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The famous Oxford Street department store continues to keep its finger on the retail pulse as it approaches its centenary. As well as six floors of fashion, Selfridges has an ever-popular food hall, famous window displays and on-going series of exhibitions and events.

Mon-Sat: 9.30am-8pm
Thurs: until 9pm
Sun: 11.30am-6.25pm

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Everything is charged above rrp (try comparing it to John Lewis), they never have a complete range and their returns policy is dreadful. Why do people shop here?

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 by chubbster2000, 09 May 2015
I went to the skin care part not in the main beauty hall - it's like a skin care lab, opposite the sweet hall. One member of staff was with a customer, whilst other staff were available... but not to help me. I had the product I wanted but was asking if the pump version was available. A male member of staff said I would have to wait for the girl that was already with a customer, that he couldn't check if there was a pump. He then proceeded to continue to stand there and do more of nothing. The Aesop girl refused to acknowledge a customer looking for some help and I had to ask if I could pay, even though I'd been standing at the till point waiting to be acknowledged.

Ludicrous. You're a store, you want customers to buy things don't you? Don't treat consumers like they're stupid - that's the number 1 rule of retail. Educate your staff. They should earn their money. And while you're at it, get them to turn the music down on the Mac stand - the staff in Mac just about serve you but they're too busy behaving like they're in a club to hear what you're asking them.

Girls on Clearings and Illamasqua, though, are stars. They should teach customer service. They're lovely, friendly, not pushy and willing to listen to your questions first instead of pushing products.

The girls on Dior are useless. They don't know how to speak to or treat customers. One served me and was holding onto my bag and started talking to another customer. I thought the bag on the counter was my mine with my purchase, so went to pick it up. Another girl glares at me, saying it's her customer's purchase. Learn to close and complete your sales and learn to speak to people.

Selfridges, note to self: it's easy to employ pretty young things, of them you'll never be short; but you will always be losing customers not gaining them.

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 by No customers no business (2 reviews), 11 Sep 2013
Selfridges online shopping is truly terrible! Some of the worst smuggest, most self-satisfied customer service I've ever come across. Surreally awful experience that would be comedic if it wasn't so bad. And they keep getting you to fill out questionnaires online, to improve their performance... for 6 months! Yet their customer service is still as bad as ever. Even despite the fact they have been online for 3 YEARS!! Whoever 'voted' Selfridges best store (and that's debatable) surely NEVER used their online facility. Such terrible online service makes me reluctant to shop in store either.

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 by aquamareena, 03 Apr 2013
I totally agree with the comment about online shopping. I put in an order but only 2 of the 3 items arrived. They said the missing item was out of stock but it continues to appear on the site 2 weeks later and is available in the shop. No one bothered to ring or email and when you call up they all say different things but the summary is 'the computer says no'. Absolutely hopeless service and attitudes. I will not order online again.

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 by LondonShopper (2 reviews), 13 Dec 2012
Whatever you do, DON'T order online from Selfridges, especially during Christmas time. Shocking customer service, delayed delivery, damaged packaging, incomplete order and the list continues. Selfridges needs to train their online staff better!! If you are considering shopping online, I would advise you to do it with more reptuable stores like Harrods or John Lewis.

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 by Dy926, 24 Dec 2011
Super impressed with personal shopper experience. Claude, ably assisted by Camilla, were down-to-earth, fun and really know their stuff. I bought things I would never ordinarily have even tried on and the whole afternoon was a hoot from start to finish. I wasn't pressurised into buying things or told a load of nonsense about what suited me, and things were picked to suit my ordinary wage (i.e. slave budget, I'm no 'lady who lunches').

Every woman should do it at least once, it takes all the horror out of shopping (I must be the only woman I know who hates it). Thank you. I have told all my friends, who are now saving up for this ultimate customer service experience. Expect a Hertfordshire influx soon!

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 by mariam (3 reviews), 09 Sep 2011
Overpriced, overcrowded and full of awful customers who feel they can treat the wonderful staff in the store like latter-day slaves. I was appalled to see a customer launch into a tirade of verbal abuse at a lovely young woman who was not able to give her an appointment straight away. Selfridges you should protect your staff more and ban abusive shoppers. It upset me for the whole day.

