31 Sloane Street
Knightsbridge, London
Tel: 020 7172 0172 Knightsbridge 0.1 miles


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Very friendly service. They understand how to treat their customers.

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 by Anonymous, 21 Jan 2007
Service is excellent, the staff is AMAZING!! I felt at home in there...just walked out with a bag worth 1000 pounds and a pair of sneakers. It's really worth it :)

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 by 1_spOiLeD_heiResS (2 reviews), 01 Jun 2006
What an amazing experience! The staff were so polite and treated me like royalty! Previous to Dior I tried to purchase a bag in Vuitton across the road but they were so rude and unhelpful, so Dior got my money and seal of approval!

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 by Bex, 23 Jul 2005

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