Peter Jones

Sloane Square
Belgravia, London
Tel: 020 7730 3434 Sloane Square 0.2 miles

After a 5 year makeover Peter Jones is looking better than ever with 8 floors of shopping built around an impressive central atrium. The top floor cafe also offers great views of west London.

Mon-Sat: 9.30am-7pm

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Having a fitted kitchen is turning into a terrible experience. Complete waste to pay the extra money to avoid the headache. We have issues with the work and will have to see if the firm can do anything about it. But I find it extraordinary that today my Peter Jones builder lost keys to my flat and block of flats and I cannot find out where they were lost as he has gone off and will not answer text or phone. He took my nanny's keys without discussing with me. He has also been leaving the front door of our building/flat open apparently, while he came and went, although I explained we have a crime problem. Clearly my and my small daughter's security is meaningless to these people.

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 by andrea99, 06 Nov 2013
We ordered 7 made-to-measure blinds from Peter Jones back in December 2011. They first attempted to fit the blinds in July. However they came in the wrong size/specification. Today was the third attempt to fit and finish the job but one of the blinds has a faulty mechanism. Sadly the whole process has been extremely painful to us. Their customer service at the shop was extremely poor - most of their staff don't know the products they sell, orders arriving in the wrong specification, etc. Simply absurd!

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 by lcpedrinha, 05 Sep 2012
Well, I am glad (sort of) that I am not the only one very disappointed with Peter Jones' soft furnishings department.

Where to start?
- Totally apathetic, disinterested staff who act as if it is a real hassle to talk to you. There is a whiff of snootiness, too, as if they are doing YOU a favour by selling you their overpriced fabrics.
- The choice of fabics is geared to those without a sense of style - i.e. very safe, boring, middle-class stuff. I guess that's their market...
- When you call to talk to someone, they always take your message but no one ever calls you back. I called 3 times and had to go to the store to actually talk to someone as no one called back.
- I ordered a blind from them on the strength of previous (years ago) service and workmanship. The blind I got this time simply looks cheap (even though it is expensive), it just hangs there like a pancake. I could have paid half the price to get it made with my local drycleaners and it would look the same, if not better.

I really think they need to up their game with their soft furnishings, unless other people are happy to throw their money away on substandard service and overpriced fabrics. I am not.

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 by mbannenberg, 06 Mar 2012
Unbelievably poor service!!

The furnishings department (which has recently undergone a 'revamp') seems to regard itself as something special, where the customer has to now book in a time slot and will be called when THEY are ready.
I ordered 2 made-to-measure roller blinds in August, then waited till October for the wrong ones to be delivered and to be told I might have to pay for re-making them. Now they're finally ready and they tell me that if I choose to pick them up from the store, they may damage them as they're currently carrying out some refurbishment works... What has happened to their once great customer service??

My recommendation: go to Lynn Westwood in Chiswick for your blinds and curtains - better choice, better prices and nicer people!

Useful review?
 by jameslangford, 11 Oct 2011
I shop regularly at Peter Jones, but will never again shop there.
I ordered made-to-measure blinds back in February of this year and we are nearing on July, with still no sign of the blinds! After numerous calls to them, they are still unable to rectify my issue. They continually say, "We will ring you back, sir", which never actually happens.

Extremely disappointed in them and their level of service and would definitely not recommend them for their made-to-measure items and the aftersales that goes with it. To take people's money is very easy, however afterwards is a whole lot of hassle!

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 by mludo, 21 Jun 2011
I used to shop at Peter Jones in the late '80s when it was full of quality products throughout the various departments (china, silver/glassware, furniture, etc). Care and attention was always a priority for the staff, as it is today, and product quality was a given. Today, however, having looked around the whole store I can safely say that Peter Jones has turned into a jumble sale-like department store where products are overpriced and of inadequate quality. They are showcased in a confused manner on the shop floor and everything is a bit, well, tatty. The price does not help the issue here either. Personally, it's sad to see an institution like this just focused on turning the buck and forgetting about aesthetics and store experience.