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 by joygmbh, 20 Mar 2011
Selfridges is one of my favourite stores to shop and eat in, with a huge array of superbrands. However, I'd say about 20% of the staff there lack awareness of customer service concepts. Unfriendly at times, they cannot engage in a conversation, and cannot relate to the brand or to the store's policy. Rather, they are always looking for the killer sale and that is not cool!

Otherwise, conceptually it's a very cool place, with great fashion, great window displays, and the remainder 80% of staff are great too. So overall a great shopping experience and one I would recommend.

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 by pk_010, 25 Oct 2009
Staff in cosmetics are incredibly unfriendly. A tall blonde lady employee wth mid-long hair in cosmetics - Beverley Knight range - was extremely snobbish and sniggered at my 6 elderly relatives from the Indonisian side of my family who came specially to Selfridges in London this month.

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 by andrew391239, 20 Sep 2009
Used to be my favourite store but nowadays I favour Harrods. Perhaps I'm too old, uncool or boring to appreciate the excessively loud music, the staff who walk around like they own the place instead of providing a service, or perhaps it's just too crazy in there. What happened? 5 years ago, it was the coolest store in all the land. A real shame, because it stocks everything a 27-year-old woman could possibly want.

I don't want people to kiss my tush but I really have no interest in some stuck up 19-year-old chewing gum loudly and making plans for Saturday night when she's supposed to be helping me. Nor do I care for the chaos that is the ground floor.

One thing I must say, they always have the most amazing window displays and this Christmas is no different - gorgeous!

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 by Milla (46 reviews), 19 Nov 2008
Selfridges is a beatiful shop - very nice and very chic. I prefer it to Harrods.

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 by mambo89 (2 reviews), 11 Sep 2008
I have been shopping at Selfridges for the last 40 years and I really used to find it magical. It covered all stages in my life - Father Christmas, Miss Selfridge, etc. Unfortunately, now it's not a patch on the place it used to be: horribly overcrowded, too much music, too loud, too much 'stuff', trying too hard to be trendy, and awful service... What a shame!

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 by stein.brenda, 18 Jun 2008
I have shopped all over the world and this store, in my opinion, ranks in the top 5 stores worldwide. Everything inside is perfect and the layout is superb.

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 by swim73088 (11 reviews), 10 Feb 2008
I have been shopping in Selfridges in London since I was 11. I am now 28 years old and still love the store, although I prefer it before it had its refit a few years ago. I still love the food hall - the variety of food is fantastic.... LOVIN' the Selfridges!

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 by bob cat, 23 Jul 2007
I have been charged 99p, £1.89 and £2.89 for the same product on three different occasions over a month period. I have also bought things that have been marked up as less than I was charged for them. It drives me crazy! The cheese selection is wonderful though.

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 by Moo Moo (23 reviews), 09 Jul 2007
I find the music far too loud and it actually intrudes on the shopping experience. It's stressful enough trying to find what you want in the vast interior. And no matter how many times I go to the women's clothes floors, I can never find my way around the next time. I also find staff in women's fashions hard to locate. So it's a good place if you know what you want and you can help yourself to the right size. Otherwise, it can be frustrating. You definitely won't feel like a valued customer, which you would in a smaller store.

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 by bobbypants (52 reviews), 17 Jun 2007
Used to be good but has suffered a down-turn over recent months. Get the feeling that it is more of a supermarket with restaurants 'bolted on'. Not special any more.

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 by Garth, 08 Mar 2007
This used to be my favourite department store, a must-stop for any tourists I escorted through London. Whilst I was bugged by the fact that they charge full retail price and then some for certain goods, it did have a fantastic vibe. However, the changes that have gone on over the past 2 years keep zapping the store of more and more of its energy. Meanwhile John Lewis and Peter Jones, on the other hand, are rising.

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 by hannahjones, 06 Jan 2007
Disappointed that I seem to be unable to shop online.

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 by Anonymous, 28 Dec 2006
In my opinion, it's by far the best department store in London. The layout throughout the store is extremely spacious and easy to shop in; the staff are always helpful and friendly even when it's very busy; it's got everything that I would want from a shopping experience; the Food Hall is superb; the prices don't break the bank; it has mixed couture and high street brands to cater for every customer. So, all in all, top marks!

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 by kp, 05 Oct 2006

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