214-220 Regent Street
Regent Street, London
Tel: 020 7734 1234 Oxford Circus 0.1 miles

As well as its trademark prints (on everything from skirts to placemats, shopping bags to notebooks), Liberty's rambling ‘olde worlde' Regent Street store houses collections from an eclectic range of hip, cutting-edge designers. Cosmetics and toiletries include several ranges that are hard to find in other department stores. Jewellery, homewares and an interesting selection of Arts and Crafts antiques also offer up some unique gems.

Liberty Department Store London

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Paula Pryke at Liberty

Liberty reviews

Always get fantastic, friendly service here. Love Liberty's.

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 by micropig (10 reviews), 20 May 2013
Wonderful store to look around, but don't buy anything unless you are absolutely certain you never want to return it. Their returns policy is like something out of the dark ages. Customer service nul points. The sales assistants are also poorly trained with little knowledge or idea of how to be courteous. Have a look round and then pop down the road to Fenwicks or Selfridges for a much safer shopping experience! Shop till you drop because you know you can return it if necessary.

Useful review?
 by abibrown007, 10 Mar 2013
Management are rude, snobby and uptight. All goods are overpriced (any like-for-like brands can be purchased much more cheaply elsewhere) and their returns policy is verging on the illegal. It is supposed to be a nice place to buy gifts but don’t even think about it. They have a 14 day return period after which they will refuse point blank to do anything, even exchange. Or, if you’re unlucky enough to have bought anything from beauty, fragrance or clothing, there is no returns policy AT ALL. Even if you change your mind before leaving the store.

My wife picked up a couple of things in one department, and because you’re not allowed to walk around with unpaid goods like a normal shop, she had to pay for them right away. Then she saw something else in another section that she preferred. When we asked to exchange it we just thought the sales assistant was badly trained when she said we were not allowed, so we asked to speak to the manager. She also refused point-blank to let us exchange what we had literally just bought 5 minutes ago. No gesture of good will, no apology, just spouting "It's store policy" over and over again.

When there are so many other good stores to shop at with better value, far better service and decent returns policies, there is no reason whatsoever to shop here. By all means go in, look at the nice décor, but don’t bother buying anything. Save your money for a shop that treats its customers with respect.

Useful review?
 by JohnW, 24 Dec 2011
My favourite shop in the whole of London without question. From the beautiful wrapping at the cash desk, to the incredible building this wonderous store is housed in... breathtaking. Whenever I feel the need to spoil myself or someone, I head straight there!

Also a great place to keep your trend knowledge current - their window displays are innovative and cutting-edge.

Useful review? 1
 by ilovehairlesscats (6 reviews), 03 Mar 2011
Love it! Great service but sometimes a little snobby.

Useful review?
 by pveltis (2 reviews), 21 Oct 2010
Shame on Liberty for their tacky window display, "Quilty Pleasures". This could have been a fantastic display of craftmanship and inspiration, but now we are forced to avoid the store so we don't have to explain the content to our children. Patchwork Porn is not going to inspire a new generation of needlewomen - quilts are for memories. A store that prides itself on style should have known better.

Useful review?
 by Dorcas15, 25 Mar 2010
Just spent a wonderful morning in Liberty - great breakfast. The store is better than ever and buzzing with confidence. Without doubt the best big boutique in London. The superb taste of the buyers and display team is a credit to them!

Useful review?
 by Irish Critic (4 reviews), 27 Nov 2009
Don't waste your hard-earned cash in the cafe. The High Tea, extortionately priced at over £18.00 pp, was very poor quality. The bread for the sandwiches was cheap, mass-produced and dry, the 'egg maynonnaise' was made with cheap salad cream and had no egg to speak of, the ham was of the cheap, processed variety, and the cucumber was not only limp, it was also dangerously salty. The cakes were tasteless and uninspired - the ginger cake was clearly McVitie's! The service was unattentive, for which privilege they added 12.5% to the bill.

The scones and rose petal jam were delicious but, overall, the Liberty Tea is hugely overrated and massively overpriced. Your expectation of the exquisite 'English teatime' will surely result in disappointment.

Useful review?
 by mwtranslations, 26 Feb 2009
Fabulous store - it's real shopping with real class.

Useful review?
 by pcbigwillystyle (5 reviews), 20 Apr 2008
A fantastic place to shop, where you won't feel crowded or rushed. It's not too big and not too small. The shop assistants are friendly but not pushy. I've bought clothes, beauty products and furniture from here and I've signed up for the Liberty's card (not the credit card) to collect points and receive vouchers. I love shopping here!

Useful review? 1
 by bobbypants (52 reviews), 15 Jun 2007
Yes! Liberty is homely, unpretentious and the service great. As somebody else wrote, Selfridges can be brash and the service unfriendly. I go to London every year and used to always shop at Dickens and Jones, which is now closed. Liberty (I never considered it before, for some reason) is now my favourite and regular stop.

Useful review? 1
 by plaintain1, 09 May 2007
Menswear selection excellent but the service poor (all fashion students that do their best to ignore you) - such a shame, since it has the best selection of Ann Dem and Dries in London.

Useful review? 1
 by now_voyager (13 reviews), 19 Sep 2006
The best store in London without doubt for the discerning shopper. So much to choose from. On another topic why are they leaving the Regent Street site and consolidating the store into the Tudor building?

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 28 Sep 2005
The jewel of London's department stores! Traditional feel but fresh faced through the designers it carries.

Useful review?
 by pantherdash (2 reviews), 11 Sep 2005
Long live Liberty! They have the most fabulous buyer, you could shop for your grandmother and your ubertrendy fashionista boyfriend and your colleagues all in the same morning, and then have a divine cup of tea and a sit-down in what looks more like your aunt's front room.

I so love shopping here, it doesn't pretend at all, just has beautiful things all over the place, without looking at all messy. The home department feels at once like a Moroccan souk in the middle of Sir John Soane's house, and the fashion is extremely well selected, I couldn't recommend coming here enough.

Also where I get all of my Christmas decorations!

Useful review?
 by Lubylu (3 reviews), 06 Sep 2005
A classic gem of a department store, while Selfridges hits the mark and covers all areas of best taste, Liberty dares to be individual and you can rely on their buyer's eye.

Useful review?
 by flower girl (2 reviews), 02 Sep 2005
One of the best features of our recent London visit. A beautiful store!

Useful review?
 by downunder, 02 Jul 2005
The best department store in the world, everything is so unique. The store is beautifully laid out and just a wonderful experience. This is a store I couldn't live without.

Useful review? 1
 by Anonymous, 15 Jun 2005
One of the best bits of Liberty is the newish cosmetics department in the corner building on Regent's St. Perfect for a pre-night out facial 'touch-up' as there are lots of good brands with testers easily accessible. Assistants are helpful without being pushy.

Useful review? 1
 by capital girl (54 reviews), 01 Feb 2005
Personally I don't fancy a lot of the Liberty designs but it's certainly worth a visit for tourists - there's a historic feel to the store that's been lost from many of the other department stores nearby.

Useful review?
 by hooba (9 reviews), 12 Jul 2004

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