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 by J.R.H., 02 Jan 2011
Rude staff, not really living up to the high customer service standard it used to. NOT great product/service info or knowledge (I know more about how things work there than the staff seem to!). It's an OK place to shop but if something goes wrong they're rubbish at dealing with it.

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 by funk2135, 31 Dec 2008
I am very unhappy about the length of time one is kept waiting for customer service. After 3 minutes waiting and still no reply except for an apology from a recorded voice on a long distance line, I put the phone down. This is unacceptable.

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 by royle, 04 Feb 2008
Although they have some very nice stuff, and it's worth a look around, my biggest complaint (which is what took two points off my score) is the staff. They are rude, arrogant, unhelpful and uninformed. Some are nice, and I didn't have any trouble in the men's shoes area, but on the electronics floor they act indignant at the slightest question. The general aura of irritation that can sometimes be sensed is hugely annoying. Walk down the road and go to Harvey Nichols instead.

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 by TeddyN, 14 Jan 2007
Love the new layout. Food in the brasserie is just excellent, with intelligent choice of New World wines and attentive service. Only negative - men's clothing doesn't really cater properly for non-designer customers who want good quality, standard no-nonsense kit.

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 by Dickie, 19 Sep 2006
Staff are very rude esp. to children.

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 by s, 15 May 2006
Peter Jones has done such an amazing makeover it has near enough everything and I would list it as one of the best stores in Britain.

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 by Johnny, 20 Mar 2006
Despite its recent and incredibly protracted makeover, Peter Jones remains a very poor cousin in the John Lewis family. Somehow in its attempt to stock a bit of everything, it rarely manages to have what you want. And the final insult is the service, which is abysmal.

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 by squeezie (2 reviews), 02 May 2005
Peter Jones has everything you could ever want. The staff are helpful and well informed. A really great store. I love the new make over.

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 by Anonymous, 31 Mar 2005
The new Peter Jones is bright and fresh and still holds a huge range of merchandise. The service is still exceptional. It is great that the store received proper investment and not closed down as was the fate of the Partnership's stores in the suburbs.

John Lewis maintained throughout the refurbishment, however, that the unique character of the shop would not be lost. I believe most of it has in fact disappeared.

The main factor which strikes me to be detrimental is the loss of quiet in the store. The open plan floors with hard flooring throughout makes it really noisy and no longer the oasis of calm it once was. The re-positioning of the escalators makes it much easier to move from floor to floor but the circulation of people in the central atrium makes it a less comfortable place to stop and browse.

The loss of the art deco clock in one of the stairwells and the addition of the cheap looking neon column of lights on the spiral staircase lends nothing to the 30s masterpiece and just detracts from the simple beauty of the building.

The welcome relaxation of the old Restaurant is replaced by a challenge of trays, queues and chrome. Unless you are lucky enough to grab one of the few tables in the window The Top Floor offers a view not of London's skyline but of what appears to be endless air conditioning vents.

The Cafebar is a seventies throw back lacking any elegance or spaciousness. Why?

The loss of the Gift Department and the well proportioned light and airy room of the Pictures Department is unfortunate but we are told necessary.

The stock in the new Peter Jones seems more about trend and fashion than timeless design. There's also a narrower range of prices to choose from, these seem higher on average.

As a life long devotee of the place, not as a resident of Chelsea but from south of the river, I'm also puzzled by all the black and white signs around the shop, distinguishing it from all the other branches. Why? Is Peter Jones no longer a proper John Lewis?

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 by andrew81371 (3 reviews), 18 Jul 2004
Still a great department store, but it has lost some of the character and charm which made Peter Jones my family's "one stop shop" for the last quarter-century.

To be fair, they needed to modernise and a few stalwarts like me were bound to complain. It's a much more credible, up to date shopping experience; less cluttered and more stylish, but I was saddened to see the reduced scale of the haberdashery department and my other favourite parts of the store.

Anyway, it continues to stock a huge variety of products and we'll probably still be shopping here in 25 years time.

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 by Anonymous, 11 Jul 2004
One of my fav department stores. Not seen the new look yet but I do hope it hasn't scared the certain type of shopper you can only find in PJs.

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 by Anonymous, 29 Jun 2004

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