278-280 Brompton Road
Knightsbridge, London
Tel: 020 7581 8620 South Kensington 0.4 miles

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They took my bag in for a simple stitch repair and damaged it further! The staff are so rude and saying I am lying but I have pictures proving the damage wasn't there beforehand. They are doing nothing whatsoever to help me.

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 by kukoos, 24 Apr 2012
Visited yesterday and was served by a great sales assistant. Bought a bag and shoes, but wanted another bag not in store. Got a call later to say it had been delivered and put aside. Went back at 5.55pm and was refused admission to the store - was told it was now closed. I told the assistant I just needed to pay and collect bag. Door was closed in my face and I was left standing on pavement, astonished. Dreadful experience.

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 by Hsgilchrist, 09 Nov 2011
Nice store, but rude staff with attitude who aren't helpful.

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 by nab331, 29 Aug 2011
RUDE STAFF! What is wrong with the shop workers in Chanel? I just made a complaint to their head office. I also named and shamed the woman who served me. Her name was on the receipt.

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 by lovedeignershops, 17 Aug 2011
Chanel staff are very rude. Quite possibly the worst shop assistants I have come across. Not sure why they behave in this way. I like the bags and can afford the clothes but will never ever give money away in such a hostile, unfriendly store.

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 by ahwt1, 05 May 2011
Sullen and pretentious staff, completely unaware that sales could quadruple with a helpful manner! Love the bags. Why don't they have a sales website?

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 by sandra2, 21 Oct 2009
I really love Chanel, but with the staff it's like Russian roulette - sometimes you get an adorable person serving you, sometimes you get a bitchy one. Once they asked me if I work for Chanel as I had more information about the upcoming collection than the staff themselves. That was weird, as in the Bond Street store they were already stocking parts of the collection.

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 by eva.gerlach (3 reviews), 20 Jul 2009
Staff seem only friendly if you are buying something for over £1000. It's strange, as a lot of the people even browsing that shop will have more money in their pocket than the staff will earn in a month. Very sullen and rude staff, who changed their tune when I bought a tie and a pair of sunglasses.

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 by Uttermaniac (12 reviews), 06 Apr 2008
Dreadfully pretentious shop and unattractive sullen staff this year! Great bags though - the best.

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 by Steven Pidcock (6 reviews), 21 Dec 2007
Coco Chanel would be proud.

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 by samerah (3 reviews), 04 Sep 2007
Could be cheaper but it's nice :D

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 by Anonymous, 16 Jun 2006
I love Chanel, even though I can't afford it.

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 by eleonore, 19 May 2006
I've frequented the Bond street store and the concession in Harrods and found the service poor - the staff were rude and ill-informed. Chanel's standards have slipped of late.

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 by botero1982 (15 reviews), 30 Apr 2006
Not the best selection of clothing that I ever seen but the staff were very helpful and nice... they even served me a cup of tea while I was waiting for the tie (yes, all this just for a tie) that I requested. I recommend it.

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 by Spo0ok (14 reviews), 22 Dec 2005
Could be cheaper but good quality.

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 by Anonymous, 31 Oct 2005
Staff, very helpful specially my SA she is a star! Always helpful.

Not the quickest to bring the new stock in, I was after a Chanel bag from the new Fall collection, and they had no clue, I however found it at Selfridges. But staff is very friendly.

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 by Anonymous, 23 Jun 2005

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