23-27 South Molton Street
Mayfair, London
Tel: 020 7514 0000 Bond Street less than 0.1 miles


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I just visited their Labels for Less store across the street this Saturday, so of course it was very busy for a little shop. But even so this didn't stop the sales assistant going out of her way to help me whilst looking for a belt in my size. I only ended up buying a £20 pair of leggings but could have spent £2,000 the staff were so courteous. A great little shop packed high with bargains!

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 by fashionpearlsofwisdom (3 reviews), 08 Dec 2010
I find the staff are very friendly and helpful and give you great service. They regularly keep me up to date with deliveries (as requested) and go out of their way to order pieces I can't get elsewhere. The clothes are amazing and they have such a great selection. I must admit the layout could be better, but that's what is nice about a business that has been running for over 40 years.

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 by jennykatefoster, 21 Jun 2010
Love this place. There's plenty of stuff under £1,000 among an amazing range of designers. The family feel of the place is so much more welcoming than Dover Street Market, and I've always found the staff to be incredibly helpful and friendly.

Also be sure to check out Browns Focus across the road for diffusion brands (See by Chloe etc) and more cutting edge pieces; plus Labels for Less just down the road, which is their sales store - great discounts and most pieces only one season old!

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 by Students love Designers, 02 May 2009
The place is a joke. They used to be a very hot spot but now it is a shame. The place is falling apart and looks like it's about to go bankrupt any day. The owners should spend some money on redoing the place and hiring decent people.

You can find the same clothes in other stores (like Dover Street Market), where employees are not crazy like they are here! The staff are not helpful at all. I once asked to try on a dress. My size was in the window but they would not take it out so I could try it. Who do they think they are?! With the current economic crisis staff should really do whatever it takes to provide customer service - even more so here where they don't sell anything under £1,000. A real joke.

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 by john97511, 27 Mar 2009
Watch out for their returns policy - it is 7 days for exchange or store credit only, and they are VERY snotty about it! They were lovely when we were looking to buy but positively nasty when we asked about returns. Won't shop there again. TERRIBLE customer service.

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 by kimb_t, 08 Dec 2008
I have to agree with the comments about the staff in the menswear store. I once bought a coat there that cost over £1000 (and this was 7 years ago!) and literally after one wear the lining came unstitched. Took it back and, reluctantly, they sent it away for repair. When it came back (a month later!), they told me it would cost me £25!! After much heated exchange, they handed over the coat without charge... only for the manager to tell me that he strongly suggested that I not bother shopping in the store again! (Not that I would have done anyway!!)

Was Browns Head Office interested when I phoned them? No. Did they ever reply, let alone apologise? No... I have rated the store with one star, but only because this website doesn't let you give a zero rating.

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 by The bristar (7 reviews), 14 May 2008
The best range, as they only select the best at Browns. They also have great new designers who are always interesting.

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 by nexthammertime (6 reviews), 15 Jul 2007
Best store, best clothes, best staff. AMAZING! Can I give them more than 5 please?

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 by Francis (3 reviews), 08 May 2007
Great brands, but not the best layout.

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 by Anonymous, 13 Jan 2006
The men's store has a great staff - always welcoming. They also stock pieces from major labels (such as YSL) that their Bond Street store doesn't carry. I always come back.

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 by Anonymous, 04 Nov 2005
The staff I've encountered in the men's section have been fine. good selection (at the start of the season) - but it quickly goes...

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 by Anonymous, 11 Sep 2005
Great place to buy Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses - they change the patterns they stock every couple of months.

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 by capital girl (54 reviews), 14 Aug 2005
The clothes are great, but the attitude of the staff sucks. What is it with the staff who work in designer shops?

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 by Anonymous, 15 Jul 2005
Quite simply still at the top. Although do go early since later into the season the selction is very limited (especially in menswear).

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 by Anonymous, 28 Apr 2005
One of my favourite shops on my favourite London street. Cutting edge fashion and the buyers here really know their stuff - the range of designers is amazing. Very pricey but worth it.

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 by mopsy (18 reviews), 27 Jan 2005
Selecting the best pieces from each of the most trendy and hip designers, Browns is perfect for anyone who wants to stay one step ahead in fashion.

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 by StyleGuru89 (13 reviews), 24 Aug 2004

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