Dover Street Market

17-18 Dover Street
Mayfair, London
Tel: 020 7518 0680 Green Park 0.1 miles

Dover Street Market is a new type of retail concept from Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons. 6 floors of bare walls and steel beams featuring over a dozen designers including Raf Simons, Junya Watanabe, Alber Elbaz and Comme des Garcons, who can develop their space as they see fit.

Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm

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Fantastic, inspiring space and products. However, staff are so rude, prententious and dull. Much prefer Colette in Paris. I refrain from visiting DSM due to the staff, as I usually come out feeling deflated by the wannabe shop assistants!

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 by lexinandria, 20 Jun 2012
Appallingly rude and obnoxious staff. DSM is not that special to warrant that sort of behaviour, especially from someone who is paid to provide help and service.

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 by michelle123, 20 Feb 2012

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 by jb3, 01 Aug 2010
The staff are completely pretentious, which is a shame because it's a cool store. So if you can manage to ignore the staff as much as they ignore you, you might enjoy the experience. However, I don't like being treated like a piece of dirt on a shop assistant's shoe, and you can get most of the stock elsewhere in London.

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 by lucyauge, 05 Sep 2009
I like Dover Street Market very much. The staff are more friendly than I thought they would be. They have different service styles - some like to follow you and give you more information and suggestions, while others like to let you alone. But I feel totally free as they have never forced me to buy anything.

As I am a fashion student, they told me no photos are allowed and to be careful with my pen when making notes. (After I talked with one of the staff, she explained to me that it's because some students were not careful enough and got ink stains on the clothes.) Prices are very expensive, but then it is a luxury store! But for fashion students it's a wonderful source of inspiration.

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 by wenneepan, 21 Dec 2008
Dover Street Market is great! I have never found the staff to be rude - although sometimes they can be a little inattentive. Good selection of Lanvin, and the eatery is very good too.

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 by Sylvie (4 reviews), 10 Nov 2008
Having worked in Dover Street in the 70s, in 2007 I visited to find my old office is now Dover Street Market. I wondered whether I should go in but curiosity got the better of me. It was fascinating. The staff were lovely and were interested to hear about my history with the place. One young assistant on the first floor - front market area - was lovely and very discreet when I asked about the famous people who shopped there.

I checked out all the clothes and no-one treated me like a freak. The only bad response I got was when a chap in the market area in the basement was quite snappy when I wandered into the 'wrong' area. In fact, the people working there were mostly all very friendly. A few advised me to eat upstairs, which I definitely will do next time I am in town.

All in all, a great experience and I look forward to taking more of a look at the vintage area.

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 by Mkiss Legg, 27 Aug 2008
I really wanted to like this store, but most of the clothes are badly made and finished, unbelievably dreadful bags, terrible layout, snotty half-wit staff. Sigh. Comedy prices too - £250 for a mass-produced eco-cotton vest, obviously re-labelled by the 'designers'... no, thank you. Probably suits the Eurotrash shopping addicts, but a real fashionista would go elsewhere I think.

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 by SallyN, 28 Jul 2008
The concept is great, the atmosphere - bleh. I only ever go there to smell the comme des garcons fragrances and see what's new in the basement. It's the only place that seems to hold such a variety of 'quirky' clothes, but I'm shocked to say I have never bought anything.

For starters, they seem never to stock anything in my size (small or XS) and all the 'good' stuff seems to disappear far too quickly off the shelves. An example being, I needed a pair of April77 Joey's in grey. I went there mid-season and they had none left. They had all gone. They weren't able to order any in, so I decided to come back the next season (autumn/winter 07/08). When I did indeed return, I needed a pair of slim-fitting suit trousers that wouldn't cost me £500, so I thought April77 would be my best bet. Much to my surprise, when I got there (early November) and asked to see their Winter collection they had only a few trousers left, but all in giant sizes. Apparently, according to the SA they'd all 'gone' within early summer (late June). I was shocked. To make matters worse, they told me they weren't able to order anything in. I'll return this Saturday (still looking for a pair of slim-fitting suit trousers that won't break blow a hole through my hard-earned cash).

