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Beautifully-made clothes using traditional beading and embroidery. As well as the women's collection, there's "Temperley for Little People" and "Temperley for Two” maternity wear. Also available in Selfridges, Harrods and Liberty.

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Shop for Temperley London at NET-A-PORTER.COM

Shop for Temperley London at NET-A-PORTER.COM

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I went last year, Aug 2010, to Temperley for my best friend's wedding dress fitting. I found the staff helpful but was shocked to find out that they had no knowledge of fabric, cut and where the lace on the dress came from. If you're a brand name and have such high prices then at least the staff should have some knowledge of how the dress is made and where it was made. Temperley used to make her clothes in England but now mass production means they are made in China.

People are obsessed with fashion but if you're paying high prices for bridal wear at least go for a chic fashion house who know where and how the dress is made.

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 by Marie Chantal, 17 Aug 2011
Ridiculous. You have to pay £20 for a bridal appointment. New website of theirs is just as awful as the last, an absolute nightmare to use.

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 by lla, 12 Aug 2009
Are we talking about the same Temperley? I went there for my bridal appointment and absolutely loved it. It was different but definitely in a good way in that they were quite relaxed and natural with their service. Compared to my experience at Jenny Peckham, I much preferred Temperley. They also have a great ready-to-wear collection as they're not only a bridal store, so picked up some great bits for my honeymoon too. Girls are great and I will shop there again. Opinions are not fact, so check it out for yourselves...

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 by gk, 13 Jul 2009
I went to Temperley in Notting Hill as my second wedding dress appointment. To say it was a massive disappointment would be an understatement.

Because it was a Saturday appointment they charged me £30 for the privilege, and therefore I was expecting a particularly good experience. Firstly I couldn't even find a single member of staff, then after further searching found them all huddled behind a curtain having a gossip. When I eventually went into the bridal room I was told to help myself. The girl that was dealing with me was clearly not trained or experienced and, although pleasant, was not really interested and no help to me whatsoever. Plus all the dresses were absolutely filthy. When I pointed this out, the girl agreed and said that she really should get them dry-cleaned. Also the dresses they had were not a true reflection of the actual dresses as the beading was a completely different colour. The whole experience was awful and did not meet my expectations of the brand even remotely. It was a total waste of £30.

I had visited Jenny Packham in the morning and was helped by a complete expert who made me feel really important and understood how important the appointment was to me. The experience there was fantastic. The difference between the two was unbelievable.

My last word is: don't bother going, it was a complete waste of time.

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 by icampos, 05 Jul 2009
I'm a Temperley fan but had no idea they did bridal, until recently. Cannot believe I didn't go to their boutique first when looking at dresses for my wedding day. With a beautiful, private shop and bridal room, and really helpful and friendly staff, it is a hidden gem. Am recommending it to all my friends!

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 by clarelav, 28 Jun 2009
A few months ago I spent the most wonderful hour trying on gorgeous wedding dresses in the Temperley boutique. It's so nice to have a private room to yourself to try on dresses to your heart's content. The girls there are absolutely lovely and could not have been more helpful, knowlegdeable and friendly. I fell in love with a dress from their made-to-order range and have picked it up today and am over the moon. I would totally recommend Temperley to my friends when they get married. Truly a lovely experience from start to finish and the perfect dress for my special day.

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 by Bettydavies, 26 Jun 2009
Clothing is utterly amazing but I cannot believe Alice Temperley would allow her boutique to have such poor staff; pretty awful reflection on the designer and the brand name. Staff are way better in the Dubai Mall...

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 by lizzyasmith, 12 Jun 2009
I have recently purchased a dress from the Notting Hill boutique for my wedding day and am so happy.

I spent forever searching for a vintage inspired lace dress with sleeves and really struggled. In the end I went to a bridal show and saw Temperley. They had a lovely lace dress with sleeves on the mannequin and I fell in love. The staff were really helpful and I booked an appointment.

The bridal room is amazing and the staff were so lovely - none of the pushiness I have found elsewhere. My friends and I had champagne and were talked through everything from inspiration for the dress to how the alterations would be done and approximately how much they would cost. They even called down their fitter to put my mind at ease about taking up the length.

I bought the dress after a 2nd appointment and booked my fitting dates. I was told at the time that if I required a Saturday appointment then sadly it would take place on the shopfloor(which is still beautiful) as Saturday is the busiest day for bridal appointments. However, if I could make a weekday fitting appointment then the bridal room would be booked for me.

My fitting with the seamstress went really well and I came back to re-try the dress a couple of weeks before the wedding. In the meantime I had lost a little weight so needed a little more done, which was fine, and I picked up the dress later on that week.

