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109-125 Knightsbridge
Knightsbridge, London
Tel: 020 7235 5000 Knightsbridge less than 0.1 miles

Harvey Nichols (or ‘Harvey Nicks' as it's better known) is the one department store the Knightsbridge ladies who lunch simply couldn't be without. Not a place to go searching for the utilitarian items of daily life, its main attractions are its fashion and accessories departments that feature collections by hot young designers as well as elegant classics. The ever-so refined Fifth Floor restaurant is just one of a number of in-store eating spots for those lunching ladies to choose from.

Mon-Fri: 10am-8pm
Sat: 10am-7pm
Sun: 12pm-6pm

Harvey Nichols London

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Visited all the Harvey Nichols stores and have always found the staff polite, friendly, and very very helpful. Top marks all the way.

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 by evonne.turner, 18 Aug 2011
Cool store with underpaid, snotty staff.

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 by tanzonholiday (3 reviews), 18 May 2009
Absolutely love this store. Always come here and treat myself on my birthday. Great gear, great staff, and delicious prawns on the 5th floor!

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 by Sound maker, 23 Jan 2008
I ordered some cosmetics (Covere FX) this morning by phone and the service I received from a young lady assistant made me think I was back in the halcyon days when customers were valued and treated as human. What a change after dealing with the local council about a piece of foil butter wrapping put in the wrong bin (I was made to feel a criminal!) Life has changed for the worse. However, many thanks to this young lady from an 84-year-old relic who still appreciates good service - you restored my faith in mankind!

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 by peter popper, 05 Jan 2008
I think Harvey Nics is great - the brands are fantastic and it's easy to find everything, unlike the mazes that are Harrods and Selfridges. HN has the best brands and is more fashion forward.

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 by SWLondoner, 20 Apr 2007
Lovely customer service at the store in general, but especially on the ground floor.

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 by MARQUITO, 10 Apr 2007
I am constantly amazed at the good things I hear about Harvey Nicks because, in my experience, this store has absolutely the worst service. Yes, they carry a lot of good brands but just trying to get any help there is like asking the sales staff to borrow their right arm. I mostly stick to the women's wear and am shocked that, considering the price of the clothes, the sales staff are constantly chatting away amongst themselves, never asking if the customer needs any help. This is where Harrods outshines them every time.

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 by fleecy, 24 Mar 2007
I love this store, it's so trendy and has all the best clothes and jewellery. The stuff I buy there is worth every penny.

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 by lauren, 23 Jan 2007
I love Harvey Nicks, it's such a good store. They've got cool young brands like Tsubi, Sass & Bide, Juicy Couture and many more. It's a little expensive, but the things they sell are such good quality it's totally worth it!

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 by eded, 15 Jan 2007
One of the worst shopping experiences I've ever had, particularly in menswear. Poor management.

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 by Anonymous, 01 Dec 2006
I love Harvey Niks. Good brands, very good value and good service. When ever I'm in London I only shop at Harvey Niks and Harrods. Both of them beat the Oxford street stores hands down.

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 by menukj (3 reviews), 18 Jun 2006
Despite the menswear department carrying niche labels such as Thom Browne and Carpe Diem, there seems to be no editing in what they buy in.

Most of the stock wouldn't sell at 70% off. Regarding the staff-generally poor with hardly any product knowledge and attitude.

And they also stopped stocking Missoni and YSL Rive Gauche- so a big no-no from me..

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 by botero1982 (15 reviews), 23 Apr 2006
Far too expensive and pretentious.

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 by Anonymous, 13 Mar 2006
I'm from Los Angeles and when I'm home I only shop in boutiques, NEVER in department stores. However, Harvey Nichols is the only place in London that stocks the brands that I love and am familiar with, and for that it has my vote.

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 by Anonymous, 16 Dec 2005
Harvey Nichols is the most exciting and beautiful store in London (and the rest of the country for that matter). The Foodmarket, Cafe and Restaurant still have a fashionable look.

Menswear stocks some of the world's most prominent designer's, from John Galliano and Dior Homme to more mid range labels such as Nicole Farhi and D&G. The point that I am trying to make is that they stock a wide range of labels for every occasion, from casual ware to evening ware.

The other five stores in the UK and Ireland are also a small taste of the real thing in Knightsbridge.

Best store in London!

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 by Designer Freak, 27 Sep 2005
I am always pleased that there is no-one else at Balenciaga, I suppose the average patron of Harvey Nicks is more happy to peruse the racks at Matthew Williamson (quelle horreur). Also love Shu Uemura, the boy there is too sweet for words and I love him to bits.

Food market is brilliantly designed, and doesn't look at all tired despite being built in '92! Great layout and perfect for a local shop, but no specialties you couldn't find better elsewhere.

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 by Lubylu (3 reviews), 06 Sep 2005
Some fair comments below but Harvey Nicks is still a great shop. They stock a huge range of fantastic clothing and there are several excellent concessions. The food market is one of the best places to shop for gourmet presents and the bar and restaurant are superb too. Can get a bit busy, especially if you choose to visit on a Saturday afternoon, but midweek it's fine.

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 by Antonia W11 (8 reviews), 26 Aug 2005
Visited Harvey Nichols for the first time in a couple of years and was as disappointed now as I was then. The shop is like a jumble sale only without the possibility of a bargain attached. It was impossible to browse without being practically knocked over by fellow customers jostling for an inch of floor space or being harassed by heavily made-up and insincere sounding sales staff.

There is simply too much stuff crammed into this shop and far too many brand colours and logos shouting at you from every direction. The place looks very tired and even the food hall has lost its initial sparkle.

People must be mad to think of this place as trendy.

The only saving grace is the bar at the top. Once you've suffered the heat, the overwhelming mix of scents, the snail's pace escalators, the artificial light, the crush and the snobbery you are more than willing to pay over the odds for a stiff drink and a glimpse of natural light.

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 by andrew81371 (3 reviews), 08 Aug 2005
It is a given fact that buildings like this incur enormous costs and the overheads must be staggering. A few points worth considering, the store needs massive investment, the management seem more intent on opening provincial stores plus more abroad. It feels run down, witness the 4th floor, the day I visited I could have been in TK Maxx, some shoddy concessions and tatty carpets, I used to love Harvey Nichols but it has lost it... Ditto after visiting Les Senteurs and getting professional advice on the more individual scents on the market, Harvey Nicks stocks the Bond range from New York... considering the prices and the market these are aimed at , there was no one to advise on base notes etc., so no sale here.

The ladies fashion floors are good but menswear and the ground floor are not up to much. They should take a leaf out of Bergdorf's book, move Perfumery and Cosmetics to the basement, have an improved chic accessory section with more choice and more space. Move menswear out to a separate building and get more exciting ranges in...

If Harvey Nick's claims to be competing with New York and Hong Kong's best retailers then it had better get its skates on... even Harrods is gearing up, along with Selfridges and Liberty so something more needs to be done to return to past form... check out the Quartier 206 store in Berlin, which now that has some very chic labels, albeit on a smaller scale but no dull mid-market junk to fill out floor space, leave that to the discounters.

There is no excuse for a smart store to look in part shabby and run down.

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 by Irish Critic (4 reviews), 30 Jun 2005
As a former employee, here are a few things you should know about Harvey Nichols.

They charge premium prices, garments for £95 in Harrods cost £100 in HN. It has a very poor menswear section, with the unfashionable Boss and Burberry been its main sellers. It concentrates on selling mid range designer clothing at high prices. Things like Ralph Lauren and DKNY have huge price tags for unfashionable clothing.

Do yourself a huge favour and go next door to Harrods.

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 by sash, 17 Jun 2005

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