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 by littlad, 17 Feb 2008
Visited Dover Street Market a few months ago for a project I was doing on my fashion course. Clothes were fantastic but the staff were so rude. I needed to take notes and they wouldn't let me - they said it was fine if I memorised information and wrote it down outside! They followed you round the shop, were completely up themselves and dressed like idiots (especially the one who thinks he is Mr T!) Anyway, I would recommend you take a look because the clothes are fabulous, but be prepared to have the staff be rude to you.

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 by jenateaj, 16 Feb 2008
I visited London 3 weeks ago, and because I'd heard so much about this shop I decided to take a look...

Quite underwhelming. It looks like a museum, and is not particularly fetching (they ought to take a lesson from Paul Smith's Westbourne House). The staff, quite scuffy to say the least, are rude and simply forget that they are there to assist you and not judge. Two in particular looked at us like we didn't belong, and when we came out looked again, without taking their eyes off us, letting us know we couldn't shop there.

Even if the shop itself had been more appealing and I had been set on buying something, their minimum wage snobbery would certainly have put me off!

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 by traveller, 25 Jul 2007
This shop is worth a visit just to look at the design. Staff are hopeless but on the weekends the arty atmosphere is fantastic!

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 by nexthammertime (6 reviews), 15 Jul 2007
I love Dover Street for the concept and ambience and visit it every month to see their displays. However, as a shop it doesn't really draw you to buy anything.

There are beautiful Comme des Garcon womenswear pieces and an interesting mix of menswear as well as a great selection of Anne Valerie Hash, Nina Ricci, Alaia etc. The vintage section by Decades I think is totally overpriced and doesn't do justice to the real Decades in LA.

The staff are very friendly and eager to help but there is just too little atmosphere to make me want to shop. Every time you ask a member of staff to show you something or ask to try something on, the mood of the shop is such that you actually feel guilty for not buying it. The customers there all seemed self-obsessed - "I am too important and edgy".

If I really want to buy a Lanvin dress or Alaia shoes, I would rather go to Harrods or Liberty where I could actually shop without feeling uncomfortable.

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 by audrey (29 reviews), 11 Jun 2007
Wonderful CDG and a fantastic range of vintage watches and eyewear. However, they should also stock Burlington new line.

Unfortunately, the Lanvin jewellery is tatty and fell apart when worn as a Christmas gift by my girlfriend. It was then sent away to Paris for repair, but returned 'unrepaired'. I received a full refund 4 months later (my angry girlfriend was in tears, but at least I still had the mortgage deposit!). However, it means I have to put the score down to 4.

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 by Dick Tiger (12 reviews), 28 May 2007
Overpriced, pretentious rubbish. Frequented by fashion roadkill.

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 by bambini, 31 Mar 2007
Staff were nice and chatty but still followed me around the whole time. They made the mistake of telling me they were only wearing the clothes of the shop because they 'borrow' them and then take them off at the end of their shift. Which makes me realise that they're only shop assistants (!) so what right have they got to make us feel bad by being snotty?!! Nice selection of garments but overpriced.

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 by madeleine, 01 Mar 2007
I love the place. Seeing as Comme is scantly avaliable in this country, it's great to be able to go to one place and pick it up. As for the backgroup, great design and shows designers can do more than just create clothing. However, a bit too pricey so I just go there for pieces I can't pick up in Japan. Otherwise ACE.

One final note: the shop staff are wicked. From the first time I went (just after it opened) to every subsequent time, no matter how much I have to spend they always give me the time of day. Quite rare, I think, for the capital.

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 by vestigemesmor, 01 Dec 2006
Incredible store, wonderful items and layout. I agree that the staff were rude. They looked at me like a piece of filth, probably because I was wearing my jogging bottoms and didn't look quite classy enough. But funnily enough, I spent £2,000 and their attitude soon changed!

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 by diond, 01 Oct 2006
Fashion victim central- when you see all the Comme des Garcons lines together you realise how very 'blah' it has all become.

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 by botero1982 (15 reviews), 06 May 2006
Dover Street Market is for everyone who enjoys beautiful things. Just as one might visit a museum or an art gallery, you don't have to buy.

The staff is very down to earth, genuinely friendly everyday peoples.

There are elevators so wheelchair access is no problem.

Here you can open your heart and mind even if your pockets remain closed. Jett

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 by jett66, 04 Apr 2006

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