Diane von Furstenberg

83 Ledbury Road
Notting Hill, London
W11 2AG
Tel: 020 7221 1120 Shop for Diane von Furstenberg at NET-A-PORTER.COM
Westbourne Park 0.4 miles

Diane von Furstenberg

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Shop for Diane von Furstenberg at NET-A-PORTER.COM

Shop for Diane von Furstenberg at NET-A-PORTER.COM

Diane von Furstenberg reviews

My experience echoes both extremes of the previous reviews. I have been in the Ledbury Road shop recently several times and have been served by a pleasant dark-haired girl and an extremely patronising, unsmiling and surly madam who is tall and slim and very dark (Persian looking), who has certainly forgotten that she is a shop assistant. As I left I automatically said "Bye, thanks", to which she did not reply. She was also far too judgemental about how things looked. However, today I have called the shop with a tricky query and have been dealt with by Clare, who is extremely helpful and charming.

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 by plasticwindow, 22 Jun 2012
I had the most amazing shopping experience at DVF in Ledbury Road in January. Like the previous reviewer, I have to highly commend the manager, Sally. She was engaging, fun, professional and so well informed about the clothes that I had total confidence in her advice. Nothing was too much trouble for her and the result was a purchase of 3 dresses and a pair of shoes. I feel like I have made a friend in Sally and will have no hesitation in visiting again.

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 by shally, 04 Mar 2012
Well, I have just been shopping at DVF Ledbury Road and had a wonderful experience. There is a new manageress called Sally who is completely on the ball and knows how to dress her customers. The atmosphere has changed dramatically since my last experience a few months ago. I was completely kitted out by Sally and she and her staff made me feel like a million dollars. Even my husband commented on how good I looked. I felt like I had my own personal shopper who knew exactly what suited me in the DVF range. Will definitely go back again. Great experience and personal customer service.

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 by l harris, 02 Nov 2011
I love DVF clothing and it's very convenient to shop at the local DVF on Ledbury Road. However, I've been there twice in the last 3 weeks and had the unfortunate experience of being served by a rude, cold, curt, unhappy-looking blonde who looked like she was some type of manager the way she ordered staff around as she manned the till. I'm used to the staff there being courteous and friendly but this girl put me off buying and made me regret my purchase. I had such an unpleasant taste in my mouth having left the store. Clearly the sale was not that important to her! I wonder if that's the image Diane Von Furstenberg wants her loyal customers to have after their shopping experience? I think I may have to find a new favourite... Shame.

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 by DVFan, 10 Jul 2011
Well, I had a similar experience today with sales 'assistant'. I was planning on spending quite a bit today in her store. Poor service led to me terminating the sale and I went somewhere else to make my purchases. The trouble with some people is that they don't realise the first principle of selling: a store doesn't just want people coming in, they want people to come in, go out and COME BACK. Doh! Simple, isn't it?

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 by MenEyedCat, 18 Nov 2009
I tend to buy a couple of dresses from Diane von Furstenburg either in the UK or US and recently visited the store in Notting Hill. The manner in which the sales assistants behaved made me realise that they have forgotten how to carry out the jobs they are employed to do - i.e. 'sales assistants' - but instead are trying to play the role of wealthy snobs. Fun to observe but made me decide not to make a purchase. Be the sales assistant and perform your role competently!

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 by ldavies, 22 Dec 2008
I visited the store in Bruton Street. The sales assistants are snobbish and focus on serving only the very wealthy. My purchase was not even handed to me, but was put on the floor for me to collect as the sales assistant ran around to help the extremely wealthy. (By the way, I spent £950 in the store.)
The clothes are fabulous but the shopping experience is completely wacked.

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 by Nameless (2 reviews), 31 May 2008
The wrap dresses are fabulous, they hide a multitude of "imperfections" for those of us who are not perfect, do not crease, and can be dressed up for work and meetings and down with slides for more casual times. Always get compliments on any DvF clothing.

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 by CCaustralia, 30 Mar 2006
The dresses are nice, but I personally think that they aren't very "wearable" because despite one's best effort you will always look a little slutty combined with a bad attempt to look like the girls of "Sex and the City".

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 by Spo0ok (14 reviews), 22 Dec 2005
A little fashion victimy - my best friend lives two houses down from this weirdly silver store and every time we go in it there is someone whose face is a mass of silicone and whose body is a quilt of designer items. However if you are in your twenties/thirties (I am too young for these dresses - they fall open on me sluttily) and like the ' yummy-mummy teetering on skinny legs while carrying lunch boxes and then moving on to have lunch (well, a lettuce leaf) at Harvey Nicks with friend Arabella Pilkinton' look, these are the clothes for you.

Useful review?
 by Vovo (7 reviews), 08 Oct 2005

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