Everyone loved the dress on the day and it was soooooo comfortable. No worrying about layer after layer of fabric. I would recommend Temperley for anyone looking for something different for their wedding day. I have also since been back with my friend for her to look at the collection and had a great experience again, this time as a spectator.

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 by Isabella+Lani, 10 Jun 2009
My experience at the Temperley boutique in Notting Hill almost ruined my wedding day. I have been a fan of the brand since it first started and have a coat from the first collection so when I heard she had designed a range of wedding dresses, I knew they would be exactly what I had been looking for: stylish, a little bohemian, cool but laid back.

My first appointment was fine but as soon as I'd paid for the dress it all went down hill. When I went back for my subsequent fittings I was no longer allowed in the fancy wedding room but had to stand on the shop floor. The staff were shockingly rude and snooty. They made mistake after mistake on the alterations of my dress so that, although I had bought the dress 4 months in advance of my wedding day, I couldn't actually collect it until two days beforehand. There had been so many mistakes and the shop's manager wasn't at all interested in reassuring me that it would be ready in time. I was preparing myself for having to go and buy a new dress the day before my wedding. It was horrendous. The stress made my skin break out and I couldn't sleep for a week before the wedding.

If you really want a dress from Temperley, make sure it fits you perfectly off the peg. If it doesn't then save yourself the heartache and go elsewhere...

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 by imogenking, 20 Apr 2009
Bought my wedding dress from the Notting Hill boutique yesterday and just wanted to say what a wonderful experience it was. My mum and I were given a glass of champagne on arrival and spent over an hour trying on dress from the bridal collection and from the boutique. I put two dresses on hold and went back later in the afternoon when I was able to spend another 30 mins trying them on and deciding which to buy. The shop assistants were really friendly and helpful - not at all pushy and the dresses are truly beautiful. I can't wait to wear my dress on the big day!

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 by rachelforsdike, 28 May 2008
I went for my first ever bridal appointment and was VERY disappointed with the staff. The lady that served me couldn't have cared less, and just seemed to want to rush through the appointment. She wasn't bothered whether I found the right dress or not, and was just generally pretty disinterested in me. She pretty much ruined what is supposed to be a special experience. I'm pretty glad none of the dresses were right for me! On the other hand the dresses and clothes in the boutique are amazing, with some fantastic designs. Just sort the staff out, they are a big let-down!

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 by rcurrant, 12 Nov 2007
I just discovered Alice Temperley label at Target New York. She designs a line for them. I tried on 4 items and bought them all! Usually I am an extremely fussy shopper! I think she has a great future ahead.

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 by Grace Carroll, 08 Oct 2007
Love, love, love Temperley dresses. Bought a dress from the Notting Hill boutique last month and it's amazing. Really attentive staff, very helpful in finding the perfect style.

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 by ails (2 reviews), 21 Aug 2007
Great clothes! Beautiful girly designs, and the staff were really attentive.

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 by nexthammertime (6 reviews), 15 Jul 2007
I bought my wedding dress at Temperley London, Notting Hill boutique. Although I love the dress, I was absolutely appalled at the level of service provided once the dress was actually paid for. We had arranged an appointment to pick up the dress, for which I had my mother travel over to London from abroad. For some reason or other there was a mess-up with the date, the dress wasn't ready and I was then almost accused by the staff of being the one having caused the confusion. I'm always one to accept that mistakes are possible but was shocked by the treatment my mother and I received from the 2 sales staff and the retail manager dealing with us. It's a pity, because I love the clothes, but I don't think I'll be going there again. For brides-to-be, I don't think this is the experience you would wish for when buying your wedding dress.

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 by maryse, 13 Jul 2007
I absolutely LOVE Temperley - such simple and elegant beauty! This was the first time that I went to the Notting Hill boutique and I was thrilled. The girls who work there were not only beautiful, but charming and extremely helpful. The showroom was stunning. All who love nice things should take a trip to Temperley.

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 by Anonymous, 21 Mar 2007
Really disappointed about the service.

I had booked an appointment, no one knew when I arrived, and the girls didn't pay any attention to me. Really frustrated about it since I had planned my trip to London for about two months. Although I love the clothes, I don't think I will ever buy something now.

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 by The frustrated girl, 05 Apr 2006
I am so excited by the new spring summer collection in the showroom at the moment and urge any girl to go and have the 'Temperley' experience!

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 by Fenella, 27 Feb 2006
AMAZING shopping experience - I was surrounding by the most beautiful clothes and wanted to buy everything! I was even handed a warm cup of tea-bliss!

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 by Jill, 15 Dec 2005
Brilliant service and help from beautiful girls.

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 by Anonymous, 15 Dec 2005

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