34 Old Bond Street
Mayfair, London
Tel: 020 7235 6707 Green Park 0.2 miles


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Purchased some sunglasses that broke after wearing just a couple of times; returned these glasses and was told they would be fixed free of charge and posted back to me in Scotland. 2 years later I'm still waiting and am now being told I need to pay for the repair! Very rude customer service manager would not give me the name of his manager so that I could take it further, saying he was the "highest manager in the UK for Gucci"! All I want is my favourite glasses back!!

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 by Nicolaallison, 28 Jan 2014
Just tried to call Gucci Bond Street. First time rang out, and then answering machine message informed me that Gucci was now closed - ironic, given that I had called within their opening hours! Poor service.

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 by patnelle, 01 Apr 2012
Made a substantial purchase, but received substantially poor service. I've since found out that - either due to haste or poor business savvy - the staff member who served me lied about a belt, saying it "comes in no bigger sizes because it's unisex", thereby forcing me to buy the stocked, lesser preferred belt, which by the way matched the sneakers and jacket I was buying.

I had to go to Gucci Sloane Street to buy the sneakers. Whilst out and about, I set the security alarm off in another shop, and had to return unwillingly to Old Bond Street. Many apologies were bestowed upon us because the original lying sales man forgot to remove the security tag from the jacket.

Days later at Gucci Westfield I was told that the exact same belt that I had wanted I could indeed buy, but they just didn't have my size in stock at the time.

Then I receive an email from Gucci promotions, directing me to an online sale... I see the belt I originally wanted, not on sale, but I see for myself that the belt I had wanted from the start in 105 cm, is indeed made in that length. The salesman blatantly lied and then swayed me to a belt they simply had in stock.

I found this site whilst looking to complain online, but sadly there isn't an email address for the store in question, so another wasted trip ahead.

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 by whoisparadise, 12 Jun 2011
I can only say that after so many years of retail therapy in luxury stores, I thought that nothing could impress me any more.
But let me tell you, on a day that I was very down I decided to go shopping with my daughter and received the best treatment. The atmosphere was very welcoming and I felt very special. The staff were just delightful, from sales assistants to managers, and I have left the store with loads of shopping bags and a huge smile. Please visit, I can highly recommend!

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 by bello59, 28 May 2011
It's the same at all the top designer stores in England, especially London - staffed by stuck up, wannabe nobodies who I wouldn't give the time of day. I wish people would start boycotting them to the edge of bankruptcy.

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 by bisembert, 27 Apr 2011
When I lived in London I shopped at this store often and always received good service. When a fire decimated my Rolls Royce Collection luggage, they even contacted previous employees to assist me. In my opinion, they went above and beyond.

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 by tinacmiro, 05 Jun 2010
Went to the store for a Gucci replacment watch strap. Directed across road and up elevator to service desk. No one on desk. Eventually knocked and opened nearby door. Staff all chatting in there. Girl came out and told me off for daring to open the door. Said watch would have to go off for 5 weeks. Asked about larger size strap - purpose of the visit. She returned into the back, finally reappearing to say watch obsolete, so no strap. No apology, nothing. We were intending to go back into the store to make some puchases. Wild horses won't get me across their threshold again.

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 by tedshep, 29 Jan 2010
The member of staff who served me in the Bond Street store was
extremely rude and I regretted buying shoes there. Complained
to Head Office about the way I was treated and they were very apologetic, but my experience has put me off returning to this particular store.

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 by elainecolom, 31 Oct 2009
Gucci staff can sometimes be nonchalant and unhelpful, snobbish and utterly arrogant. Nice shop but the staff lack adequate training and customer service principles. Would rather shop in Gucci Selfridges or Harrods. The shop in Knightsbridge is absolutely fabulous in all aspects.

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 by fmhamssen73, 30 Aug 2009
I called to try and make an enquiry about some sunglasses. After being left on hold, first for 5 mins then for 10 mins, I was told to call back as everyone was busy. This was 10.30 on a Wednesday morning. Not very good service.

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 by natbaldwin, 01 Jul 2009
Fantastic customer service. Bought a lot of items. Thanks Gucci.

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 by gucci-79 (2 reviews), 10 Jun 2009
Staff are rude and the ones in Swan House customer service even ruder. I purchased a toggle necklace which, after 3 wears, oxidised. They tried to make me pay £20 to get it cleaned when it was their product that was faulty. I will never shop at Gucci again due to the fact they are so rude.

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 by misskitten3000, 10 Jun 2009
I bought some shoes from the Bond Street branch and the male member of staff that served me was unhelpful and very arrogant... That is, until he realised that I wanted to purchase two pairs of shoes and then his attitude changed slightly.

Not impressed with the service at all. Such a shame, as there were many beautiful pieces in the store. I won't shop there ever again though; I'll go to Gucci in Harrods next time, as the staff there were very nice and very helpful.

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 by lisa.hipkins, 28 Dec 2008
Bought loads! Love it, love it, love it!!

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 by firststop2, 30 Nov 2008
The staff are lost in the game - not helpful and very rude. Go to Harrods Gucci, it has amazing staff.

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 by ysl_007 (2 reviews), 14 Nov 2008
Have bought a few things in this store and have found the staff extremely helpful, polite and you can have a laugh with them. Utterly the best store I have been in, and I will keep buying from there.

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 by Designerboy86 (2 reviews), 11 Jul 2008
I have enjoyed shopping in Gucci store at Sloane Square very much. Staff are friendly and very professional.

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 by Catarina, 14 May 2008
Pretentious staff, but when you actually buy something they seem to take much more interest.

Useful review?
 by Uttermaniac (12 reviews), 10 Apr 2008

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