, but cannot speak to anyone, just left on hold. Have sent many emails, which are not answered.

Will never ever deal with this company again. I thought I was dealing with a reputable firm but obviously not. I was brought up in business and was always taught to give good service and quality and your customers will return. This company is totally incompetant. Beverley Aspinall, the Managing Director, should be dealing with these issues. Would advise anyone not to order online from Fortnum and Mason, as the service is disgraceful.

Useful review? 3
 by pamelaadeva, 16 Jan 2012

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